Tuesday, October 26, 2021

This is the When of the NOW



                         This is the when of the NOW

As the When and the Now interface with each other, there is a moment in which you meet with your conscious and your unconscious self to decide exactly "who is at the helm of the ship?"  

It is in that moment that you will know that there are decisions that will soon need to be decided.  If you wish to work as one person in which the when and the now will connect as something is preparing to begin to understand and accept you will have one experience,

Then, at the  same NOW, you may find that another part of will be connected to your third dimensional reality, which is about to merge with the YOU that you may or may not have consciously chosen. 

You may, or may not know, why you have made that choice, as it will be made, not from just your third dimensional self, but also from your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

If your third dimensional self and your Higher Self are in alignment, your decisions will not be too difficult. However, if you Higher Self and your third dimensional Self do not agree, you will have reached a crossroads.

The trouble with a crossroad is that there is no one there to tell you which "road to take." Also, you may or not be able to know for sure which is the best road/decision for you to take within this NOW? In fact, these crossroads seem come into your reality when you   least expect them.

 And what will you need to decide?  Do you wish to make that decision in this NOW? Or, would you like to make this decision later or ever much later. 

If you can find a manner in which you and your Higher SELF can connect with your Daily Self, you will likely have the courage that you need to discover if these two versions of your self are ready, or not ready, to accept that these two versions of SELF  will need to work as a team!

You will need to be patient with your SELF as likely, both decisions will be correct, and at the same time they will both be wrong. 

Therefore, just be patient with your self and with your Higher SELF and you will likely discover that you can learn to live with them both--but only if you can accept your self, which is ALL your SELF. 

The amount of patience and love that you will have for others will primarily be learned by observing and accepting the amount of patience that you have for your SELF and you self.

Just remember that your SELF and your self are both YOU!


  1. Thank you Sue for this message!!!!!! Blessings!!!

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