Saturday, January 14, 2012




From J.
You know how my grandkids are with intuiton, etc and this whole 2012 issue? I wanted to ask you about this. my youngest grand daughter told me today, that shes been seeing ships in the sky, that they followed her home from the cottage. She said that they are watching over her, and her sister. She said that they are aliens. One is named Ashtar, and he or she told her, that they are going to show them rainbows in the sky, and fireworks and sparklers, and that soon it will get very dark out, for days, and we have to go to the cottage because not everyone will be understanding what is happening and that its safe there. 

Ashtar told her that the lake will shine like the moon, but it will be dark out, and before it comes there will be fireworks in the sky, and sparklers, and rainbows and there will be angels around the lake because it is special. She said that I will be helping before the lights go back on in the sky and that some my friends in other places will be helping too.

I'm getting chills goiing through me. She said Ashtar her friend that they are her guardian angel, but they are a also aliens in a ship. This is a 3 yr old child. She has never heard of the things we talk about. She has heard me telling them that they are special and that the world is going to get better, but thats about it. She is so small. She told me that there will be alot of surprises coming before the fireworks. She was so excited. She said she talks to them all the time. i asked her how, and she giggled and said, nanan, in my heart and head silly.

The older grand daughter has been talking about angels too, but, never said anything like this. I asked her about it, and she said, Nanan they were at the cottage at Christmas, silly! The angels were in your room when you were sleeping. I asked when, and she said on Christmas day, and that is the strange part because I dont remember a whole lot of it. 
The grandkids though, told me today, that the angels told them to let me sleep that day when they went in my room because i was remembering how to heal, and that I needed to sleep. 

I'm a wee bit freaked by it, but because they must be talking to these angels or supreme special beings. No one else could gave them the info they were telling me. Im going to try talking to them again tomorrow to see if they were told anything else. They also told me that Ashtar said my friend Kerrie, is very special so I came onto facebook and showed her your pic, and she said see, that is the special light lady nanan! Ashtars friends talk to her all the time.


  1. A wounderful sharing. Thank you. Needed to hear that today. A lot of love fr.o.m. Sweden <3

  2. WOW!!

    I have a lovely 3 yr old grandson, and what's interesting is that in the last few weeks he keeps talking about rockets, spacemen, etc. He's never had the slightest interest in them before. Last week he told me that he dreamed he was in a big 'rocket' up in the sky, but it didn't look like a rocket (I could see him struggling for the words); it was very big, and there were a lot of nice people on it.


  3. Oh so joyous, fills my heart up a million times over, children offer so much love and gifts, their faith just keeps going, how does one heal properly? I'm Really confused to how it works, i'm probably thinking from a 3D angle.., Iv'e been in the loops lately, loosing faith, i let my uncontrollable thoughts drive me crazy, i dwell constantly in past memories, that i was sure i forgot. I'm just a little confused, probably a lot of us are, and probably a lot of us just feel so, undeserving..but i'm not going to ruin a good feeling, i'm so grateful for your guys message, i have a strong feeling of faith, I really hope and believe we come to see and live in a world/societies based off the 3 loving powerful energies that we all to practice; Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, and Unconditional Acceptance. I wish i was doing more to contribute, but for now i will keep faith for Heaven On Earth. Peace to all, may our minds lay at ease in Love. <3

    1. Dear friends try to connect with Gaia everyday .
      Before going to bed, in traffic jam, whenever you can find time .
      Send Her unconditional love and have faith .
      The most important thing is to remove any kind of fear .

      We are on our way home

      Love and Light