Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Two Lives in ONE

August 18, 2021

 Two Lives in ONE


Some times - during these times - it feels like we are living two lives!

One life is who we have been since we were a child, and our other life  may be like a "new life" that seems to be awakening above, within, beyond, and around the "old SELF" that we used to think of as "Our own Self" 

This new "Own SELF" encompasses not only our body, but it also encompasses all the Chakras that appear to be awakening within US. 

Also, as this "new you" begins to grow within your  High Heart, your "sense of SELF" expands further and further above, beyond your  "old SELF". 

It is this inner expansion of our Inner SELF 

that awakens  our Crown Chakra, 

and awakens our Third Eye, 

which awakens our Throat Chakra, 

Which awakens our HEART CHAKRA, 

To remember that we, humans, are here now


The real reason for these awakenings of our Chakras is to remind humanity that something new is coming into our reality. 

What is that something new? We hear you ask. 

However, we cannot hear the answer from outside of you because the "something new" is that more and more of you are more and more of you are to change. 

In fact, this change is that more and more of you are 


Some people are feeling the change very slowly so that they can get used to this feeling of change.

Other people are just SUDDENLY feeling that something has changed, but they don't know what it is??

In fact, Within this NOW, more and more people are realizing that this "change"comes from within them. 

And then, very slowly, or maybe very swiftly, they feel like, and act like, somehow they have changed, and they have changed from within!

As with all changes there is often a feeling of fright, and that fright may actually, assist them to look DEEPER AND DEEPER Inside.

They wish to go deeper inside themselves, because they know that it is the NOW to realize that Earth, dear Sister Gaia, has many other friends who are getting ready to visit Her!

 That visit may feel frightening to those who do not like what is different, and are  frighted by change, and especially frightened by something that is NEW!

They are afraid of what is new because they are afraid of change! Fortunately, change  often feels like a long breath that assists them  to begin to feel more of the world around them, more of the world that is inside then.

It is when they begin to realize that they can set the pace of this change it is not as intimidating. In fact, this change often feels like a long, slow, deep breath.

It is after that long, slow, deep breath that you will likely begin to feel that this change does NOT come from outside of you. 

NO, this change begins inside, hopefully inside from your Heart! 

When this inner change begins in your "Heart Chakra" it can slowly, or sometimes quickly,  begins to expand into your other Chakras.

This initiation begins in your Heart as you must love your self before you can love the ability to change.  Change begins in your Heart to assist you to allow your self to TRUST yourself, and to believe that you can LOVE your SELF!

It is when your Heart begins to open in an accepting and calming manner, you will be able to share this loving sensation within your and with others. 

As more and more of you send those loving changes into the Higher Dimensional Worlds, as well as deep into the Core of Gaia, the love and light of the ONE of the NOW will be shared by ALL!

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