Monday, October 11, 2021

Trusting our Inner Guidance

October 11, 2021

Trusting Our Inner Guidance

Trusting our "Inner Guidance" is like trusting our own Inner SELF.
In fact, trusting our Inner Guidance is what allows us, and reminds us, that we are NOT alone. We have our third dimensional daily self that guides us through our daily live. 

And we also have a Higher SELF that assists us to more fully awaken our own Inner Higher SELF. This Inner, Higher Self is a part of us that was, and is, able to guide us through our many challenges of daily life.

Also, our Inner SELF can be, and often is, our Higher SELF. Our Higher SELF resonates to the higher frequencies of reality. These Higher frequencies of Reality assist us to remember that our third dimensional self  is our daily life self.  

However, we all have a Higher Frequency of our SELF. 

This Higher Frequency of SELF is the component of our self that stayed in the higher frequencies so that it can assist us to move through our daily third dimensional reality.

Within the same NOW of that time  and space, there is Higher and Higher frequencies of reality. When we find that  we are able to have a moment of deep clarity, we can often think about something that is of a higher frequency than our daily life.

It is often an "Aha" that can awaken us to be aware of this higher dimensional component of our Self. If we can take a moment to "fall into this experience," we open our self to actually be aware of and follow these Higher Dimensional Communications.

The next step is to accept that it is possible that we just may have the ability to attend to and ponder these unseen, higher dimensional energy fields that are always around us more than we may think!

In fact, these possible realities can, and often are, just before us, but we do not recognize them because we are so busy with the daily challenges of our third dimensional life. 

If we can allow our self to be aware of these "Aha" moments we can better understand who we are in this now, as well as who we were before we took this third dimensional human self.

Unfortunately, many humans do not recognize when they have a moment in which this "Aha" reminds them that something bigger, better, and more evolved has come into their awareness.

This "aha" is often a moment when we can connect with our own Higher Frequency of Self, and or the Higher Dimensional Frequency of other persons, places, situations, or things, that come into our awareness.

Hopefully, we can be aware of these higher frequencies, as it is then that their daily life reveals a component of their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Then this Higher Dimensional SELF--who we all have, wither or not we know it will assist us to discover and/or remember how we can perceive our Planet Earth as a living being, and all the beings on Earth are a component of that living planet.

If we can allow our self to recognize that inner message, or maybe remember a dream or an important meditation, it is best to document that experience so that you can remember to share that moment with others.

However, in order to do the above, we need to TRUST OUR INNER GUIDANCE! Too often we may push away these Higher Dimensional messages because we are too busy to recognize and there for they may"push away a higher dimensional moment because we are too busy doing some third dimensional task.

On the other hand, if we have one of these special moments when we are able to feel something higher and bigger than our daily life and we  choose to trust what we think was a higher dimensional feeling...

THEN we have been able to push aside our 3D daily life long enough to  investigate, and feel, what is happening in our higher dimensional consciousness, as well as in  our daily life.

It is by taking a moment of our 3D life to recognize our Higher Dimensional Life, that we can begin to fully ...



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