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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance Conversations #2 -- YouTube and Transcript

Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #2

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Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #2
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone
April 9, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to our continuing conversation on the Arcturian/Pleiadian Alliance.  I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie.  Hello Sue.

SL:      Hello

MP:     The last time we spoke, we ended our conversation with a beautiful message from Mytria.  I wanted to take a couple of minutes to revisit that message before we move on.

The Arcturians were talking about their, alliance with the Pleiadians as being one of partnership and Unity Consciousness and respect for all life, and Mytria introduced us to the concept of Portals and those expressions of ourselves on the physical plane - and how we might ground them to bring about a greater awareness of not only the sanctity of all life, but the higher expressions of ourselves that we manifest continuously.

One of the things that Mytria said that really resonated with me was:  we recommend and we hope that all of you remember the communications that we have with you that are ongoing and that you share them with everyone.  She also said that it is important that those of us who are able to embrace the New World, the New Earth within your consciousness - within this nowness – that you allow yourselves to share with others in as many ways as you feel comfortable.

So Sue, how does that resonate with you when we talk about the alliance between the Arcturians and the Pleiadians?

SL:      The Arcturians and Pleiadians have created an Alliance within themselves as they have the same message with a slightly different presentation and that is an example for us humans.  We are all having the same message with a slightly different presentation.  Some people might put their primary attention onto portals while others might focus their attention on being on star ships, or how to perceive the ships in the sky.  Others would put their primary attention on something else.

The important point is that those of us who are the initiators – the ones who are having the courage and tenacity to speak up and say:  this is my experience and I’m sharing it with you in case you’re interested in hearing it.  Then the people who are interested in hearing it will ask for more information.  The people who are not interested will say:  I’ll get back to you later. 

It’s just important that you come out in a manner in which you feel safe and comfortable, because if you don’t feel safe and comfortable in the way that you come out into the world, then your discomfort will get intermingled with your message. 

So if you want to take on a name that is different than your given name that’s okay.  I had a pseudonym for many years.  But if you want to just write and not show your face and use a different name then however you wish to do it is fine.  As long as you are doing it, you are giving your version of the message. 

There are people who are like you who will be bonded to your message and there are other people who resonate with another person’s message.  The message is so important and so vast that it would be very difficult for any one person to cover every part of it, or for any one person to gain the attention of everyone else.

MP:     I agree, and when I think about the different messages, I begin to realize how important it is to meet the needs of everyone in the group and how it might be accomplished.  Well, the needs are met by communicating the message a bit differently until it resonates in some way.  I know that there are articles that I read that really resonate with me and I will read them multiple times.  Then there might be something that I read that doesn’t resonate with me.  I try not to throw the baby out with the bath water; but rather I respect that all of this information is coming in to meet the needs of the myriad cultures and diversity throughout the planet.  And, that’s a tremendous blessing.

So the Arcturians may impart the message one way and another group may communicate it another way, but a message is a message is a message.  One of the things that I received this week is that our Galactic brothers and sisters are here to work with us to increase the vibrational frequency of Gaia, and all who are in this vibration will be transformed to that higher vibrational octave.  So energy in is energy out.  Gaia is a sentient being and we are Gaia.  So, personal transformation and the planetary transformation occur simultaneously.

SL:      Yes – for the humans were meant to be the species on earth that would guide her into her ascension, and instead the humans have been the primary cause of the vast destruction that has occurred to her body.  Therefore those of us that have expanded our consciousness enough to communicate with higher frequencies of our own self  -- representatives  of our self that we can connect with -- that are of the Galactic Federation, that are of the spiritual realities – - those higher beings are in some way a higher expression of our self.

As we mentioned before we will all be drawn to the way that certain people say things because we feel an alliance with them.  We are all drawn to the way certain higher beings communicate because we have an alliance with them.  We have an alliance because we may be from that world or from that evolutionary pattern. 

Now as I mentioned before, the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are extremely busy within this nowness.  Many of the star ships that are being seen at this time are from the Pleiades.  The Pleiadians will be amongst the first to actually land – because they look very human.  They are tall attractive humanoids.  Whereas some of the other species that are assisting us may have an appearance that could be worrisome to someone - that are on the fence, while others may have fully embraced that we are members of a galactic society.

Those who are remembering some of their journeys to the star ships at night – and I know that I remember it mostly from writing about it.  And I say this because I don’t have a direct memory as other people might have.  It is in my divine plan to be a communicator through my writing.  So, in order to get what I wanted I had to write.  Therefore I was able to get what “they” wanted me to share with others. 

So each one of you – remember that whatever means you use to remember your higher expressions of self – please use those methods.  Use those methods to share your words.

MP:     That’s a beautiful way to explain our preferences.  I agree that we are receiving the same guidance, but perhaps in a different way, a different language or through a different experience.  I have been told that our Galactic brothers and sisters are always available and ready for everyone to see them and communicate with them.  Our ability to communicate with our star brothers and sisters has to do with our intent.  We are also told that many of us on Gaia visit the star ships in our night bodies and we learn about and commune within those higher frequencies of Light.

I’ve had a number of experiences of awakening in the morning and remembering what you might call a dream when actually it was the experience being on a star ship in one of the healing chambers.  One of the ways we can remember our travels in our night bodies is to program our consciousness to remember when we awaken.

It seems like an easy thing to do.  Sometimes, depending upon our own resistance and we may not realize that we are resisting – but it depends upon our level of intent to expand our consciousness.  The outcome will be in direct proportion to our intent and willingness.

So, we are guided and advised to program our consciousness to remember.  I also have heard from a number of people that have asked their personal guides to escort them to the healing chambers on the star ships – and asking one’s guides to escort you onto the star ship and into the healing chamber to work on whatever the issue is that the person is experiencing.

It seems, Sue – that the bottom line is:  ask and you shall receive – be open to receiving and to healing and open to receiving expanded wisdom and knowledge that our star brothers and sisters are here to offer us as part of the increase in vibrational frequency.

SL:      I have had the habit that when I feel that there is some malady coming that I just put out a little message and ask:  can you fix this in my night body tonight?  I don’t remember it, but all of these little maladies that could have become something never manifested. 

On the other hand there is an experience that I call initiation.  An initiation is something that we have written into our contract that we have called into our life and therefore it is a process that we need to experience.  So, it is not as if we can avoid the situations that are uncomfortable because there are still many uncomfortable earth situations that we must find our way through.

When we find our way through these situations, we are learning how to think beyond the limitations of the third dimensional reality.  We are learning to remember that we are great multi-dimensional beings and we have guidance in the higher planes in terms of Angels and guides.  We also have guidance from our brothers and sisters of our star family. We have our homes on the star ships and we have our homes on Earth.

It is important that we Love our homes on Earth because the healing force of the multiverse is Love.  So, every time we learn to Love the tree in our back yard, or love the place where we vacation, love our house, love our children, love our job – we are consciously and patiently assisting in this frequency of transmutation.

MP:     Wow!  So, we are talking about owning, through our intent or the way we manifest the intent – owning and accepting our own mastery as the Divine essence of the universe and of the One.  And, those initiations bring us closer to accepting our Mastery.
Yes, ditto Sue to those experiences that we have along the way that are difficult and painful whether they be within our own bodies or in relationships or in the choices we make.  Those experiences seem to funnel within us and bring us closer and closer to our own Divinity and the realization of our own Divinity that is waiting to burst forth like a flower in the Spring.

The Arcturians
Our beloved ones, thank you so much for joining our message.  Whether you hear this message within the nowness of the others is not important.  For time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensional realities.  We wish to speak a little bit about your journeys on our star ships, because we know that all of you are longing to remember your home in the skies and your home in other worlds.

So therefore we would like to take you for a moment and imagine that you have awakened and you are in what we call the Welcome Room.  The Welcome Room is dimly lit as there are many who come in their night bodies and therefore they are not consciousness in their physical lives.  There are some that come in their meditations so they are more conscious.  And, there are some of you who are actually able to bilocate while you are going about your daily life – suddenly there is a glitch in time and you feel like you have spaced out and you wonder what has happened.

What happened is that you bilocated.  And, from that process of bilocation your physical vessel may or may not be aware of this.  In fact, most of the time your physical vessel is not aware of it because it can be quite disconcerting in your daily life.  So therefore you will bring in those messages later.  Maybe you will have a dream of that message or you will have a meditation of that message, or you may have an idea that will suddenly pop into your mind.  You might not understand and think:  well that’s a unique idea.  Where did I get that idea?

We are coming now because in Suzillle’s mind she is having these occurring visions of some of the different beings that she has met on the star ships.  She has complained a bit, as you have heard, that she doesn’t remember.  However, in her busy life where would she fit all of that as well?  So therefore we are assisting her.

The last time that she was on the star ship, which was quite recent within her timeline, there was a great meeting in a very large room.  It was an inter-galactic meeting and she was sitting back towards the top.  It was much like one of your stadiums where the room rises up so that everyone can have a full view of what is occurring. 

From her position she could look down and see so many different types of beings.  There was one particular being that she was drawn to – likely because it was a being from Sirius B where she has had incarnations - but that she has not yet communicated with as easily.  Now this being has several arms and several legs and a humanoid form of an octopus so to speak.

You may know that an octopus is a very intelligent being.  Down in the ocean they have discovered that an octopus is a very intelligent.  But we still have difficulty perceiving intelligent beings that do not have a humanoid form.  This is why we would like to bring this to your attention.  These beings are very good at multi-tasking.  They can control all four arms as easily as you control only one of yours.  They are completely telepathic, clairsentient and clairvoyant.  Therefore they have eyes primarily for others to focus upon for they do not really need them.

They’re mouth is not visible and they do not need a nose because they breathe in and out through their skin as do many galactics.  In fact, as you move into your fifth-dimensional self you no longer imbibe food through your mouth and take it through your digestive track and eliminate the waste.  As you move into your Light body, you eat Light.  Light comes in and Light fuels you and there is no waste product.

So we will leave this to Mary to bring in some comments about her more recent contacts.

MP:     Thank you.  I was struck by the fact that the Arcturians mentioned that we visit the ships and we have these experiences perhaps during our meditation, in our night bodies and through bilocation and there are perhaps many other ways that we visit and we communicate with our star brothers and sisters.  I believe that recently many, many people have had the experience of bilocating – although we wouldn’t think of it as bilocation – but rather that we’re missing time.

I recall that I was recently in a meeting with a group of people and we were very focused on the discussion taking place – and all of a sudden my body jolted.  I realized that an aspect of myself, at that moment, was somewhere else and I felt it realign with my body.  In that split second or two I realized that I had just experienced the coming back together after bilocation.

Now I don’t know what I was off doing at that moment, but I was very grateful for the awareness that came through to me.  One of the experiences that always comes to mind when I am thinking about visiting star ships in our night body is that – one night I went to sleep and asked my guides to escort me to the healing chamber on the Mother Ship.  I woke up and found myself lying on a bed and I was surrounded multi-colored crystals. 

The colors that I remember were a very pale, almost translucent pink and a beautiful sky blue color that was almost aqua.  It’s a color that I have never seen before.  I believe that I was consciously awake because I was looking at and thinking about the colors and knowing that they were crystals.  Then I remembered it very clearly in the morning.  So, I view that as a gift.  I was programming myself to remember my experiences and now I had experienced a remembrance.

When the Arcturians mentioned the being that Suzille was focused on in the auditorium, I realized that in our third-dimensional consciousness there are many people across cultures and societies that see these sentient beings as being “less than” humans.

However, we really know that these beings are a part of life and a part of us.  They are necessary to the survival of life on this planet.  So, I felt so grateful that this topic was brought up and explained.  Thank you for being in that auditorium Suzille, and noticing that being.

SL:      I think that one of the things that are important for us to express is that we need to look for the “new normal”.  What has been normal in the past has been limited to our third-dimensional perception.  And, our third-dimensional perception is a very, very small frequency range on the entire electro-magnetic spectrum.  Therefore we were able to experience things and see things but we don’t have any kind of correlation in our physical life. 

So as we move into the higher worlds and have our experiences on star ships, then we are having experiences that we may not be able to find any correlation to in our physical life.  I remember one of the most vivid experiences that I have had was during a meditation, which was more like reality then a meditation. 

I found myself walking out of my house.  I felt my footfalls going along the floor.  I felt myself walking down the stairs and down the street.  And in the street was a small scout ship.  Some of the neighbors were walking and saw the ship and others walked past and didn’t even notice the ship – which is an example of what will be occurring - that some of us will perceive a reality that others will not even know exists.

There was a Zeta Reticuli standing right next to the ship.   I had maligned these beings for most of my life.  I discovered that this Zeta was my friend on the ship and that I was taken on the ship a lot when I was a child and it was terrifying to me because I was a child.  As I have learned and as I processed through the experience, I realized that there was so much that I gained from those experiences. 

This Zeta, who was my friend, took me into the star ship and he sat me down in a chair.  There was a console, like a flat computer screen - but it was blank.  The Zeta told me to place my hand on the computer screen.  So, I placed my hand on the screen and – woosh – we took off - and I was done.  I don’t know where I took off to, but that was probably more information than I could contain at the time.

A lot of this experience came to me as a healing of old fears that I had as a child.  I remember that we had horrible horror movies with monsters that ate people alive.  We have had so much indoctrination through the mass media of the illuminati that has planted the message that “they” are scary and bad and “they” will hurt us.  But, it is just not true.  The Galactics are “us” on a higher frequency.  They are here and have come to assist us with our planetary ascension. 

They are our wonderful Galactic family and we are so honored to be able to remember. And, if we can begin to look at these experiences that we “sort of” have – out of the corner of our eye, we can make them “normal”.  And that’s one of my slogans that I’ve wanted to say: 
“Make Ascension Normal”

Normal starts off with a very small population, but as we all go forth and share our experiences in a way that doesn’t freak people out – because that would not be helpful - but as we come out – as everyone of us comes out, we make it safe for someone else to come out, and that’s how we make ascension normal.

So, we are coming to the end of our time.   Mary would you like to close it up for us?

MP:     I love it – The new normal is to “Make Ascension Normal”.  We should all have tee shirts and baseball caps – “Make Ascension Normal” – I’m all for that.

I had the feeling when you were talking that all of the Universe was in celebration for what is occurring. And I know that you are, and so many people are very grateful for all that is manifesting as a result of the collective work that is going on.  So I want to thank you Sue and everyone who will be listening to this conversation -- and I can’t wait for the next one.

SL:      Mytre has a final goodbye message that he would like to say.

            We want you all to know that we are gathering around Gaia.  There is a great cosmic party as we all gather around to assist our emissaries to Earth.  If you are drawn to these communications, you are likely one of our myriad emissaries to Earth.  If you are having any weird experiences, lost time – you are among our emissaries to Earth.  Many of you have volunteered to take on an Earth vessel.

At first it was quite cumbersome because the frequency is very low compared to what you are accustomed.  But then, in order to be accustomed to your earth vessel you began to forget your higher self.  We are here, all around – like a cheering team.  We are your cheerleaders.  We are saying to you – wake-up, wake-up we are here and we are ready.

MP:     Wonderful!  Thanks again everyone and we’ll see you next time.

SL:      Thank you.



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