Friday, August 20, 2021

It is the NOW to remember

 August 29, 2021                                                        

It is the NOW to Remember  

"What is it that needs to be remembered in this now?" we sometimes ask ourselves. Maybe our first question is, "Why would I  having a feeling the I need to answer a question that I did not I had?"  

Sometimes our inner questions are much easier to be asked then they are to be answered. Even our inner questions about our own life, as well as  questions about other people's lives, can be confusing to understand why did this certain question suddenly come into my awareness.

We hope we know the answers to these inner questions, but sometimes the effort to find the answer is more important that actually knowing the answer. 

However, either way, to find the answers to our inner questions must take some time to go inside our self to really listen to those inner questions that often seem to suddenly flow into our mind?  

Hence, it is often more important that we take some time within ourselves that to find the answers to our inner questions. Sometimes these inner questions need to "simmer" in our consciousness like a good soup needs to simmer in the pan with all the different "tastes" that a good soup can offer.

It is the slow, inner brewing inside our self that that allows all the ingredients (in our soup or in our consciousness) to find a way to intermingle so that what was once just one thing, can be greatly enriched  by intermingling with other components of our "soup" and of our Inner SELF.

We all have many different experiences within the same now, but we are often not aware that we are sharing our "ingredients" to make a better and more healthy "soup."

But, back to the "Now to Remember." What does the mixing of  soup  have anything to do with remembering. Well, have you ever cooked a soup and forgot to put just one important thing that made the entire "soup," be less than it could be.

As we walk through our lives, we can choose to notice what would make our life "taste better" and what would make our life taste a bit incomplete?

Just one important of ingredient in your "soup," or in your life, can make you feel like you need something else to make you feel fulfilled. However, how often do you push away that feeling of "I need this..." and then be sorry that you did not follow your inner guidance.

Your inner guidance can be a shout or be a whisper, but either way it is important that you listen to what your inner self is trying to tell you. 

We say, "trying," because too often we get too busy to pay attention to the "little things in life" that can make a very big difference it we do NOT pay attention to this "inner guidance."

However, if we can remember to listen to our SELF, we will also get more accustomed to listening to others. The "Art" of listening is not easy, especially when it comes to "listing to our SELF."

Of course, we have many versions of our self from our childhood self to the age that we are within this now. Also, our childhood self is always with us in one way or another to remind us that we are always learning, changing, and remembering who we once were and who we wish to grow into.

It is also important to keep track of our inner "past" SELF as it is often the Guide to our "future" SELF. All of these versions of our SELF are always with us, but we too often forget to consult these many versions of our SELF when we need to.

However, it is important that we remember our past, as it is often the guide to our future as well as the reminder that:

LIFE IS BEST LIVED IN THE NOW                                                       

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