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Entering Group Consciousness

Hello again. I am the young man who first began this journal. Oh, by the way, I was called Bob on Matrix Earth. I need to use my name, as I see that another person is arriving in my NOW of New Earth. It is great to see how our timelines have intermingled. I wonder if that is why I felt I had to write this journal. Maybe, I was listening to that Inner Voice the Friends keep telling us to follow. I wonder what will happen when our timelines completely merge. Will we return to ONE world again, or will we still remain one of the myriad versions of Earth flowing through the essence of multidimensional realities.

Yes, there are many versions of Earth, some fully ascended, such as mine, and some newly ascending. The woman who just wrote in my journal is on the verge of arrival in this reality. She can visit us, but she can’t interact with us yet. If she keeps trying, she will eventually see us here offering a helpful hand. Oh, you are wondering how someone else could write in my journal. As you may have guessed, we use our biological quantum computers to write our journals. Since we are all ONE here, everything we write in our journals are open for everyone to share.

Because the computers we write our journals in are a biological, they operate much as your Blogs in which anyone can make an entry. Furthermore, because they are quantum, they are not time-bound. These computers are extremely cool. We can ask any question we want, and the answer will instantly appear. The process is much like typing a question into a 3D search engine and choosing from the many possible answers. I say possible answers because different types of realities would have their own answers for the same question.

Oh, there is another new arrival. This person is almost able to stabilize her frequency rate to our resonance. I am going to log off for a moment and see if I can be of assistance…

Hello again. I am back. We have an agreement here that whenever a New Being appears, we stop what we are doing to offer assistance. I say “being” rather than “person” because non-human life forms are also entering this higher frequency version of Earth. In fact, many of the animals and plants that have become “extinct” on Matrix Earth are alive and well on New Earth. Since all life here is conscious and able to communicate with other life forms, we are able to assist plants, animals and fourth dimensional Elementals, as well as humans.

It is a wonderful experience for us to be able to communicate with animals, plants and the fourth dimensional Sylphs (air Elementals), Undines (Water Elementals), Gnomes (Earth Elementals) and Salamanders (Fire Elementals). These wonderful Beings do not speak English, as I am doing now, but neither do we. We speak a language here that is free of time and space. It is the language that plants, animals and fourth dimensionals have always spoken. Hence, they are quite amazed and pleased that we can communicate with them. It is also an amazing experience for us, especially we New Human Ones, as we have been separate from Nature for myriad incarnations on physical Earth. On the other hand, the plants, animals and fourth dimensionals have always communed.

Learning this manner of communication, which we call Light Language, is one of the biggest challenges for the New Ones. They try to move their tongues and express separate works in a linear fashion. This manner of communication is appropriate for a reality based on separation and the linear notions that come from time. However, it does not word in a reality which resonates to the HERE and NOW. Communication in New Earth is a form of communing with each other by merging our consciousness. In this manner, pictures, emotions and thought-forms are transferred to each other, as well as into the Group Consciousness.

In fact, whenever there is a new arrival, their entire history of incarnations in duality is instantly copied to the crystalline field that contains our world. This information also goes into the Quantum Biological Computers that we can all access. When we first come here, we usually access this “computer” via an interface within our living quarters. However, as we adapt to our new life, we realize that we can simply direct our thoughts into the Group Consciousness of the crystalline field and the answer will instantly be available.

Since New Earth serves as an interface between the third/fourth dimension and the mid-fifth dimension, there are many “devices” or “machines” for the New Ones to use until they can become comfortable with their own powers within our Group Consciousness. However, communication is their second challenge upon entering our world. Their first challenge is to master totally their every thought and emotion so that they can stay here.

Remember when I said that I often helped Matrix Earth when I first arrived? That is, of course, correct, for I was assisting those who needed proof that they would not die if they surrendered to our resonance. But, in reality, I first returned to Matrix Earth because I could not release totally all fear-based thoughts and emotions. Fear-based thoughts and emotions are created when we feel limited and separate from any person, place or even that which we have thought of as a “thing.” Since the New Ones come here with the habit of separation, so many different forms of life often frightens them.

Furthermore, many are new to the concept of thought transference and believe they cannot communicate with these different forms of beings. We transfer our thoughts to the New Ones, but that often frightens them, which lowers their consciousness back to the third/fourth dimension. Because of this, many of us are using whatever means we find within our expanding creativity to educate the “3D Ones,” which is a name we use to identify those who are still resonating to Matrix Earth. We know that education and love are the best ways to heal fear. Therefore, we have many individual and group meditations to send the 3D Ones our unconditional love.

An Individual Meditation is where our body is alone and we tune into the Group Mind and meditate. On the other hand, a Group Meditation is when many of us gather together, connect with the Group Mind and meditate. You see, the Group Mind is our window into the ONE. New Earth resonates to the lower octaves of the fifth dimension and serves as a “half-way” where we can still maintain many concepts, traditions and habits from our long sojourn into the third/fourth dimension. In this manner, our adaptation to a totally different concept of life can be gradual. Also, many of us are greatly enjoying the transitional stage in which all that we wished we could experience on Matrix Earth is HERE, NOW. 

New Earth no longer have the experiences of separation and limitation, as we did on third/fourth dimensional Earth. Therefore, we do into perceive a line, or threshold, which divides New Earth from 3D Matrix Earth. From our point of view, we are in the process of a gradual, or swift, alteration in our thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, perceptions and creative force. Our adjustment to this reality is an ongoing adventure filled with unconditional love, unity and adventure.

We welcome you to join our adventure. Just “let go” and surrender to the love and light that is filling your world. We can see you, and, soon, you will see us.   

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