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Pleiadian/ArcturianAlliance #3 You Tube and Transcript

Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #3

Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #3
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone
April 17, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to our continuing conversations with Dr. Suzanne Lie on the Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance.  I’m Mary Perricone and I’m happy to be back with you today.

In our last conversation the Arcturians invited us to bilocate onto the Mother ship and come into the Welcome Room.  At the end of that conversation our friend Mytre explained to us that there was a great celebration going on and it had to do with our being there.  They were celebrating with us that we were being reintroduced to our Galactic brothers and sisters.

This might be a good place to begin our third in this series of conversations. 

Hello Sue and how are you today.

Sue Lie:          I’m wonderful.

MP:                 We’ve had some comments about these programs on the website and we’ve also had some questions that have come in from people – and we really appreciate receiving the questions because we are planning to have a future conversation focused on those questions. 

We invite you to please continue to send your questions to: .  

Let’s remember that in the spirit that there are no stupid questions, please ask anything about the Galactics, about Unity Consciousness, about the Alliance between the Pleiadians and the Arcturians – or any question that comes to mind – and we thank you in advance.

MP:  Sue, where would you like to begin today?

SL:      I’d like to begin as you suggested – with all of us sitting in the Welcome Room.  And because there is no time – even though it seems like time has passed.  I’ve lost track of time anyway, but I think when we have these kinds of experiences on the ship and we bilocate to the ship - we make a deeper and deeper connection with our self – the higher expression of our self that actually lives on the ship.

I think I would like to talk about, and feel it coming through me, that it’s a good time for us to interact and introduce ourselves to our higher expression that is actually living on the ship.

There are millions of beings who live on the Mother ship, so I am convinced that anyone who would find their way to this conversation and take time from their busy day to listen to it, that they also have higher expressions of themselves on the Mother ship.  So, I’d like to take a moment and call in the Arcturians to do an exercise for all of us to meet ourselves on the ship.

MP:     Perfect, let’s do it.

The Arcturians
Greetings our beloved ones we are so joyous that you come to us in our “no time” for this conversation will be posted and all of you can – run into it, discover it accidently or purposely open it when it is your time to make a conscious connection with your higher expression that is serving on our Mother ship.

As you do so you will begin by finding yourself in the Welcome Room.  Now last time we talked about the Welcome Room it was based like a stadium because there was an interaction that was happening in the core of the room.  The stadium was much like the stadiums that you are familiar with – as the seats rose up and the action was down in the core of the room.

However we wish you to know that the Mother ship is very mutable and very malleable – and today we find all of us are greeting you in the same room, but the room has a different appearance.  Now it’s a huge flat room and there are no longer seats and people walking around.

You can see as you walk around the Welcome Room that some people are in their night bodies.  You can tell they are in their night bodies because they’re a bit translucent.  They’re translucent because they only have their astral attention within this experience. 

There are others that appear a little more; to your appearance, solid - in that they are in a meditation.  So they are awake to their third-dimensional reality but they’ve surrendered their primary perception into their fifth-dimensional consciousness. 

Simultaneously there are beings that primarily live on the Mother ship but they send their consciousness into their human expressions on a regular basis as a means guiding them.  

These beings are of a different form – they are within their Light body.
The difference between the astral body is that it is translucent but it does not hold the color gold that the beings that actually live on the ship do.  They are in their Light bodies that sparkle of gold and violet. 

Whereas the astral beings are more in shades of blue, some orange, some green – depending upon which of their chakras are activated – if it is their second and third chakra then they are orange or yellow.  If it is their heart chakra then they are green.  If their higher chakras are activated then they are fully bilocated.

Now those of you that are coming in meditation resonate with blues and violets for you are actively aware.  Towards the lower sections of your body there is actually a red/silver color which is the silver cord that you have heard about, and the redness is the grounding frequency that makes sure you’re still connected to your physical form in a conscious manner.

Now Mary, are you with us in this room and would you like to explain what form you are wearing?

MP:     Yes I am in the room with you and I’ve been in this room before many times and I love the celebrations and the loving welcome that everyone receives.  Our Galactic brothers and sisters are very happy to see us and to be with us and to renew our friendships and our family connections with us whenever we visit with them.

I’ve seen the Galactic aspect of myself a number of times.  This being has long blond/yellow hair and dresses in deep blue almost royal blue apparel.  I don’t know if it is their work clothing or a uniform because although it is always the same color, it’s different in style.
It seems that she has something to do with the scout ships so perhaps she is a pilot of the scout ships because I’ve been in the scout ships many times flying around outside of the Mother ship.

In the Welcome Room there is a large glass window that we can look out into the galaxy and see the beauty, the absolute beauty and the depth of the stars in a way that we cannot see them from Gaia when we are observing the night sky.  So you can imagine that looking out of this very large window – not only can you see Gaia up close and personal as a beautiful blue marble, but you can see the other planets in the galaxy and the beautiful stars and formations.

SL:      I’m so happy that you’ve said that, I am Suzelle again.  I must be looking out of the other window for instead of seeing Gaia, I am actually seeing the Galactic center up close and it is the most amazingly beautiful being.  It is an actual living creature and I’d never thought of that.  But if all life is alive, the Galactic center would of course be alive as well.  

I’m now seeing that whole spectrum from the Galactic center on one side of the Welcome Room - kind of like moving through the Welcome Room to see Gaia and Earth on the other. 
I invite all of you to do that same thing with your imagination.  Remember that imagination is your fifth-dimensional thought.  With your fifth-dimensional imagination, as you perceive it you can allow yourself to experience it. 

Now, I invite all of you to look down at your feet.  
Looking down at your feet this is how you begin to ground yourself within any given reality.  
Your feet may not be humanoid feet, you may have fins, but whatever is at the bottom of your beingness. 
Look down to consciously register what you see on your feet. 

Move up your body, look at your legs.
Consciously observe if they humanoid legs? 
Are they non-humanoid legs?  How many legs do you have?  
Are there clothes on your legs?  
How tall are your legs?

Now move up to your waist area and below.  
How do you perceive that?  
Do you have a waistline?  
Are you wearing a skirt or pants?  
Do you have a form that does not wear clothing?  

As you move up into your chest area what are you wearing?  
Does it appear to be a uniform in that you are a member of the Mother ship?  
Does it appear to be something different in that you are a visitor?

Look down at your hands and what do your hands look like?  
Most of these beings are in some type of humanoid form in that there are two legs, two arms, a head and a body.  
However there are beings that have more than two legs and two arms.  Other than that their form is somewhat humanoid.  
Look at your arms and see what you have covering them. 

Now pan back so that the you that is experiencing this is able to see that whole beingness of you.  
See your consciousness looking at that you and look into the face of that you.  
This is you in a higher frequency.  
This is the you that has either come to visit you on the Mother ship and/or the you that actually serve on the Mother ship.  

Give that you a grand embrace.
Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are not alone?  
As you embrace that you, feel the intermingling of your consciousness. 

Take the knowingness of that component of your Multidimensional SELF into your daily life.
In this manner, you can remain connected to these higher expressions of yourself.

MP:     We are hearing a great deal about the exploration of our multi-dimensional selves.  The information has always been out there and it is now available in a public forum that we, as an example, we can look at the books that Suzanne has written on the Pleiadian Perspective.  We call them characters – Sandy, Jason, Mytre, Mytria, the Arcturian.  They are examples of the various aspects of our selves that are living parallel lives, in parallel universes - and they are aspects of us.

So the being or beings that we meet on star ships such as the being that I’ve met who is dressed in deep blue with golden blond hair is an aspect of myself fulfilling a mission that is important to the Ascension of Gaia and is perhaps a Pleiadian and has experienced the Pleiadian Ascension and is now a working part of that Alliance and a very important guide to me and also an aspect of myself.

For me there isn’t any other explanation.  I’ve explored it as many ways that I can and this being continues to manifest within my waking visions, so I welcome the merging and welcome the night time visits to the mother ship.

There are many meditations available to us on experiencing our multi-dimensional selves.  I would urge anyone who is interested in this and is listening to this conversation, to explore those options.  If you’d like to share your experience with us you are welcome to send it in to the blog.

There are myriad aspects of ourselves living parallel to this timeline in which we are talking to you as you are listening to this conversation.

SL:      In conclusion – I Sue, Suzelle, Mytre, Mytria, the Arcturian the whole group, would like to talk to us about being the whole group.

We have learned in our myriad physical incarnations that we’re separate and just a human or are channeling through a guide that is high above us, or we are walking on the planet that is not associated to us.  What is so important now is that we move into personal and planetary Unity Consciousness and in fact there is a sequence of events that occur as we expand our consciousness.

As we expand our consciousness into our own multi-dimensional self and as we begin to interact with components of our self that do not live on the physical plane and may or may not be of a humanoid form.  For example – the Arcturians are not of a humanoid form.  They are happy to take one on if that is what they need.  But they see this as more of a swirling pattern of Light – at least in my perception.  And that is because I am able to allow my imagination to stretch and to be able to see them as they truly are.

But there are many that are not in form and so they will happily take on a humanoid form.  Now release that need for that which we are unified with to have a humanoid form.  For when we speak to our friends on the telephone or on the internet, we don’t’ see their humanoid form -- we feel their consciousness.  When we walk on the body of Gaia we cannot see her whole humanoid form which is – in fact she does have a humanoid form within her core, within her crystals and that is why she has chosen that form as her predominant, her most civilized expression.

I’m sure that humanity has been quite a challenge and quite a disappointment – however it is hers and therefore we as humans have been called the keepers of the land.  She also enjoys her cetacean form and they have been identified as the keepers of the water.
Now with all of these forms, we are one.  We are one with the planet, we are one with each other and we are one with our higher expressions of self. 

As we begin to expand into our multi-dimensional consciousness we find that it is not so difficult to embrace that we are one with the planet – which I have called planetary consciousness. 

In fact I have spoken often of the progression from personal consciousness to collective consciousness which is knowing that you are never alone
Unity consciousness is when you feel united to that which is all around you
Planetary consciousness in when you are one with the body of Gaia
Galactic consciousness where you are one with your Galactic family. 
And, of course it moves on from there, but right now the mastery of our Galactic consciousness is that which is in front of us.

We are moving beyond the concept from living within a planetary reality into the consciousness of moving into a Galactic reality.  I remember when I was young a planetary reality was beyond our conception. 

Now, planetary reality is quite common and we are forcing ourselves to expand our consciousness – and it does take a bit of forcing because we want to slip back down.  It’s like digging a hole in the sand and you turn around and the hole fills up.  So when we expand our consciousness, we have to go back and expand it again and again because we want to slip into the illusions of just being physical.

So be patient with your selves – every one of you – because this is a very big process because time is an illusion so try not to be too attached to it even though we have to back to our attachment for our “survival needs”.  Simultaneously we all exist within the One.

MP:     First I would like to thank the Arcturians because they brought us from talking about how we travel to the Mother ship in our night astral bodies or in our meditations or in our light bodies – bilocation.  So today we are really looking and digging deep into our Unity Consciousness and being one with everything around us, our Planetary consciousness of understanding and knowing that we are the Planet and beginning to go into our Galactic consciousness. 

What continued to come to me as they were speaking is simply this:  we are One with all that is because We Are All That Is.

So, thank you everyone for being with us once again.  We feel your presence with us in the “no time” and we look forward to talking with you again and please remember to send in those questions.

SL:  Thank you everyone – We Are All That Is.  Blessings and have a wonderful day.

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