Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Webinar January 11,2012

Our next Free Webinar is on Wednesday January 11, 2012
We have changed the time to 2 PM PST to make it easier for our friends in Europe, India and Asia to join.

We are going to be opening the Pineal Gland to facilitate our ability to download and integrate our Multidimensional Thinking and Perceptions to consciously  experience New Earth.

We look forward to the returning to the Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love
that we shared in our last meeting. 

Please join us in the Free Webinar.
 However, if you can't make it, you can purchase the recording of it for only $4.44.

2012 is HERE!! 
Can we BELIEVE that we can CREATE the reality that we have waited for?

To register please click:

Once you click the linked Free and $7 DONATION, 
you can choose between the two options.


  1. There is no option to register for this "free webinar" at no cost. The only option is to pay $7 "heart donation".

  2. go to the "Webinar Registration:" below the sentence in read, they get to the free webinar.