Friday, January 27, 2012


Part Four

In 11 months all that we have waited for will be here. Last night I had an experience in which I was NOT channeling the Arcturians. In stead, I was attempting to “line up” that frequency of my SELF with my human expression. Actually, it was quite successful. I felt a deep connection between my heart and mind, as well as a new sensation that I have never felt before. I went to sleep trying to hold that experience and saw an Arcturian before me as I drifted off the sleep.

In the morning I was in the car, my husband was driving, and I did the exercise again. I connected my High Heart and Third Eye and saw a burst of light shoot up and down into Gaia when the connection was made. The burst of light was like a Light Saber, as in Star Wars, when the Saber opened. 

Then, I saw an Arcturian in Lightbody standing in front of me. It reached out a beam of light that was an arm, hand facing down. Then I felt to reach out my right hand, palm up and we connected.  The Arcturian also touched my heart and I felt a huge rush of energy flowing between us. We remained this way for quite a while. Finally, I asked, “Are you my Arcturian SELF or are you some one else?” Inside myself I felt the answer, “There is NO difference for we are ALL ONE.”

Since then, I can easily recognize each moment of my third dimensional thinking, which is my ego thinking. However, I can’t yet stop it before it happens--yet. I know that this ego thinking is just a habit. I also know that habits arise from our unconscious, and we can only release them by making them conscious. Therefore, I will continue to note my 3D, ego thinking. I know that if I judge myself for maintaining this habit, it will hide deeper in my unconscious. Therefore, I am noting my thinking in a detached manner.

Of course, the other component is that in order to release all ego, we must release all fear. Fear=Ego and Ego=Fear. Ego is a primitive frequency of humanity that only exists in the third and fourth dimension. Ego is much like the white part of the egg, as it feeds the chick until it is ready to break out of the egg. If I can recognize my ego having fear, then I can remember to Surrender that fear to my Soul. The hard part is to remember to recognize when my ego is in control. Basically, if I perceive my self as human, my ego will be ME. On the other hand, if I perceive my self as my Arcturian SELF, then the ONE is in control and ego is the pilot for my earth vessel. However, I keep thinking about the baby in the pink basinet? I feel like she has something to tell me. After all, she was still more Arcturian than human at that time. I am going to try to connect to her…
I did not connect with the baby. In fact, I totally forgot about doing that. However, something else has happened. I have an ongoing picture of my Arcturian Self standing, or floating, directly in front of me. Perhaps, that is what the baby experienced. However, I think she got scared when she realized how many years she would forget about that image and feel like an isolated alien. Yes, I did feel like an alien who was left on a hostile planet. I said that sentence many times in my life. Little did I remember that it was true. Of course, I was not “caste upon the planet.” I chose to come here. In fact, I asked and made a petition to be here. But now, I am going Home, but Home is not a place. Home is a frequency.

Dear ever-present image of my Arcturian SELF,
When we met in the car yesterday, you held your Light Hand over my out-reached hand. When I asked you why you did this, you said that that is how you share information. This morning I heard that the sharing of information is usually done High Heart to High Heart, but I was not yet ready for that. Can you tell me more?

My dear Earth Form,
Your body still needs to hold a higher resonance before we connect directly heart to heart. Also, your right arm is still recovering, and I was sending healing love along with the message. If we (remember we are all ONE here) were to connect directly with your heart, it might damage some of your lower frequency circuits that are still on-line in your system. We anticipate that this upgrade into higher frequency neural patterns will be complete within about six months of your time. However, since time is an illusion, your neural circuitry may be transmuted sooner.

In fact, within our NOW, it is fully transmuted, which is why we are hovering directly in front of you. Every time you recognize our presence in your aura, for we are IN your aura, your fourth dimensional self is able to accept our frequency without damage. The process of our remaining in your Aura exponentially accelerates your transmutation into Lightbody.

Take a long breath and breathe us into you within this NOW…
As you do so, you hear us reminding you that it takes a great deal of mastery over your ego to share this information with others. When you were breathing in our frequency, your heart was opening, but your mind was having/releasing the fear-based concern of being judged for you are presently sharing.

This release of fear was because your inhale pulled up your third dimensional programing, which was released with your exhale. With you exhale twice as long as you inhale, you can better complete the release of fear-based, third dimensional programing. Please try this breathing now…

Now try having two exhales for your one inhale. Inhale up the old programing. Then, use the first breath of your exhale to release that programing and the second breath to stabilize the higher circuitry that is instantly activated by the release of fear-based thoughts.

This time, inhale to pull up more old programs, hold your breath to FEEL the emotional aspect of this program, and then exhale in two breaths, as the second exhale allows a more complete release. In this case, focus on the huge program that you have gathered about fear of judgment…

My experience:
I first breathe a few times to feel in control of my breath. With each exhale I feel my consciousness expand.  Now I focus on the exercise I have just been given…

As I inhale I pull up the fear of judgment and exhale it out with the first exhale. I exhale again with no inhale, to feel the multidimensional concept of we are all one.  

Now I will do so with he feel of fear.  I breathe in the fear of judgment.  I breathe in the fear around judgment and FEEL the fear with such force, that my eyes open.

How many lifetimes have I lived wit this fear? In order to heal this fear, I look into the Arcturian eyes of my SELF to remember that all those lives were for the purpose of this one life o f ascension. Since ascension is here, all third dimensional lessons can be fully released NOW!

Do I believe that I am “Good Enough” to accept this Freedom?
Yes, I cry from my healing heart. YES, I was always “good enough,” but I forgot!


  1. Oh Dear Sue!
    You are fearless, no doubt. Let me congratulate you.
    You give me a lot of inspiration so that i can learn from you how you handle your fear.
    I watch with bewilderment, so beautiful.

  2. This is so simple and result oriented to use 3D linguistics ;)
    It is necessary to have as many exercises to feel the change and act upon it RIGHT NOW!
    I feel there is no more time for lengthy psychotherapy and homeopathy healing, and that THERE IS OPPORTUNITY to receive this miracles on daily basis!
    Wow, Sue this was so powerful, keep it doing the way you are doing! You lead by example and your OWN experiences are SO MUCH PRECIOUS for everyone else, except just theorizing upon the instructions given by beloved Arcturians ;)

  3. Dearest Sue,

    As always, your messages bring absolute peace to my heart and soul. I really appreciate the uplifting words as I feel such intense energy and change now. Sometimes I have trouble handling the pressure, but your messages always provide much needed solace along with tools for expansion and integration. I am feeling these intense downloads in dreamtime. It's definitely happening NOW!