Monday, September 6, 2021

Good Times and Hard Times

 September 6th, 2021

Good Times and Hard Times

There are times in our lives when the sky is filled with clouds and times when the sky is clear. Sometimes the skies will warn us that a storm is coming, but instead the clouds give way to the warm Sun.

Of course, how we each react to that which we have no control, makes a big difference in how we feel in our daily life. 

This NOW is one in which there are many "clouds in he sky," as in this now the  sky is filled with an unseen virus. 

Just like we know that some of these clouds will turn into rain and other clouds will not cause any rain. On he other hand, some clouds will can be a warning for a big storm.

Within this now, we are living in a reality in which we often do not have any control of our reality, come rain or come shine. Therefore, how do we mange this kind of a difficult challenge. 

First we can "manage"our own reactions to that which we do NOT wish to  experience, and it is also very important to connect with friends and family, even though this connection will likely be via your phone or computer.

We are happy to have these forms of communication as we really need to keep up communication with other so that we can discuss what is going on in our life during this difficult times.

Who have you Phoned lately and who is on you list to call soon. You can also connect on the Internet. Any way we connect it better than no connection at all.

Please enjoy the below link which is my latest conversation with Danny

Blessings to you all   
We all deserve a good pat on the back! 

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