Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Energies of Change YouTube -- Final Class for "Life on The Mothership"


Dr. Suzanne Lie and Leslie Murray are having a Webinar this Saturday 
May 3rd at 10am PST

We will be covering the end of her 2nd book, Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Life on the Mothership. In our next webinar we will start with the beginning of third 3rd book, Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, The Landing Party of the same series.

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If you do not have time to check out the rest, please listen to audio class 4, which is a summary of what was covered in the former classes.


Meanwhile in the midst of the Solar Eclipse, the Grand Cardinal Cross and the 
incoming Lunar Eclipse tomorrow, this Webinar could not be more on target with all the incoming, outgoing vibrational energy waves.

Our most precious commodity is our Consciousness. Our Mental and Emotional Bodies have to be protected at all costs.  

Divine and Unconditional Love for ourselves first, and then for every person, place, condition and thing that comes into our outer awareness, is not only what is going to protect our Consciousness, but will also raise our consciousness in an ever expanding Spiral into the 5th Dimension of Unity Consciousness.

Join Suzanne, Leslie, the Pleiadians Mytre and Mytria, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians. Together we will explore the ever-changing landscapes of Consciousness into the Miracle of the Ascension.

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With Love and Gratitude,




“Beloved students and emissaries of ascension, we are fully confident that you are ready for your mission. However, many of us have previously lowered our consciousness enough to participate in the world of humanity and have become lost in that process. 

“Because your appearance is quite human, you will spend some of your time walking among the ascending ones. You will easily see their higher expression of whom they may appear completely unaware.

"One of your primary challenges will be to allow each human to come into awareness within their own ascension schedule. Remember to live within the flow of unconditional love and send that love to everyone with whom you come into contact. Most important, remember that we, your Arcturian friend and guide, will ALWAYS be with you.

“You will be informed of the appropriate appearance for each area you visit, so that you can better create the illusion that you are ‘one of them.’ As you blend in with the crowd, you will hear their thoughts and be able to identify those who are open to meeting you. Remember, you will appear quite physical to the earth ones, but you can easily transport out of any situation that may become dangerous.

“At this pivotal, transmutational time, the escalation of Earth’s energy field can create sudden, erratic behavior in some humans. This behavior will usually occur in those who have not expanded their consciousness enough to integrate the higher frequency of light. Therefore, you will primarily visit the ‘Islands of Light’ that are developing on Earth.

“These areas have a greater percentage of ascending ones who are consciously, or unconsciously, sharing their light with Gaia. These humans may even recognize you, or at least perceive your expanded aura. Therefore, they are more likely to call upon and accept your assistance. On the other hand, many ascending ones will likely see you as a normal human. It is best to allow that illusion.

“Please remember that we—YOUR GALACTIC FAMILY—will be in constant contact with you. Thus, you will be instantly informed of any changes. If you get into a difficult situation, just call us, your Arcturian friend, and we will instantaneously assist you. Just as you will be telling humans to remain in contact with their higher expression, we remind you to stay in constant connection with your higher expression. Do you have any final questions or comments?”


We stored all these important instructions regarding our mission in our multidimensional minds. These instructions would come into our conscious awareness when the frequency of our consciousness was calibrated to the frequency of each message. While on the Mothership, we could remember and understand everything because we would have the support of the Mothership's multidimensional consciousness and cosmic mind.

I had been with the Arcturian, and Mytria had been with the Elohim of Alycone. Then we both shared wonderful experiences on the Mothership. Hence, we had no idea what was ahead for us. In fact, we scoffed at some of the dangers that our friends told us about. It appears that the main problem of lowering our frequency to the level of wearing a physical shell is that we can forget whom we are and what we promised to do.

I was learning from the Arcturian on the Mothership, Mytria was simultaneously learning from the Elohim of Alycone.


Mytre specialized in the male polarity of thinking and pure consciousness, whereas I specialized in the female polarity of emotions and nurturance of all forms of life. Now that we two Divine Complements have merged into ONE, we can both easily access each other’s "specialty" within the ONE of our SELF.

Therefore, Mytre studied in the Mothership while studied in the core and on the land of our Pleiadian planet. I will now speak of my initiations so that I could be of service as the Keeper of the Violet Flame of Alycone.

I had stayed in the Village Temple to raise our daughter Alycia, who was a beautiful combination of Mytre and my. However as my mission as a mother came full circle, my wilderness camp began to call me back. Or, maybe it was the Mother who was calling me?

Please join us as we join Mytria on her return to her wilderness camp to begin her service as The Keeper of the Violet Fame of Alycone. This class will include the above information as well as:

Mytria and The Violet Temple
Mytria and the Great Mother
The Temple of the Violet Fire
Raising the Violet Temple
Parallel Realities
Creating a Tunnel of Light
Almon’s Perspective

Hope you can join us!

This morning I woke up with an inner message. With eyes half opened, I reached for the pen and journal by my bed and wrote what I heard:

With this decree I declare that

I AM ready to release the protection of fear

And walk the path of loving surrender.

I AM ready to transmute ALL fear 

into Unconditional Love as

I choose to walk the Path of the NOW

and live within the ONE.

(My 3D self did NOT know I was ready for this choice, so my higher dimensional SELF had to remind me.)


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