Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Shining Out our Inner Light

6, 2021

Shining Out Our Inner Light

We all have Inner Light, even if we are not aware of it. Sometimes, someone may have told us that we were not "good enough" and because of that comment we may have dimmed our inner light.  

However, what someone else tells us cannot harm our "inner light," as our inner light lives within us, and enters us through our chakras. 

Each of our chakras are portals that can open to accept and to share our own "inner light" with others. 

Also, the more we send out our "inner light" to others, the more  inner light we can recognize and share our inner light with others. 

In fact, each of our Chakras have a different frequency of Inner Light, and each frequency of  Inner Light will go to different parts of our mind and body.

As each area of our works with all the other areas of our body, our body works as one being because all of the many parts of our body, mind, thoughts, desires, memories, dreams and more continue to work as ONE person. 

In fact, this "one person" is like a town or a city. If all the components of the city are in communication with all the other beings in the "city" then the city or town will be able to function with the many people working together are ONE.

And that ONE begins with the many who cooperate as ONE!

                               THANK YOU TO THE MANY, 

                   WHO CAN LIFE TOGETHER AS  THE ONE!



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