Monday, August 16, 2021

Within This Now

August 16, 2021

Within this Now

Within this Now we are here

Within this Now we can have no fear

It is the Now to remember cheer

To remember Now to just be here

To know that we are in the NOW

And remember that our Soul knows how

How to be within the NOW

And let the fears and sorrows go

To share your love and let it flow

Then the flow of love will let you know 

To remind that that you still know how

How to be within the One

who guides you to your Inner Sun 

Where the sorrow and the fear is done

As love and light shines like the Sun

Within this ONE there is not time

Within this ONE your life can shine

You are the Master of your life

As you release your fear and strife

As you release "strife" and let it be

The teacher that you could not see

You remember that you can be 

The teacher of your "inner me"

How could you be who you "SHOULD"  be,

Once you KNOW  your INNER ME

This Inner ME can set you free   

This inner teacher that you can't see

is actually Your  "Higher ME!"

This Inner Me that you could not see

Is the ONE who will set you free

This ONE shines brightly as the Sun

And reminds  you that we all are  ONE

"ONE with what?" Your lost one cries!

"ONE with your SELF, you hear  inside. 

Inside of you, is love and light

But you cannot see it when you live in fright!

As you release your fear there's more room for love

As this Higher Love comes from within, and  above!

This Love is FREE for You and ME

And reminds us all to look and see

That something new is soon to be

Our inner Self would sets us free!

The Angle inside of YOU is soon to be released!


  1. Thank you!!! Wonderful and lovely message!!
    "By this decree I declare that I am ready to release all protection of fear as I walk the pass of loving surrender. I am ready to transmute every, all and old fears into unconditional LOVE as I choose to walk the pass of the NOW and live within the ONE.
    Thank you for your guidance and service always!!! Blessings!!

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