Friday, October 1, 2021

The Arcturians are Back - But of course they NEVER left

October 1, 2021                       




The Arcturians are of course, always with us, but there are times in our lives when we, including myself, become involved with some things and seem to become further away from those with whom they have be very close. 

Of course, I Suzanne Lie, have always held the Arcturians in my heart and soul, but other times I may not remember to remember to connect with them again in a direct fashion. 

The Arcturians, have always been close to me since I first met them many years ago. When I first met them, of course they were within my consciousness, rather than my eyes or ears. 

This is  because we, the third dimensional humans, need to learn to trust their inner and higher instincts before we can have a relationship with a fifth dimensional family of Light!

It is not easy for a third dimensional human to "remember" that they ALL, are more, in fact, much more, than they ever were before. Why do we say that? 

We the Arcturians say that it is the NOW because there are certain time lines that are created long, long before you even thought that you might be a human.

Not many humans ever think about the fact that once that did not have a third dimensional body. 

In fact, most of you were once higher dimensional beings who chose to take a third dimensional form to better assist Gaia with the great transition that they will experience.

Of course, not every one will experience Gaia as a living being that needs to be protected and cared for, in the same manner that you might protect and care for your own children.

You will use this NOW to teach your self how to protect your Planet Gaia before you think about protecting your own self !

Please Love your Planet Now Because




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