Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Summer is HERE

August, 10 2021

As we move deeper into summer we can appreciate the Gaia's great beauty. Usually we are all taking vacations and joining with friends and family. 

However, this summer is not as free as it has been in the past do to the vires that is still a member of our life on planet earth. 

Some people are more and more carful about the virus, whereas others seem to care less and less. Only the future will reveal how these choses have changed our world. 

Of course, Gaia, our planetary body, has had to put up with many of the bad choices that humanity has made. "Will the humans learn to take better care of their planet?" the Galactic Beings around Earth are asking. 

In fact more and more humans are beginning to ask that very question. In fact, many humans do not think of Gaia as a living being with her own needs so that Her earth, air, fire, and water can assist Gaia to have fertile land, clear air, free of damaging fire storms, as well as fresh water.

Has humanity given Gaia what she needs to be a healthy planet? Or have humans forgotten that Gaia is a living being, just as the humans are living beings.

Fortunately, more and more humans are remembering that they are also the 

"Keepers of the Earth," just as they are also the 

"Keepers of the Air," the 

"Keepers, "the keepers of the Fire" and the 

"Keepers of the Water"

                    What are the humans the "Keepers of?"

 The humans were meant to be the "Keepers of the Planet?"  

However, if the humans were meant to be the Keepers of the Planet,  the humans have not been doing a very good job on being Keepers of the Planet!

How can humans remember that THEY were meant to be 

The "Keepers of the Planet!"

When you remember how YOU can be a "Keeper of the Planet?"


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