Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Being Arcturian


My dearest Arcturians,
I have been hearing inside that I am to stop the illusion of channeling you and move into the Truth that I AM you. As you know, for decades, I have used writing as a means to contact higher expressions of my SELF, and I have been going through a continual process of incorporating those higher expressions into my grounded expression. However, I have managed to keep you as a “not me.” I think that that was because I needed a parent figure or a guru; some Being or Beings that were higher than me. In that way, I could maintain a place or person that was NOT “me” to whom I could go for support.

While I was channeling you, I knew that I was actually channeling my Arcturian SELF, but still needed the protection of “channeling” rather than “speaking from my Arcturian SELF.” Finally, I am ready to take full responsibility for whatever comes through me and into whatever world I am resonating with. I have been hearing myself saying, “The Arcturians said…” This statement released me from some of the responsibility of those words. I needed this release because I still had fear. It is not that I do not have fear now. I think that as long as we are in the third dimension fear is a part of our reality, but I am not experiencing fear right now.

I think I am saying this now because I have been feeling a “ME” inside that is beyond any expression of my SELF I have known within my grounded earth version. I want to BE that person in daily life. I Know that that ME always takes full responsibility for ALL my energy patterns. That kind of responsibility is a pretty tall order, but I Know that is the next phase of my process. Therefore, in my, hopefully, last childish request for help, I hope you can assist me in discovering how to fulfill this portion of my journey. I am aware that the asking of the question triggers the response, but there must be a way to ask my SELF. In other words, there must be a way in which I can completely own what ever comes through me.

Dear Members of our Being, we are now speaking with you, Suzille, as well as ALL the many Ascending Ones. Just as you have met with and incorporated Kepier, and are currently creating a Pathway to New Earth, we will assist you with your return to your innate Arcturian Group Consciousness. In this manner, you will be consciously living, which will likely feel like juggling three realities, while you still are maintaining your physical reality on Ascending Earth. The recognition of multiple expressions of SELF is an indication that you are returning to multidimensional thinking. It is for this reason, that so many of our Ascending Ones are having experiences similar to your own.

We shall speak to your experiences so that others having similar experiences can, also, gain some insight into what is really happening. The realities of ascension that you, Suzille, are experiencing at this moment are:
1) The third dimensional reality of ascending earth.
2) The fifth dimensional threshold reality of creating New Earth.
3) The fifth/sixth dimensional reality as Kepier who is serving on the Star Ship Athena.
4) The seventh/eighth dimensional reality of returning to the Arcturian Group Mind.

These are just a very few of the myriad realities in which you, and all of the grounded ones, experience form. Do you see how it works to BE your Multidimensional SELF? Maintaining a conscious connection to four frequencies of reality while still carrying a physical form is a huge initiation. In fact, it is the initiation, which our grounded ones have prepared for myriad incarnation.

We, the Group Mind of Arcturus, are pure consciousness and no longer require containments for our Essence. However, being Elohim, we do enjoy creating forms through which we experience the multiple expressions of life in this Galaxy. In fact, many of us have created a physical form on Earth at this time of Gaia’s planetary ascension. Whenever we create a form, it contains the imprint of our consciousness, which can be shared with all the members of our Group Mind; even those who have earth vessels.

That imprint of our consciousness gives the awakened grounded ones access to our Group Mind. In this way, we, your higher expressions of SELF, can infinitely experience differing expressions of individuality, while resonating to a Group Consciousness. You, our Ascending Ones, are now ready to trace the multidimensional path of individual expression back to your fifth dimensional SELF, and beyond. By following this Path, you will collect all your lessons before contributing them to the ONE.

It is common for those of you who are completing your “tour of duty in duality” to want to regain full understanding of your multidimensional nature before returning Home to your SELF. We have compared this process to a Summary Report. This Report will be a summary of your many incarnations. For you, Suzille, these creations of form began millions of years ago. You and many others first created a form at the time of the Great Galactic War. Many Arcturians had created forms at that time. Even though our society ascended beyond the need for form, we still had great unconditional love for this Galaxy and wanted to be of service to it. We still do.

Suzille, which is the name that you have carried for many physical expressions, you were born remembering your many incarnations into form because this would be the lifetime in which you would write your Summary Report. It was, also, your personal service to make this report public to assist others in completing their sojourns into duality. The experiment of duality has been a double-edged sword. The separation, limitations and many ensuing wars that stem from this form of reality can create immense spiritual growth, but many have become lost for many incarnations in the darkness and fear of separation from the ONE. That consequence was true for you, as well.

Since you were born this lifetime, (consider revising forgetting to forget) forgetting to forget your many other incarnations, you carried the sum total of emotional extremes within your consciousness for all of your life. This experience was a burden for most of your life. However, as you continued to expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality, the burden was slowly released. Now that you have come to completion, you wish to review the realities and identities you have visited before you leave the world of duality. You have visited with us “in-between” lives, but you always knew that you would return to third dimensional form.

Now, you wish to experience the Way Back Home in great detail. You have waited for this time for millions of years, and you don’t want to miss a moment of the grand finale. Therefore, we joyously assist you in remembering, “YOU are WE.” You can also continue to experiences (what do you mean by continue to experiences?) of Matrix Earth. Matrix Earth, which is a fourth dimensional hologram, gives those “on the fence of ascension” the illusion of time so that they may have the “time” to heal and remember their Multidimensional SELF. Once you, our ascending ones, return to your true multidimensional nature, you can visit any reality that you wish to experience.

The veils of illusion that create separation and limitation are slipping away as the frequency of Gaia is beginning to resonate beyond the vibration of third/fourth dimension. Because of this, it is easier for our ascending ones to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Since it is only in the lower frequencies of reality that the illusion of time is maintained, you are slipping in and out of “time.”  In fact, you are slipping in and out of the fifth dimension. It is when you are in the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth that the illusion of separation disappears.

When your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you are free of time and the myriad limitations that it creates. Then, when your consciousness lowers to the third and fourth dimensions, you blink back into time. Your third dimensional belief that you can only be in “one place at a time” lowers your consciousness back to the familiar reality in which we only occupy one space at a time. However, with practice, you can learn to catch that limiting thought, which has become a belief, and Flow with your fifth dimensional experience.

When your consciousness is resonating to the frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, the barriers of time are released. Then, your imagination (fifth dimensional thought) takes over to allow you to perceive multiple realities within the same movement of your Multidimensional SELF. We say “movement,” for Multidimensional Thinking, which allows you to perceive the fluidity of all reality. Within this fluidity, many possible, probable and established realities intermingle like drops of water in a multidimensional ocean.

When you are thinking third dimensionally, you will separate each of these intermingling drops and examine them in as individual objects. You may then think that there is only one possible reality and lose sight of the other possibilities. On the other hand, when you think multidimensionally, you can perceive the drops completely intermingled within the water. Instead of seeing the drops, you see the ocean. Therefore, instead of seeing one possibility, you perceive an ocean of multidimensional possibilities.

This ocean represents the multidimensional organization of a drop, trickle, steam, river, a lake and an ocean. Each drop of the ocean has its own story to tell, and it constantly shares its story with the ONE of the ocean in which it flows. In the same manner, you will become ONE with the Flow of the fifth dimension and beyond. Within this Flow, you are free to remember all that you have learned in your long sojourn into duality.

Before you can share what you have learned, you must remember it!

Part Two 

Somewhere after my message of 11-27-11, I began to lose time. I went on a retreat on December 11 and came back just before my webinar on December 21. It was like I touched down long enough to do the webinar, and then I took off again. I was involved in some personal issues, of course, that took a lot of my attention, and worked a bit, but I was still floating through time.

By that statement I mean that I was losing time, or time was losing me. I can’t remember much of what I did, but I do know that I could not do any mundane tasks. I could not return emails, pay bills (which, of course, I had to eventually do), clean the house, and I still have not unpacked from my retreat. I had my 65th birthday during that time, so age continued even though time had stopped.  I think that this morning I may be able to touch down into the 3D again. In fact, I had a dream last night about how to slowly intermingle with my Arcturian SELF:

Dear Arcturian Expression of my SELF,
Please assist me in understanding my dream. Much of it was lost as soon as I awoke. Therefore, I must call upon my higher frequency of consciousness to remind me of the message. Please assist me.

Dear Grounded Expression of our SELF,
Take a moment to raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional Mind. See the great ocean of possibility before you and allow yourself to slowly step into this ocean. Surrender to the unknown and allow it to flow around you as you step deeper and deeper into the sea of possible realities. These possible realities swirl within your consciousness at all times. Step into this inner ocean, knowing that your experience is real.

In fact, “real experiences” all begin inside of your greater self. These experiences are then projected out into whatever reality that resonates to your frequency of consciousness. For example, your “dream” was a reality for your fifth dimensional SELF, while your third dimensional earth vessel slept. To assist you in remembering your true experience, the imprint of this experience was left in your fourth dimensional consciousness so that it could be more easily retrieved by your waking mind. You left this fifth dimensional imprint in your fourth dimensional aura as you were awakening, to assure that you could remember it when you awoke.

The details of your true experience, which was beyond the limitations of time, are foggy to your time-bound thinking. Hence, you will need to meditate a moment to return to the multidimensional thinking which can remember your fifth dimensional experiences. In fact, it will not “remember” for remembering is a time-bound thought based on bringing forth a “past” experience. Instead, you will return to the NOW of that experience when you activate your multidimensional thinking. 

Feel the dream around you as you walk along the shores of multidimensional possibilities. You can feel your third dimensional doubt, frustration and fear. You can simultaneously feel your fourth dimensional aura floating around you enter the shallows of this ocean.  Now feel how you are creating a connection to your deepest inner self, the depths of the sea before you. Experience the flow of your true Arcturian nature as it enters your fourth dimensional aura and your third dimensional brain.

Feel the rising tide within our brain. It is this rising “tide” of multidimensionality flowing into your mind that has made it so difficult to partake in the many mundane activities of your physical life.  Feel that flow trickling into your mundane life, drop by drop. Allow a slow trickle so that each drop can be digested and absorbed. Your dream, fifth dimensional message, told you that all one needs to initiate this process of Becoming ONE with SELF, is to BELIEVE that it is possible.

Your belief sets your state of multidimensional consciousness,
Your multidimensional consciousness directs you to expect to BE your SELF,
Your expectations direct your perceptions of higher frequencies of reality,
And the reality you perceive is the reality you experience.

Believe in your Higher Expression SELF, and feel your consciousness expand to encompass that belief. Use your multidimensional consciousness to expect to BE this expression of your SELF. While BE-ing your SELF, go into your true inner world to perceive the fourth dimensional expression of your SELF…
            BE your Aura…
            BE your Dream Body…
            Face your darkness…
            Return to the Land of Faerie and take your favorite form…
            BE your Emotional Body…
            BE your Mental Body…
            BE your Causal Body…
            BE your Spiritual I AM Presence…

SEE the Rainbow Bridge across the great void into the fifth dimension…
            Cross this Bridge by releasing time…

Releasing the habit of time is no small task, as our mundane self will repeatedly say, “But I should be doing…” Fortunately, the long journey through our fourth dimensional self allows us to remember to say, “I love Being…” Choosing to BE that which we love releases the duty of time and pulls us across the Rainbow Bridge into the threshold of the fifth dimension and New Earth.

Living in New Earth gives us a loving transition into our Multidimensional SELF and the myriad realities that we can simultaneously experience within the NOW of the ONE. Releasing our habit of “time,” frees us from linear thinking and the limitation of sequential experiences. It is then that we can more easily remember the many expressions of our Multidimensional Being. As we remember our SELF, we become our SELF.


  1. Hi Sue,
    I haven't read any other responses to your blog, and I only just discovered your blog through another link. But this is beautiful. My spirit responds to the truth and reality of your writing and expression and to some degree I envy the deep and very clear connection you have there. I was introduced to the Arcturians a while ago, yet do struggle to connect with most other-dimensional beings. Brief glimpses and sensations are delightful though. When I go to the places you are writing about whole new worlds open up. I am keen to read more and am blessed by what you have written here.

  2. I too am slow on reading your blogs but thank you, Thant you So much. I now understand my memory which I have defended all my life. I understand why I know truth and will accept no less, why I yearn for conversation whereby I find myself in "another place" where our conversation creates understanding and knowledge beyond the earthly experience. Thank you


  3. Thank you, GTAOS. The Arcturian Revelation lives!

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