Wednesday, October 13, 2021

In between where you are and where we are going?

October 13, 2021 

In between where you

And where you are going

Have we been feeling in between where we are 
Where we are going?  

If this is so, then we are not alone. In fact, it is likely that many others are feeling  the same way because some of these  actions are creating changes that are occurring too fast for us to keep track of. 

On the other hand, some of these changes are NOT occurring as fast as we need them to be, or even feel they should be, whereas other changes are NOT very good and maybe need to be avoided.

So how do we keep track of all these different parts of our life? The first part is that we focus on keeping track of our own thoughts and feelings.

Keeping track of our thoughts and feelings is more difficult than we may think. In fact, if we don't keep track of the own thoughts and feelings, then who is "running our life?" 

It takes a lot of thoughts, as well as inner communication with our OWN self, therefore we are able to stop and think, "Who is driving the bus?"

If it takes you us long to answer that question, then it is time to decide on the "time" that we can put aside to have a chat with our Self, as well as a good "very private place" where we can feel comfortable enough to truly have a chat with our Self.

It is also very helpful if we chose a certain time and place that we go to at  a regular time. It is also very helpful to build a certain action that goes with that time and that place. 

For example, if we choose a certain place in your home, or even in our yard, where we feel very save and very comfortable. Then we can take as long as we need to enjoy that time and that place. Then, likely that  place will often be call "Our Spot!"

It is our SPOT because we create the time, the place, the reason and even the dimension of the frequency of our Spot.

Sometimes the most difficult part is to know that we have chosen, and we DESERVE  the frequency of the US who have created this "spot." 

It is important that we remember that we have chosen this "spot" so that we can feel safe enough to go deep into your own 

                                Third dimensional SELF.

When we have proven to our SELF that we are the creator of this energy field, then we can begin to notice what our Energy Field is as we walk through our daily life. 

This Energy Field that is created is OUR choice of Place, Time, and Reason for setting a deep connection between our third dimensional self and our  

                               Fourth Dimensional SELF.

Then we will feel good enough about our SELF to call on our

                              Fifth Dimensional SELF.  

                   It is our Fifth Dimensional SELF that is our 

                                  "GALACTIC  SELF" 

It is important that we be sure to relax into this experience so that our Third Dimensional Self does not lower our consciousness by thinking about: 

                                  "Am I good enough?" 
                                      "I am better than!" 

If either one of those thoughts invade our meditation,
It is a good time to stop our meditation and

Have a conversation with our  own 
Higher Dimensional SELF About

"Am I in between where I am and 
Where I am going?"


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