Friday, October 8, 2021

Outer Space is entering our Inner Life

 Oct 8, 2021



Take a few minute to look up all the YouTube stories  and online "Star Trek like shows" about outer space now that seems to be communicating more and more with our INNER LIFE

By Inner Life, we mean how humanity is dreaming about, watching shows or movies, or even having personal experiences about observing, researching and having more and more interest in the "possibility" that the Higher Dimensional Beings who are real and the many different forms of Starships are being seen more and more each day.

If you go on the Internet you will see many shows or movies about real pictures of Starships in the sky, more movies and  speakers are opening up more and more to the "possibility" that there are beings from other Dimensions of Reality that are now visiting what was in the past--only a third dimensional planet called "Earth."

In Fact, Outer Space is entering our Inner Life. Take a few minutes to look up all the Outer Space movies, shows, and real life experiences of seeing, and/or interacting with our third dimensional world.

Wonderfully, there seems to be more and more people who are interested in shows, movies, and personal stories about Outer Space. In fact, Outer space is becoming more and more a component of our "Inner Life."

There are more, and more shows and movies, and conversations about some, or many, components of "Outer Space." In fact, more and more Outer Space is entering our Inner Life.

Look up all the YouTubes about Outer Space, and you will find that there are more and more shows about "outer space." These shows include pictures of more and more sightings, conversations, and people talking about their personal experiences of allowing that which was always "outer space" to begin go mingle with their "Inner Life."

There are more and more shows and movies that are entering our inner life. Why our "secret inner life" and not just our daily outer life?

Part of the answer is that there are more and more thoughts, movies, sightings, etc becoming part of our Inner Life? Part of it may be that our "Inner Life" is needing to change in order to merge that which was always a part of their higher life but they forgot!

In fact, often an unseen something that was always "just a cool story," may be more and more of a truth that they could be more of a remembrance than their imagination.    

Also, their Outer Life influence can be from a movie or a show. However, the new thoughts and feelings about that "show" or "personal sighting" will need to be incorporated into our Daily Life.

If the "Star Ships" are a part of our daily life, we will learn to "get used to it!" And, we can only "get used to it" if we can accept that this new part of our life is NOT dangerous to ourselves and to our realty.

This is where the "inner life" comes in. Yes, we can NOT stop that which has already started. But we can accept that WE are up to this change and are learning to understand it more and more. In fact, it is the "running away from" and not learning to "understand what is really happening" that guides to a "new inner life."

There are more and more shows and you tubes about outer space, which make it easier to look the "SOMETHING NEW" in the face and make it a part of you Inner Life.

It is our Inner life that is so important as we may be more and more exposed to new events happening in our lives. The main change it our ability to accept this new reality into your inner self who is able to remember all the other changes in your life.

How did you move through challenging experiences, or even unchanging, but very different experiences.  Fortuately, you Inner Life has stored all that you have learned about adapting that that which cannot be changed  AND changing that which we cannot adapt to.

It is our "Inner Life" that is showing us how to see, and adapt to the changes that you cannot change. One think that you likely cannot change is "Outer Space is Entering your INNER life!!  

This is something that we can adapt to by talking with friends, watching shows to get more information about what is occuring, and then sharing what you have learned in your Inner Self with your outer friends.

Also, there are more and more shows in movies, on television and in movies about Outer Space and how it is coming into our Inner Life.  We can look at the past to see how we were able to accept and become interested in the things that are new and different in your life.

Talking with your friends about these changes will make you know that you are not alone. There have been many changes lately, some of them good and some of them not good, and there are other changes which are so new that your Inner Self will have to become familiar with that which is very different.

This is where you own inner self is very important to communicate with. If one feels over whelmed, it is good to go back to a time or situation in which your "Inner Self" felt in control. 

If you meditate, or do something that you love to do, or be with people that you love to be with, the energy of LOVE will greatly assist you to accept the changes that we ALL are facing.

It is the facing and the accepting that allows one to relax. Also, more and more about OUTER SPACE will be entering your Inner Life. You can look in your computer, with your friends, and meditate inside your Inner SELF.

It is our Inner Life that can guide us into that which we wished to repeat and make stronger, and it is our Inner Life that will remind us of what did NOT work for us and we need to release it from our possible ways to find our BEST ways of being in Constant Connection with our Inner Life as we move into the Higher Dimensions of both our Inner and Outer SELF.

We will return to discuss:   

What, and Who, is our Higher Dimensional SELF?

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