Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WE very different, but also much the same!

 September 27,

We are very different,  yet very much alike!

We are not only different from others, but we are also different from our self at different times and in different places. Some places allow us to be our most daring Self, but other places, or maybe other times, we are different for who we were before. 

How do we decide which version of our self we wish to be? 
What if we pick a certain version OF and then change our SELF and find that that you does not fit into that situation

First, you allow your self to be yourself in an honest manner. If we feel good about our self, we will not feel a need to be like someone else because we have proven to our self that we are doing the best we can do within each moment and each situation.

Also if we speak poorly about others, we will think that others are also feeling poorly about us.  The rule of "energy out is energy back" is very often the way that life works.

Also, if we do NOT judge ourselves, we will be far less likely to judge others. Judgement of others is actually a sign that that person has poor personal thoughts and words about others 

Therefore, be good to your self and then you will learn how to be good to others. You would not want to give your self something that you did not want. Therefore, do not give anything to your own self that you do not want.

Also, just like the above picture, we all have different versions that we have a different times and in different places. However, if we have a good relationship with our own SELF, we will much more inclined to have good relationships with others.

Basically, we cannot not give away what we do not have. Therefore, if we have only a small amount of love for our self, then how could we have enough love to give away?

On the other hand, if we respect and love our own self, we will we realize the others can feel that way about you as well. 

In other words, those who give away their love, feel good enough themselves or they would not believe that another person would want what they have to give.

In other words, ENERGY OUT, IS ENERGY BACK and




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