Sunday, August 29, 2021




In many ways,  WE are our Galactic Family.

By WE, is meant that many of the "humans" on Earth, have chosen to take on a third dimensional Earth body so that they could assist dear Gaia. Gaia is the name that has been given to the "third dimensional humans."

We say,"third dimensional humans" in order to assist the awakened and awakening 3D humans to remember that there is much more than their third dimensional life on third dimensional Earth. 

It is important to realize that more and more 3D humans are beginning to remember other realities in which they lived and/or visited in-between our 3D lives.

It is most common that 3D humans do NOT remember their realities that they lived before they volunteered to take incarnations on the planet Earth. Earth is also lovingly called "Gaia," who is actually those 3D, 4D, and 4D components of their SELF. 

Just as all 3D humans often have thoughts and memories of a reality in which they commonly traveled on Starships as they traveled throughout this Galaxy on which their third dimensional expression of SELF held a third dimensional Earth Body.

Most 3D humans are not aware that they might also express their form as a fourth and/or fifth dimensional form. In fact, the higher dimensional beings, often known as "humanoids," are aware that they have the ability to perceive the third dimensional reality, as well as the fourth, and even fifth dimensional reality.

As you all know, the third dimensional reality is the reality that most third dimensional  humans on Gaia's Earth think of as their "self." What many of these " Earth Bound  Galactic Beings" have decided to be perceived as "members of the Third Dimensional Humans."

However, as these "3D humans" begin to meditate and focus on love and light, they begin to have experiences, dreams, conversations and memories of having experiencing a life/reality of being a higher dimensional being.

These Higher Dimensional Beings may show themselves in dreams and in deep meditation. Usually, the third dimensional component of one's SELF will NOT remember the call from their own Higher Expression of SELF.

Fortunately, sometimes they may have a  communication with their fifth dimensional expression of SELF. In fact, there are  more and more Third Dimensional humans who are  more and more remembering.

What are they remembering? What these Third dimensional Humans  are beginning to remember is their own higher dimensional life. At first they usually only remember a few moments, but if they can continue to meditate on a regular basis, they will begin to remember actual experiences on a Galactic Star Ship, as well as perceiving themselves as being a "Galactic Beings."

Of course, most people will NOT discuss these experiences as most people will be either frightened or critical. This reaction is an initiation for the 3D ones to either choose to think that their OWN experience was NOT true, or that they choose to trust their own experience. 

They also learn to NOT talk about their experience unless they have used their own "stronger experiences of a higher reality" to assist others to allow themselves to also expand their perceptual field to include the third, fourth and fifth dimensional experiences.

Those who are just awakening to these experiences need to tell themselves that they are brave, and becoming ready to embrace the Higher Dimensions of Reality!

As more and more third dimensional humans allow themselves to embrace the "possible reality" of their being Higher Dimensions of Reality, there will be more and more adventures in the Higher Dimensions of their INNER and OUTER SELF!!.  

If they give themselves time and patience to adapt to a higher dimension of reality, they will find that there are many, many Higher Dimensional Versions of reality waiting to be shared with those who were once just third dimensional, but have answered the call to expand themselves into their OWN Higher Dimensional SELF. 

Do not worry, as "time" and "space" is mostly

an illusion of the third dimension!

Also, your Galactic Family will be there to assist you!

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