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PART Three 
Death and Rebirth

Dear ONE,
Everything seems very quite these days. I feel like something new is about to happen to me, as if I am about to experience a new expression of my SELF. At the same time, I am feeling very tired, sensitive and apprehensive. Can you assist me to better understand what is occurring within me?

Dearest Suzille,
We speak with you as your Galactic Family. We understand that you are endeavoring to release you self-image as a human channeling Arcturians and replace that with the self-image of an Arcturian inhabiting a human form that is speaking with family members. We, the members of your Arcturian Family, happily support you with that “return to SELF.” We, also, wish to remind you that your wounded human will have to come to the surface of your consciousness so that you can “love her free.”

In order to free your wounded human you will need to unconditionally love EVERY component of that wounding. To love your self in such a way, you hold your sense of SELF as being Arcturian and not at being a human. When you think of yourself as the human, you cannot give your wounded SELF the degree of unconditional love necessary to free her. To your human mores, loving yourself in that manner would mean that you are “conceited,” “self-absorbed.”

In order to be your Arcturian frequency of SELF, you will need to free the human by assisting her to release ALL attachment to drama so that YOU, the Arcturian, can continue with the culmination of your assignment unencumbered by third dimensional thinking and emotional reactions. You have noticed that the emotions of your human one have been very engaged lately. This emotionality is a result of your Arcturian SELF downloading frequencies of light that are not compatible with a human consciousness. Many of our grounded ones, meaning Arcturian who are holding bodies on Earth during your timeline, are have similar issues. To all of our many family members who are holding earth vessels in your NOW, we say:

“Please expand your consciousness NOW, so that you can remember your pre-birth briefing.  As you remember your briefing, focus on the instruction about ‘releasing the illusion of being human.’”

Remembering The Briefing

I remember the conversation that I had with the three Beings, who I now know were Arcturians, when I “died” at six weeks old. As much as I am trying to remember on my own, I think I will have to call in that familiar consciousness of these three Guides who I now know protected and guided me for my entire life. I hear inside now that they are known simply as, Family.

Dear Family, the many that I have perceived as three, please assist me in remembering my pre-birth debriefing. To set my consciousness I will first write my experience of my death. I may remember more as it write. I first remembered my death experience during a re-birth session in the early 1980’s. I felt the humans huddled closely around me trying to comfort me, but I resisted this comfort. I was angry. I did not want to be born to the life that I saw before me. I did not want those parents, and I did not want that life. I wanted to go Home!

Then I remembered a picture of myself looking down on the scene of my mother coming into my room. I was in a beautiful basinet decorated with pink lace and a light flowing material that I cannot remember the name of. I don’t see the baby. I only see the mother leaning over the bassinet, and touching the baby who will not move, is too cold and turning blue. She hysterically picks up the baby and shakes me to try to make me breathe.

I flash now to the scene in which I am in front of my three guides telling them I am NOT going back there. I am not too aware of the form I had then, but the three guides were much taller than me and were in what I now know as Lightbodies. They told me that I needed to go back, but I said, “NO, I do not want to go back there,” as I stamped my astral foot. I was very angry. They tried to talk to me, but I would not listen. My mind was made up. I was NOT going back there!

Then they said, “We have something to show you.” “NO,” I cried. “You can show me a bunch of pretty pictures and expect me to go back.” However, I was too late, as a picture came to life before me. I saw a rolling hill on the side of a mountain with I huge square garden. Tending the garden were children, Faeries and Angles working as one unit. They got me. They showed me the one picture that would change my mind. To further convince me they said, “I you return, you have the possibility of living in that reality.”

With that sentence, my mother decided to hold me by my feet and shake me. The small body coughed and began to breathe. She held me to her chest and ran to call the doctor. I was back in human form, but not really. There was always a part of me that lived in that place in the picture I was shown. All my life I have loved gardening, nature, Faeries and Angels. Most of all, I have ALWAYS been guided and protected from within/above.

Furthermore, I forgot to forget by “past lives.” When my consciousness expanded I learned that they were not “past” lives, but parallel lives. I also learned, actually I remembered, some of my most important fifth dimensional lives on different planets, galaxies and dimensions. I also remembered when I first entered this dimension at the fall of Atlantis. I remembered being on Venus and the briefing about our decision to assist Gaia in Her time of great need. I think that is the “briefing” that I need to remember.

I have already remembered what they said about our entry to third dimensional Earth, but now I call upon my Arcturian component to remember the briefing about our process of Personal and Planetary Ascension. I will go back to that experience and write down what I am experiencing…

I am standing in a huge room with my fellow volunteers. We have volunteered to enter into a third dimensional earth vessel to assist Gaia. We know that Earth is on the very edge of destruction because the forces of darkness are stronger than the forces of light. We know that darkness and light must be in balance in a third dimensional, polarized world. If the light becomes too dominant, the planet ascends. On the other hand, if the dark becomes too dominant, the planet will destruct.

We have just received our instruction for how to deal with our occupation of a human form, for there are many of them on the verge of death. We will occupy one of these forms and use our higher abilities to heal it. We can then use that form to blend in with that world and attempt to save Gaia from total destruction.  This entire adventure is documented in my book Visions form Venus.  Thus, I will jump ahead to the second part of our briefing about our process of ascension. As I look to Arcturus, our leader, I telepathically hear he/she saying,

“Beloved Galactic Family Members, we are so grateful that you have come from many different planets, galaxies and dimensions to assist our dear sister Gaia in Her time of need. Now that we have briefed you on your landing, we will prepare you for your Planetary Ascension. All of you here have had experiences of personal ascension on some of the realities in which you will have taken form. Some of you here have had the experience of Planetary Ascension, which. is why you have been chosen. You have within your multidimensional consciousness the memory of the process of Planetary Ascension.

“To keep this memory alive within your consciousness you will have the opportunity to personally ascend within one or more of your many incarnations on Gaia between now and Her time of ascension. Unfortunately, you will also need to experience the underbelly of third dimensional life, so that you can gain the full insight of living in a dualistic reality. The lives in which you explore your inner darkness will be great initiations in which you will rise into the correlate heights or get lost in your darkness for an unknown amount of Earth’s time.

“Either way, at the point of Planetary Ascension, when the light and dark must merge into the ONE, your knowledge of the dark will allow you to maintain detached compassion. It is your detachment and compassion that will allow you to navigate the rocky seas of Planetary Ascension. As you will learn, the final merging of light and dark into the ONE will be preceded with great challenge and, hopefully, tremendous change.

“We cannot guarantee that your assistance to Gaia will create the long predicted Planetary Ascension. However, we do know that that area of space will experience great transmutation, but it is not known whether or not Earth will survive the many possible realities that loam in Her future. It is for this reason that She has called for assistance. With great hope and confidence in you, the members of our greater Galactic Family, we now move on to our plans for your Planetary Ascension Process.

“Other planets, such as many of our Arcturian planets, have ascended into the fifth dimension and beyond. However, none of them were as diverse and polarized as Earth. Because of the great extremes on Earth, we can only predict the best plans for ascension. It is our great expectation that many of you will have awakened enough to consciously connect with your true, Multidimensional SELF enough to directly communicate with your Galactic and Celestial Family. It is through communication with your Galactic Family that you will garner enough assistance to remember your own higher expression within that reality.

“Furthermore, while in contact with us, you will have access to our detach, higher perspective of the true goings on. This detachment will greatly free you from the many third dimensional illusions that will burst forth at that time. As polarities blend and illusions end, the resistance to change will be amplified by those who still carry fear of a different structure of reality. With this final confrontation with fear in mind, we give you direct instructions regarding your process of Planetary Ascension. Please Know that you can update this message when that moment of final confrontations arrives.

“The first thing that you will have to do upon recovery of your true SELF, is to surrender all control of your physical body and physical life to your Galactic SELF. At first, your human ego will deny this shift in “management,” so it is best to allow this process of “changing of the guard” to go slowly. However, within the predicted year of ascension, the close of 2012 A.D., we will presume that all you have released your human facade and returned to your true, Galactic SELF.

“Releasing the illusion that you are human will be much easier if you have released many of your other third dimensional illusions. It is our expectation that by that time many members of your reality will know that the members of the Galactic Federation of Light are surrounding Earth and assisting the ascension process as much as is allowable within the guidelines of a polarized, free-will world. That said, we must remind you that there is no simple way to release the human sense of self that you have retained for myriad incarnations. In fact, each of you will need to call upon your vast experience to find your personal process of releasing the habit to being human.

“All third dimensional habits must be conscious before they can be released. Therefore, part one of release your habit of being human is to bring the awareness of your Galactic Self up from your unconscious and into your daily life. If you can find the courage to share this personal return to SELF with others, you will greatly assist the process of Planetary Ascension. A physical human bound in the belief in time and third dimensional thinking will not be able to navigate the transmutation into fifth dimensional Earth. Hence, each of you must first ascend beyond your own humanity in order to assist others to do the same.

“This process of ascension begins in your consciousness. The frequency of your consciousness will dictate the frequency of light that your form can download and integrate. Then, the light quotient of your form will dictate the frequency of your consciousness. As you consciousness becomes increasingly multidimensional, it will become easier and easier to release your attachment to your human ego. Once you release this attachment, you will be able to transmute your remnants of ego back into its higher frequency expression of SELF.

“It is expected that during your myriad human lives you will become familiar with the power of transmuting matter into a higher frequency of expression. However, we remind you now of that power of transmutation now so that you can implant it into your multidimensional consciousness. Whenever your human self regains your current state of consciousness, the information that we are now giving you will enter your ‘memory.’

“Transmutation is the process of infusing the frequency of Violet Light into any situation, place or thing to transmute all shadow into light. Due to Earth’s law of free will, you will not have permission to transmute another human, but the Violet Light will clear all shadows in which a person can hide their own darkness. It is the vision of ones own darkness that will disable anyone who has become so lost in fear that they would want to harm another. Furthermore, the Violet Light raises your own energy field beyond the perception of the lost ones, virtually making you invisible to their limited perception. To release the Violet Light into your reality, simply say”

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze
The Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL shadow into
Light, Light, Light

“As you remember to download and integrate the higher dimensions of light, the great force of the unconditional love of the Mother of Creation, the ONE, will fully awaken your multidimensional memory. When you begin your process of returning back to your Source SELF, you will know to contact us directly. We are ALWAYS here to assist you and KNOW that you will return to us!

Elohim of the Arcturian Worlds

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  1. Hello Sue,

    More and more after feeling all the Life-Giving information that you share with us in such an awesome timing with such an inspiring simplicity and transparency that it awaken in me little by little the courage to channel my own SELF so to embrace ego with all it's fear of standing in my Truth and it is such a Joy to feel again my galactic family ever present to support and encourage me.

    Infinite Gratitude