Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 is HERE NOW

2012 is HERE NOW

Hello, I am the one that Bob came to assist. I could see him coming towards me, but just as he reached out to take my hand, he disappeared. Actually, he stayed where he was, and I disappeared from his reality. Then I got busy, or lazy, or fell into my ego. Whatever happened, that moment ended and I could not return for quite awhile. With a date like 1.2.12, I think it is a good time to try going to New Earth again.

Of course, the correct word is not “going,” as New Earth is not a place. New Earth is a frequency. Therefore, to experience New Earth, I have to calibrate my consciousness to that frequency. Achieving the calibration is not too difficult, but maintaining that resonance while my mind says, “This is impossible. I can’t just go to New Earth by changing my consciousness.” Then, of course, the doubts lower my consciousness, and I have yet another failed attempt. Not that I have made too many attempts. I have been “busy” doing other really important things??? How could any thing be more important than experiencing New Earth?

I think that that is a question that I must answer with complete honesty. So here goes, complete honesty… How could anything be more important than experiencing New Earth? To be totally honest, I will have to allow this question to settle into my heart and mind for there is no easy answer. I guess I can begin with the first thing that comes into my mind, which is, “I am not quite ready. I feel like there is more that I need to do in this reality. I guess I want to experience this year of 2012 and see how it goes. I have waited and planned for decades, for this “time” and awaited planetary ascension for myriad lifetimes.

Therefore, since I have waited this long, I can wait a bit longer. I don’t want to miss anything. I want to experience the conclusion of the “movie” from front row seat. Will NESARA actually happen? If so, how will it feel to be FREE of all debt for the rest of reality? Will the Galactics actually land? If so, how will our world respond? Can I really experience my reality on the Starship as clearly as I am experience the one who is writing this entry? I don’t want to go to the back of the book and read the ending. I want to experience every word, every day, every event with my mind clear and my heart open.

Or, maybe I am making excuses because I don’t want to leave my people, my home and my ocean. Am I afraid? I must ask myself this. No, I don’t feel at all afraid now. However, if a Starship lands in my front yard, will I be afraid, or will I be joyous. I want to wait and see. I want to experience the fulfillment of what I have spent my life dreaming of. I have to think some more, as the real answers to my question are very deep. Be back later.

While I was away I remembered that I was thinking in a third dimensional manner. I was thinking as though I could only have one reality at a time. In fact, I was thinking as though time, as I know it here, is in every dimension. I know that that is not true, but the habit of my third dimensional thinking was triggered by my emotions of thinking that I had to make a choice and had to “give up” something to get something. In other words, I was thinking from my time-bound ego and not from my timeless Multidimensional SELF.

I can see that third dimensional habits are not easily released. What other third dimensional habits will I need to release to be able to consciously experience New Earth? I know that my mundane mind will not be able to answer that question. I, also, know that my Multidimensional Mind can instantly give me the answer. Therefore, all I need do is to call upon my Multidimensional SELF.

Up until now, I would channel the information by asking the ONE to connect me with Higher Dimensional Beings. I have come to the place where I know that many of those Beings are a component of my SELF. I also realize that those Higher Beings are also a component of everyone who holds a form on 3D Earth. I am endeavoring to find a way to perceive my “Guides,” such as the Arcturians, not as Beings above me but as Beings inside of me. I have been trying to release the polarized awareness of thinking in terms of sequential realities aligned in a hierarchical fashion, with my self in the lowest realm. 

I know that my true Being is Multidimensional and that in the higher frequencies of reality the illusion of time, and the separation and limitation that time creates, does not exist. Therefore, instead of calling up to a Guide, I am endeavoring to expand my consciousness to encompass the expressions of my SELF that resonates to a higher frequency of reality. I will begin by calling upon the ME that resonates to New Earth. I know that this exercise can be more difficult than I think. I am asking my time-bound ego to merge with an expression of my SELF that it can only conceive of as being “from my past and before I incarnated” or “in my future and after I ascend.”

Therefore, I ask my third dimensional mind to please take a rest. I am thankful for my 3D brain as it go me this far.  It will not become obsolete because I AM a multidimensional Being, and I intend to keep a physical expression for as long as necessary. I don’t really know what that statement means, but I am willing to adjust to living in the unknown. I think I can do that because I have a feeling that the unknown will be joyful and filled with love. In fact, the present is pretty good too. I, also, know that I can let go of a lot of aspects of my physical life, in fact, I already have.

Now, I am now ready to converse with a higher expression of my self. I allow my heart and mind to open to commune with the Flow of the higher expressions of my SELF…

“Hello, I AM the ONE who resonates to New Earth. I know, and remember when, I/you/we were in the timeline of the last year before transition into New Earth. It is not that that event has already occurred and you missed it. That event occurred beyond time, so you, our time-bound ego is having difficulty understanding that concept. To differentiate which of us is speaking, I will be called 5D SELF and you will be Grounded One. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Yes, 5D SELF, my sequentially thinking brain appreciates that. Also, these names do not include the hierarchical lower and higher definition. I wonder if you can tell me about making the transition from physical Earth to New-Earth? Is the transition different with every telling, or is there a constant within this process?”

“Yes there is a constant process, which intermingles and flows freely in to and out of the many versions of New Earth and physical Earth. There is no sequence, and the best word in your vocabulary to explain this process “practice.” When you first learn a new language you need to practice speaking it if you wish to retain your new skill. When you first have experiences of New Earth, please practice returning to us again. It is not important that you replicate your former visit.

You are no longer the person that you were when you first visited New Earth, as your entire biochemistry and neural circuitry changes every time you calibrate your consciousness to that frequency of reality.  When you experience even a brief moment in this frequency, you create a great change within your entire Being. Change and creation, which have the same meaning to us, do not travel through time, but Flow within the ONE.

When any member of your frequency of reality maintains calibration with our world, even for a few of your seconds, a ripple of creative change moves through your entire world. You see, while you think that you are opening a Portal into our frequency of reality, you are also opening a Portal through which we can send forth quantum bursts of our resonance. Of course, we often send energy into your reality. However, because of the Law of Free Will, when a member of your reality opens a Portal into our world, we can respond by sending a massive burst of higher frequency energy into your frequency.

This burst of multidimensional light and unconditional love ripples through all third dimensional worlds. Still, many of our grounded ones will only be able to experience the fourth dimensional octaves of our energy gift. Fortunately, many of you are accustomed to perceiving the fourth dimension because that is the frequency of your dreams. Hence, event though you may not be aware of what a huge impact your brief venture into New Earth created while in your waking life, you are beginning to understand what is occurring via your dreams.

Please continue to practice visiting us. We are here and clearly see you even if you do not see us. Meditate as often as you can to continually expand you consciousness. Your meditations will also assist you to download and activate your multidimensional thinking. We can perceive that many of our ascending ones are having dreams that are guiding them into their ascension process. These fourth dimensional experiences of your dream body are greatly assisting you to release you addiction to time. In fact, an entire lifetime in the fourth dimension could fit inside of one dream. Furthermore, countless versions of infinite realities easily fit into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

You great adventure is beginning. Have fun.


  1. If 2012 is now, as I believe it is, then many many people are going to be disappointed by December. Living in 4D is going to be joy and despair side by side.

  2. Happy 2012.
    Let love and light come into Your life .
    Personally , i believe that big changes are coming .