Wednesday, January 11, 2012


More experiences of ascension.

Dear Suzan,

Thank you so much for this beautiful newsletter!!

You have described exactly what I am going through and made it clear to me.... as you do usually in your newsletters & I always love them. You described better how I feel than I could have done it myself.

I am going through all these things you are mentioning, including the part of the dreams. I dreamt that I was by the sea...the waves were enormous, chaos all over the place with saviors everywhere...
The question was: will you SURRENDER?

The message was clear to me but I even understand it better now after having read your description of what the waves of the sea stand for. So THANK YOU.

Yesterday night I woke up and it was made clear to me that I had to write down some information. I was channeling my Higher Self and this was the first time that it was made so clear to me that when I asked who the information was coming from I got the answer, “Your Higher Self.”

I was also wandering why I am I feeling, as you describe it" frozen into myself " and stuck. But, this too will pass.
Everything that you wrote really resonates with me, and I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for that !!!

It is always good to know that you are still in the FLOW, especially in more difficult times.

            Dear Holland, Well not Always in the Flow!



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