Saturday, September 25, 2021

What is Under the Bridge


What is under the bridge                                                                               


And, or, what is ready to reveal itself?

There are so many new things that are showing themselves in

the midst of all the changes that are happing through 

Gaia's Earth within this NOW!

There are more and more shows on the Internet and Television about a possible reality in which the third dimensional humans are beginning to have dreams, memories, and or conversations about "seeing Star Ships" There are also those who have had "dreams" or maybe even real experiences,  of visiting another world." 

Why is this change happening now? Yes, there are still many things that have been happing for a very long time. However, there is more and more talk about Galactics that are on the Internet, in more and more shows, and in people's minds and regular communications.

One thing that is happening, is that the "fear issue" seems to be very small. This is very important as the Galactics, who are actually the fifth dimensional beings who have been Gaia's guardian for more time than any one knows.

Whereas, before, if any one even mentioned Higher Dimensional Beings, they would run for their homes and lock the doors. However, more and more people are beginning to go past the fear and go into the wondering about the possibility of higher dimensional beings visiting planet Earth.

What is so very important is that the fear factor for these visits is very low.  In fact, many people are beginning to wonder if it could possibly be true that there are "Galactic Beings visiting Gaia's Earth."

Actually, it was the Galactics who were the first to "visit our planet" as the Galactics have been caring for and protecting beloved planet Earth long before anyone could imagine that there were "Star Ships" and "Star People."  

Part of the reason why so many humans were not talking about their experiences is their fear of being judged by others. They were also  protecting their thoughts because more and more humans are beginning to feel the real Being Gaia, who is the Guardian for Planet Earth. 

Therefore, the ones who were having the "dreams," "memories" were actually "seeing Star Ships, or even being on a Star Ship"

More and more people are thinking about being on a Star Ship as a great honor, or they may even remember that the Star Ship was their home before they came to Earth.

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Blessings and Enjoy your expanded thoughts and visions.

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