Friday, September 17, 2021

We are the Creators of our Reality!

September 17, 2021

We are the Creators of our Reality!                                                                                 


There are many new things that are coming into our reality within this now.  Most interesting is that we are trying to understand if we are the CAUSE, or the EFFECT of these changes.

In fact, we are likely both the cause and the effect. However, can we have the courage and the strength to know and own that WE are the creators of our reality.

Perhaps if we can focus on what is beautiful, it will be easier for us to be able to adapt to the many changes in the world that surrounds us. In fact, when  we can see the beauty in all that surrounds us, we will feel happier and more at peace.

Furthermore, if we can just take a few moments to look at the Sky, or the Water, or the Moon or the Sun, We will become more and more a component of Gaia's wonderful planet Earth.

If we can remember to look up for the beauty and around us to see that which we love and that which feels like our home, we will feel more like we are one of the many living beings that have chosen to be a component of the planet which we called Earth.

In the midst of all the busy, and too often, frightening things that are occurring in our reality within this time, we must find a way to know that WE are the creator of our reality.

Being the creator is not the same as being the boss or being the enemy. If we look out into our world and see what has gone wrong, we will feel more empowered to do something that needs to be done.

If we can realize that we are all ONE and connected to all the other ONES who live on Gaia's Planet Earth, we will all feel that it is the duty of the human members of Gaia duty to love our planet Earth and to care for Her as if she were our best friend or beloved family member.

In fact, the humans are on a wonderful planet known as Gaia or as Earth. Earth and Gaia are both the terms that represent the world on which we, the third dimensional humans, live.

However, first and for most we, the humans, need to remember that we are Gaia's Care Givers. We, humans, are supposed to be the most evolved creatures on this planet. Therefore,  it is humanity's duty to make sure that Gaia is healthy and safe!

However, in this NOW our beloved Mother Gaia is NOT healthy and NOT save!! This problem is mostly, if not totally, because of the humans who live on Gaia's once pristine planet.

But too many humans did NOT put Gaia First and did NOT care if she was healthy. Too many humans cared mostly on having money, fame, fancy houses and finding a way to have FUN!

But maybe a quiet walk along a clear beach, up a mountain trail, laughing and playing with your family and friends at your favorite park, or just sitting down for a family meal is what will really make you happy.

However, now, our world is not so simple and meeting with family can be too dangerous because of the virus. It is the now for humanity to realize that we, the humans, are supposed to protect our planet, but we are not doing a very good job of that. 

And then Gaia struck back. She did not want to strike back, but all of her wonderful creature are being harmed because the humans have not taken care of and Gaia and all her lands, waters, and skies have been, and still, are suffering by the hidden enemy that humans cannot control.

When will the humans remember that they are meant to protect the planet, but instead they have harmed it! 

When will the humans remember that 

If Earth is damaged, where will the humans live?

What have YOU done for Gaia today?

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