Monday, September 20, 2021

Brave Warriors

 September 20, 21

The Guardians of Earth


We are all "Brave Warriors" within this now, and we are all being called to embrace beloved Planet Gaia as SHE too moves through these challenging times.

If we can remember to embrace our dear planet Earth, also known as Gaia, we will be more able to remember that we, the humans who live on planet Earth--Gaia--are responsible for taking good care of our Mother Earth.

It is the ability to take that responsibility for our Home World, Earth who is also known as Gaia. The name "Gaia" reminds the humans that Earth/Gaia is a living being, as well as the home for the third dimensional humans. In fact, we, the third dimensional humans, were meant to be the guardians for this beautiful planet. 

However, too many humans became much more interested in making money to buy "stuff" rather that being more and more interested in how we can spread the word, and do the good works, to remind other humans that:

 WE the Third Dimensional humans 

We were meant to be the Guardians of Gaia's planet Earth.

How can humanity remember more and more that the human beings on Gaia's planet Earth were meant to be the Guardians of Earth!

You can see from the picture above shows the human who is holding their consciousness around the planet Earth.

Then as they "hold" Gaia in their consciousness of Love and Light that the human who was "holding" Gaia is now also "being held by the human.

And in between, the human on Earth is connected to the Higher Dimensional (likely their own Higher Dimensional SELF) who connects their physical self with their own Higher Self.

We all have the ability to be "Brave Warriors" for our beloved planet Gaia. All we need do is to remember that we, too, resonate can expand our resonance of Love and Light to include our beloved planet Gaia.

We, the humans of Gaia's Earth, are the Brave Warriors who chose to take an incarnation on Gaia's Earth so that we could assist our Planetary Mother by being "brave warriors" who are protecting Gaia with our Higher Dimensional frequencies of our innate human abilities.

Blessings to Gaia, our Mother Earth!


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  2. Blessings to Mother Earth Gaia!!! And Alllllllllll!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!! Always!!!!