Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I think it was yesterday that I saw the same opening door that I saw on 11-11-11. However, it was not possible to write my way through it, as writing focuses my attention and intention, but I held it in my mind. I moved into New Earth this morning, in my imagination, but then a family dilemma arose and yanked me back to the third dimension. I see this situation as a reminder that our physical self needs to be continually cleared of the effluvia of the third dimension. We have had myriad lives in the physical plane and collected many fears, habits and sorrows. Fortunately, we no longer need to know exactly where these energies came from. All we need to do now is to identify these energies by their signature frequency, for example the signature frequency of sorrow, fear, anger, confusion etc., etc.

If we can breathe unconditional love into these energies, we can jar them from their hiding places and direct them back to the ONE. We can focus on the feeling, and rather than engaging in it, we can fill that energy with unconditional love and breathe it out of our earth vessel and Home to the higher dimensions. Then, the energy we have transformed with our unconditional love will create a trail of “bread crumbs” (like in Hansel and Gretel) to show us the way Home. Fortunately, there is no wicked witch in this story, as we can refuse to participate in that which lowers our consciousness. Conversely, there are situations in which we must participate. Those situations, which are our Initiations, are the manifestations of issues that we chose to experience in order to remember who we are and why we are here.

These Initiations are our teachers and force us to see the unseen and hear the unheard. An Initiation cannot be completed by our ego, thus forcing us to call upon a higher frequency expression of our SELF. Once we have connected with this higher octave of our SELF, we can remember and rec-connect with the innate talents that have been lost during our long sojourn into duality. During an Initiation we are called upon to totally Surrender all control to our Higher SELF. Surrounded by the Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love of our true SELF, we can venture deep into our subconscious to recover, heal and release repressed fears and trauma to “lighten the load” for our return to Lightbody.

We are on the Path of Ascension. Hence, we are longer victims! Therefore, whatever happens in our life is a manifestation and/or an initiation. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine which is which. Our initiations were agreed on before we took this earth vessel. However, we forgot to read all the fine print of that contract and often blame someone or something else when Initiations arises. After 11-11-11 I was told by the Arcturians that NOW we are 100% responsible for EVERY manifestation in our life. The key to accepting this huge responsibility is to unconditionally love, accept and forgive our self. Then, we can allow our wounded ego to release its issues to the surface of our consciousness to be healed.

We must remember that we are not that wounded ego. We are beautiful, multidimensional beings, which includes the lowest resonance of our expression. This lowest resonance is our wounding. We earned that wounding by volunteering to enter Gaia to assist Her and to heal the many mistakes that humanity has made while living on Her Earth. We are ALL within that humanity. We are the Human Family, and we are here to heal all that our Human Family has created. We are no longer separate individuals who can point the finger at “others.” There are no others in the fifth dimension. Realizing that fact accelerates us into Unity Consciousness and opens our High Hearts to the energy field of Unconditional Love. Through the power of our Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love any progress into the higher dimensions that ANY of us experience, is felt by ALL.

With that said, I am ready to remember what Bob told me the last time we met. He said, “We, the citizens of this timeline of New Earth will stay in this resonance until enough of you from your timeline can hold this resonance. At that point, you will replace us, and we will move on into higher frequencies of reality. The members of your timeline will take our place as the helpers, educators and guides for the New Ones coming to New Earth. In this manner, there is always a welcoming committee for those who have newly returned to this threshold of fifth dimensional Earth. Eventually, another wave of ascending ones will replace you, and you, too, will venture into higher expressions of reality.

“Please remember that there are infinite versions of reality. It is here on New Earth that you will be able to debrief your third dimensional experiences and fully remember your true, Multidimensional SELF. In order to assist others, you will need to access and use your multidimensional thinking, emoting, perceptions, communication and creativity. With these innate skills fully “online” you will be ready to explore realms of reality that are presently beyond your imagination. I give you my hand, so that you can extend your hand to others, as well. We are all connected in the HERE of this NOW for we are all ONE.”  

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