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WEEK 3 ~ Interdimensional Life Review (Early Adulthood) --The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

Week 3 – Interdimensional Life Review 

This week we celebrate our Reunion 
with our Early Adulthood SELF

Your First Interdimensional Reunion is with your SELF
                The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Your true self often begins to surface when you are an adolescent, when your changing hormones are re-directing your attention away from your “childhood fantasies” and into the reality of becoming a “grown up.”

Then your young adulthood arises, and you are on the roller coaster of “How can I live in a reality that does NOT acknowledge my true, inner Light?”

Of course, adolescence has likely made you forget much of your inner light because you were in the accelerated personal, physical, and social transformation between childhood and adulthood. However, as a teen, you did not know what you were preparing for because you were on the cusp of the “unknown.” 

Unfortunately, as a young adult, you still may not know what you are preparing for. Thus, you remain on the cusp of the “Great Unknown,” for now you must complete your education, find a job, get along with your mate, and/or take care of your children.

As a young adult your responsibilities have expanded beyond that of “growing up.” Your responsibilities, whether you accept them or not, include caring for others, such as younger or older family members, people at your college and/or job, as well as those that you live with, or those who live nearby.

Gradually, or quickly for some, your “sense of self” is including caring for other people. Of course, there are many adults who avoid that responsibility, but they have limited their “sense of self” by not accepting their adult responsibilities.

Furthermore, the “weird, fun, exciting, or even a bit frightening,” interdimensional experiences are not just experiences. NOW, these interdimensional experiences are ‘INVITATIONS” to assist with the process of “Creating a Better World.”

We Arcturians are aware that many humans do not feel the need to assist the planet, or even other people. What these people did not remember is that in order to ascend, one must live with 51% “Service to Others” within their intensions, actions, and desires.

Yes, we your Galactic Family, the family that you left behind in your higher dimensional Homeworld and/or Starship, are here to remind you that the best way to expand your consciousness and fulfill your Mission is to keep your focus on “Service to Others!”

If you forget that service to others was an important component of the “Mission Statement” that YOU wrote before you took this earth vessel, you will likely fall deeply into the “Valley of Forgetfulness.”

However, do not reprimand yourself for falling into that Valley, as you will find that many other young adults are also trying to remember their SELF, so that they can find their way “HOME.”

Yes, your Multidimensional SELF made you the promise that it would assist you to “find you way back HOME.” Remembering that promise will give you the much needed hope and promise that is necessary during your early adulthood.

This is the era of your third dimensional incarnations in which you must travel via your consciousness into ALL the incarnations you have EVER taken on dear Mother Gaia. However, do NOT forget the promise that you made to your SELF, which was that you would live your life in “service to others,” rather than service to your own self.

Obviously, it is difficult for this memory to come via your third dimensional thinking of “me first,” “self blame,” “victimization,” “brave battles fought and lost,” which finally return you to the connection with your Multidimensional SELF that you always had, But Forgot.

The above process is one you will become VERY familiar, as you progress through your young adulthood. Fortunately, you have had some very important “Interdimensional Experiences,” which you have likely forgotten. It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, are here to assist you to remember.

“But what am I supposed to remember?” you ponder again. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Each of you will ask this question in your own way, and each of you will find that answer in your own personal manner.

In your search for SELF, many of you will ask others, study with a Master, and eventually leave your Master to study on your own. As a young adult, you will ask questions, seek answers, and try hard to remember.

Of course, some of you may stay deeply and safely within the third dimension during this time of inner exploration.

Most important, try to remember that when you live an “Interdimensional Reality”
Of Service to ALL Life


In order to fully participate in Gaia’s planetary transmutation from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension and beyond—there is only YOUR Way.

You see, Dear Ascending Ones, you chose the great challenge of taking an incarnation on the planet, Gaia, who is transmuting Her Core resonance in order to transmute Her third/fourth dimensional Matrix of time/space INTO the fifth dimensional reality of HERE and NOW.

How do you prepare for this transition?
Take a long, slow, deep breath and ask your Multidimensional SELF:

“Will you help me to remember?”

At first, you may only see the area around your physical body.
However, if you focus on the one to whom you are asking your question:

Your OWN Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF

Some thing will slightly shift…

NOW, smell, sense, hear, and/or see
that shift in the energy field that is surrounding you…

Do you dare trust your perceptions?
Can that wavering light or soft whisper in your heart be real?

As you ask these questions, you begin to feel a warm sensation rising form the base of your spine that disappears the second that you doubt it.

In fact, you are realizing that if you doubt any part of your experience – it goes away.

Why does your experience go away if you doubt it?
Ask you own self that question.

Go back into your childhood and your adolescence to remember similar situations.

In those earlier years, were you able to believe that the:
Soft whispers,
Tingles up your spine,
The feeling of unconditional love
And boundless joy that filled your heart were REAL?

Perhaps, you hopefully ask yourself,
“What is REAL?”
“Is it real because I want it so much?
Or, am I faking it, and it is “just my imagination?”

Yes, that is a good start. Your definition of “real” has a great deal to do with all your perceptions. What you were told as a child, and tried to ignore as a teen, about what is “real” is specific to just YOU!

The difference that occurs as you enter early adulthood is that you want to find your OWN answers to your OWN questions.

However, when you ask a question and get an answer,
Is it REAL?

We the Arcturians share with you that, YOU create the definition of what you perceive.

If three people are walking down the road, side-by-side, and a huge being of LIGHT stands directly in front of them!

Person 1 may say, “Look OUT! A car with bright lights is going to hit us!”

Person 2 may say, “What is that Light? Is it coming from a Starship?”

Person 3 may say, “OM and Blessings to All That Is. I see the Higher Light and I accept, embrace and incorporate this Light into my daily reality.”

How do these different perceptions create different realities?

Person 1 would quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit and greatly harmed by the oncoming car.

Person 2 might become very frightened by the “spaceship,” OR very excited and say, “Please take me with you.” This person could visit the Ship, but would he or she remember it??

Person 3 would experience bliss, feel the Kundalini rising up the spine and have a VERY profound Interdimensional Experience.

We, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that:

The reality that you CHOOSE to PERCEIVE
Is the Reality that YOU choose to LIVE!

The greatest challenge you must learn as you transition into Early Adulthood is:

“I AM the Creator of MY Reality.”

As you enter this stage of your SELF you are called upon to define your SELF:

What does “I AM” mean to YOU?
(Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

What does “Creator” mean to YOU?
(Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

What does “MY REALITY” mean to you?
(Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

In closing, we the Arcturians, wish to remind you that there are NO right or wrong answers to the above questions.

Instead, there are only YOUR answers, as well as how YOU chose to live these answers in your daily “young adult life.”

Taking full responsibility for your life is the KEY to having interdimensional experiences in your adulthood.

What may have blindly loved, or what frightened you as a child, as well as what you often ignored as a teenager because being different was BAD and you would NOT be popular, takes on a new meaning when you are a young adult.

That meaning can be described in one word:

We wish you blessings on your reunion with your young adult.
Please remember to give that YOU the love and acceptance that you
may not have received during that challenging age.

Blessings from The Arcturians and your Galactic Family
Our reunion with you is NOW


Please note that the first part of the recording is much like the written version above. 

However, as you continue with the recording you will find mediations 
about what was written in the blog.
thank you and enjoy

As you openly share your Interdimensional Experiences with others, you greatly help to 


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  1. Hi Sue and the Arcturians. During all my life I've always felt myself as a unique being, and even with many ups and downs, clearly due to my life inexperience, for a great part of my life I've followed myself or better even though unknowingly my Self up to now, my real adulthood, when I'm fully awakening to my real nature, as a multidimensional being who came to Earth to assist Gaia in her ascension and mine as well, learning to be on service to any creature.I AM THE CREATOR OF MY REALITY, where I see I AM is my core beat, THE CREATOR as I could infinitely give birth to anything I dream of, MY REALITY is actually not one but a fan of multiworlds where I could enjoy all the adventures. High gratitude!

  2. My young adulthood was a time of deep depression, lots of fun and spiritual awakening. Funny how those thee all went together. It was a time of great creativity, which was mostly the physical creations of sewing, gardening and caring for young children. But it was also a time of awakening, as I met my first Spiritual Teacher who
    changed my life. If was she that helped me to realize that I was the creator of my life, as before that time, I had now concept of any personal power.

    My Interdimensional experience was when my marriage was totally unraveling and I was falling deeper and deeper into despair. On day my husband had taken the children up to see his family and I was all alone-wonderful alone, as I had a lot to think about.

    I had to change my life, I had to be the Creator of my life, but I did not know how. I was in bed in the middle of the day--depression--and my husband had taken the children to his family. Therefore, I was all alone within my despair.

    I was lying in bed, in the middle of the day with all the blinds closed feeling very sorry for my self, when a huge golden light came into the room. Of course, due to my state of mind, I was terrified, so I curled up in the fetal position and put the covers over my head.

    The covers did not good, as I could feel the Golden Light right besides my bed. There were no words, but something changed in me. I was different. After that I took charge of my life, got an education so i could support my self and my children, and left that life behind.

  3. In the midst of the most difficult and demanding part of my education, as I was working on my Master's degree, I was suffering from a deep deception, and it affected me in so many ways.

    For an entire year, I fell into the deepest depths of despair, anxiety, and lack of hope. I was ready to leave this place.

    I would not be here today if a soft, gentle voice had not whispered my name on that very special day. I was in a semi-dream state and sensed the communication and also felt on my hand the brush/sensation of a man's face with a beard/whiskers. :)

    Instantly, I just had to acknowledge that there was more to life than the severe limitation my mind had created. I thought, "Could angels be real?"

    From that point on, I held my chin up, and I found solace in running. I eventually completed my first triathlon, and I began finding ways to manage my mind and emotions. I suppose my self worth experienced an awakening or a boost.

    Thank you, my interdimensional family, for saving my life!

  4. I remember my young adulthood as a very active stage of my life: work, marriage, children and, at the same time, my inner working always searching my true self.
    This was also a time of dispair due to "panic attacks" lasting for more than 5 years.
    Amongst other experiences, I recalled one: I was walking along a street going to work when a great piece of glass of a window falled down and crashed exactly on my head. Before that moment I heard an inner voice that clear and softly told me: "Take care, something is falling down directly to you"
    Fortunately, nothing happed to me, even any injury on my scalp!!
    Lovely voice!!, thank you!!! and for you Sue and our Great Family, also!!!!!!
    Blessings!!!! with love, Minehaha

  5. Thank you Sue and Arcturians, for helping us to reach down deep and learn and heal from this perspective.

    I was a young adult (teen) in the swinging late 1960s, and somehow knew that I needed to act on my own inner guidance, rather than the dogmatic indoctrinated masses. From the earliest, I saw drugs as a sacred (and fun) experience, but nevertheless was a psychic mess by 16.

    I was taking responsibility for my life even then, as I worked, attended a Rudolph Steiner/Waldorf-inspired school and lived in a sort of makeshift urban commune that we (some friends) created for teens like us, who were just looking for direction to apply our considerable zeal.

    During this time, I was visited by two ascended masters. One time during an LSD trip and the other in a vivid dream. The first showed me how to heal with light, and gave me my earliest perceptive taste of the light and power of a fully realized being. The second gave me two gifts. One gift looked like a small wafer of pure honeycomb. It was actually made of pure light and was to be assimilated to wash away physical and etheric damage from the side effects of drugs and darker astral excursions. I have kept it with me in the 50 years since, and still have some left! Of course, it's just an imaginary talisman, but is totally real to me.

    The other gift was a promise for my future, that I would not be alone, and that I would be given all that mankind has striven and hungered for, for so long.

    So, from an early age, I associated independence and responsibility with attunement to Self, and I'm grateful for having all those experiences as a young adult, because my mind and spirit were so entirely receptive, supple and fearless.

    The mission was clear. To 'show up' for healing the Earth and bringing compassion and service. That is the 'I AM' that I perceive as my planetary ME.

  6. I have been seeing a lot of the diamond/starburst symbols in your drawing in the clouds lately, so much so that it has really gotten my attention. Nice to se them in your drawing too!

  7. My young adulthood, more than any other stage of my life, or at least as I can remember, has been charged with interdimensional experiences.

    From getting out of a deep depression, to quit smoking from one day to another after an operation.

    More recently, three years ago I was in a meditation/ activaciĆ³n, and I was sitting in the lotus position, suddenly I began to feel my etheric body spinning super fast. My physical body did not move at all but I was spinning super fast,I was super aware of everything going on, in and out of my body, the whole experience was amazing, because I could feel my two bodies at the same time, and I could see sacred geometry all around me . after at least 3 minutes, I finally decided to go back and open my eyes, because I was already starting to get dizzy and when I did I began to mourn certainly a liberating teas.

    So for me I AM is, I AM THAT I AM. the name of God, we are individuations of God. we are one with God, so we are, in all that is, in all creations, and we are co-creators of our "reality" by choosing where to put our focus on.

    Thank you Sue and the Acturians NAMASTE!

  8. Hi dearest Lovers....what I love to share with the result of living through and INTEGRATING all...the conditioned lives as my choosen karma....the Result of that is...that the rememberings are totally detached from the hurtful emotions...that accompannied them to go through....I was/am the One that choose all of them...and the One that knows why...and Guided me trough...I know Now too..that I MySelf IS the Purpose WHY.

    1. PS....In Loves Embrace with US ALLL,

    2. I'm still constantly reminded to look/observe/be aware of higher dimensions; to see energy patterns, energy body, energy lines, energy this, energy that :)...but the core msg, I'm hearing, is to keep awareness all/most of the time...not to loose higher perception by solo focusing in persona aspect of me...ok, I know that all aspects are unique but is anyone experiencing similar inner guidance requests ... ?

  9. om
    ITAL TRANSL on request
    and more

  10. om
    What does “I AM” mean to YOU?
    i exist then i am a part of the ONE eternally--

    What does “Creator” mean to YOU?

    i am a cocrator in the infinite and sometimes a creator ,all my thoughtforms,sensations,decision create realities ,my inner frequencies determine my realities

    What does “MY REALITY” mean to you?
    also experiencing that part of the Infinite everchanging ONE
    that i attract with what is happening within me ..where my focus amd feeling goes there i manifest too ..
    the perception of being an individualized unit too sometimes makes an answer and our journey complicated ,but this perception of separated identity ,is illusion
    also it is difficult to give an effective multiD-answer from a unity-consciousness perspective of the Here and Now of the ONE
    here in 3D languages ..while catastrophes are being projected from ILL-LOST beings/relatives here too..

    real blessings be now
    separation is illusion
    we are the INfinite..


    SERVICE is sensitivity and love in ACTION
    to enjoy...(yes joy ecstasy ananda)protect- help- take care of this wonderful miracle in the Voids............
    :LIFE ..(alex alfa ashton)

  12. There is so much to share about.... one experience I had that changed my perspective was watching people walking by, and they were pulled by invisible strings, that made me seriously ready seeking and searching, a lot of my time on graveyards. reading the names and Feeling the "lives" of the "dead" -who were very alive to me.. i studied law to help with inheritances. and many times I felt their presence in the room and it was just wonderful. besides that on and off I doubted it all and could not talk at all to nobody.
    wonderful to remember all those many many awakenings and welcome all Feelings to come Home now. and I love you.

  13. I had an office job, (cubicle) for several years. I never liked office work, but it paid the bills. In my 3rd year, I began hearing what I called, "behind the wall people." It hapenned daily after l returned from lunch. Nobody else heard the chatter of what sounded like a group of people from behind the wall next to me.. Every day for about an hour. I couldn't concentrate on my work. They were extremely loud. I even went to the Company's Psychiatrist. I was on no medicine, and never encountered anything like this before. I gave 2 weeks notice, and quit. The only time that I experienced the Wall Ppl was after lunch at work.. After leaving I never had a problem again with Voices.. I still don't understand why....?

  14. Iti Multumesc Sue si le multumesc si Arcturienilor de asemenea pentru ideile eliberatoare ! Este fantastic ,cum dupa 30 de ani incep sa inteleg anumite momente care m-au coplesit si m-au dus in pragul depresiei din care doar ingerii m-au salvat!!!!De fapt era Sinele meu inalt care m-a pazit si m-a iubit,atat de mult incat am reusit sa-mi mut gandul de la "parasirea planului terestru".
    MULTUMESC voua pentru tot,Sue si Arcturienii.

  15. Translation in romanian

  16. I remember I was not looking forward to become an adult and yet that was the beginning of a period of lots of parties with some wonderful friends.
    When I started working I was fortunate my colleagues were of my age group. I made new friends and we regularly did things together after work and on weekends.
    I was still living at home and was earning good money so I helped my mother and my sisters financially. My father had worked for the Shell refinery and suffered from asthma and at the age of 44 he received an early retirement because of his health.
    After a few months of not working he decided he would return to Barbados and get a job there. He left for Barbados with the promise that once he got a job he would send money to my mother to help out. He did send money a few times but afterwards he told my mother she had the pension of Shell so she had to make that do. I was disappointed in him but I didn’t mind helping my mother financially or with expenses for my younger sisters.
    The only Interdimensional experience I can remember at this time is the feeling something was missing in my life. I was having a great life, doing well on the job, had lots of fun and still I felt that was not enough. It was not really fulfilling and sometimes it felt as if I no longer belonged there. After some soul-searching I decided to leave the island and move to Holland.
    Looking back, I can see I needed to come to Holland because here was easy access to many books of spiritual leaders and my spiritual journey took off.

  17. A couple more notes, continued from a previous article. Once upon a time, I was alone in a room doing a sort of Western-style active meditation (a basic ritual, in other words). At one point, I felt very strongly that someone was looking at me, and it was above my head, partially into the attic. There was a moment of transition, and then I was that being for a brief "time" whatever that is. I felt a vast and detached amusement, while regarding the silly meat puppet doing his thing. I sensed a certain power as in ability, and the closest description would be the entity Q from Star Trek Next Generation. I've often wondered who they were.

    During a lucid dream a long time ago, I found myself in a large cavern, so high that the ceiling vanished into darkness. At the round periphery some distance away, there were a few dozen large gates or curved portals, so big you could march your entire village and all cattle through. Somehow I knew that if I were to walk out to any gate, and to pass through, that I would be there in physical "reality". I noticed then that the centre of the vast cave had a large gleaming Buddha statue, in the classic meditational posture, with a large brazier of fire before it. Somehow I knew that the fire never had a beginning and never would have an end; it was the eternal flame, so to speak. I asked out loud (in English, of course), What is this place? And the answer came back to me, This is the place where godmanship is practiced. I became aware of someone behind me showing me this stuff. I turned to see who it was, and the moment I made my decision, I felt two very large strong hands clasp my head, such that I could not turn and see who it was behind me. I have often wondered who that somebody was/is.

    Maybe I've already had a taste of 5D. I have no idea, but it occurs to me that it must take a very finely balanced "control" to maintain that state of mind indefinitely, and I've wondered how to do that. I've also wondered, how on earth can I get back to my Buddha cave?

    I suppose the details will sort themselves out. I'm the last to know. I'm just here enjoying the ride, but haven't a clue...

    I can see why I didn't have more of these experiences. I've wanted them, but they can be disruptive to one's "normal" life.

    Thanks Sue, for some mind-bending articles. Almost as bad as Seth or Michael. Cheers!

    - Some old weirdo.

  18. I was 30. The first thing that happened was a review of past lives, perhaps ten lives at different times and locations. I recognised some of the people from this life in those lives, especially my immediate family. Each one had a seminal moment, sometimes that was an emotion, or an insight that I carried forward with me.
    Then, one afternoon, I had this intense inner knowing/calling, asking me to open up a portal to allow a ship to come through. I had avoided all such things growing up because I never knew if those stories were trustworthy or not, and I was trying to be very stable and grounded. I did as requested – I had to organise some crystals in a specific order and direction, and move them in a certain sequence, how that helped I have no idea – and then sat down again.
    After a while I began to feel a presence beside me, and then it merged with me, inside me, just like Sharma did in Sue’s story. I could sense he was male and huge, so it was a stretch to cram his energy into my body, but he did!
    He stayed with me for 7-10 days and he was absolutely exquisite. He was funny, intelligent, explained many things no one I knew was talking of back in 2000, such as missing DNA strands and sub-planes within dimensions. While he was with me, I had boundless energy, barely slept, was capable of much greater athletic skills than I have ever be able to do, before or since! The world glowed with joy and light. I understood the language of the wind and the leaves, the codes in the leaves, the messages of the sea and all life, it was like living inside the matrix.
    He was here, I realise now, to understand physicality, life as a human. He had the innocence and wonder of ET. I remember his sheer delight at the feel of a cat’s fur, when he felt it through my fingers; and I remember my worry when he wanted to touch a flame! ( I didn’t allow that!) He would speak through me with a voice that I couldn’t replicate of my own will either then or now - I did try and, in a way, that was reassuring, because it meant I wasn’t making this up - and he had a wonderful laugh. (I have had to split this in two, I hope that’s ok).

  19. There were many things we did together, most of them were ceremonies held at what I assume were energy points, or perhaps nodes where energy was blocked. Sometimes I would find myself standing in the same location centuries earlier, and then I would be back in my time frame again. Time melted, and so did dimensions. I could see though a veil, and see things, people, colours, beings that I can’t normally perceive. I have just remembered meeting Merlyn. I travelled in space a few times, but my only memory of that was of thinking that it was like being on the Enterprise travelling at warp speed!
    Before he left, I went to the location where his ship was. I couldn’t really see it, but walked around the area I thought it covered wondered at how small it was. I entered just by walking through the wall, there was no door. When I entered I was struck first by the immense feeling of unconditional love, acceptance and kindness that flowed towards me from the beings around me; and second, by the enormity of the ship. I found myself in a hallway that stretched up many floors, and there were lots of beings just like him, who had come to see me – people walked ‘through’ the ship, not seeing it but I was the first to enter and see it consciously. I could only see these beings with my third eye. They were very tall and seemed to wear robes of light and I could only make them out from the chest up. I couldn’t see their faces as their energy was far too high for me to see clearly, they shimmered like golden light. The atrium of the ship was also a glowing, golden space.
    They thanked me for my help, and the people with whom I was staying at that time. Soon after this, he left and it was terrible. It was as if the world was suddenly grey, flat, cold and depressing. It took a long time to readapt to life as ‘normal’.
    It has never happened since and, at the time, I tried to find explanations but there weren’t really any. It was a part of myself that I had to hide, even my parents made an appointment for me to see a psychotherapist. So I closed down a lot to protect myself from being so weird again. I have only told one or two people about it, until now. It is wonderful to think that in this Ascension NOW, we are opening up to the multi-dimensional selves. Thank you Sue, the Arcturians, and You/Us.