Sunday, August 22, 2021

Difficult times

Helping Gaia

 These are difficult times for ALL the creatures on Gaia's Planet !

Humanity was meant to represent the most evolved species on Gaia's planet. Unfortunately, it has not turned out to be that way. 

Gaia's  Earth, Air, and Water has been greatly damaged and fire is raging out of control. It is the NOW for humanity to remember their true beginnings in the higher dimensions of reality. 

Meditate on the NOW when you where a higher dimensional being and you chose to take a human earth body because you could see that the humans were not capable of protecting Gaia's wonderful planet!

How can you assist Gaia? And when will you Assist HER?

 Blessings to all humans who can remember being on their Starship and preparing to assist dear planet Gaia who is on suffering deeply and needs the assistance of humanity to repair their Planetary Home of Gaia--Planet Earth        

             The Galactics are coming! Will humanity assist them?

Please take some time to go on the internet and see all the people that are talking about all the Starships that are being seen in our sky on a regular basis !!  It just might be that the Galactics are not going to let the selfish humans harm our beautiful planet!!


  1. YES !!! MY Dears here we are!! You know!!!! Than you !!!

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