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Through The Portal Part 3 -- Transitional Realities


Through the Portal Part 3

Transitional Realities

I do not know what just happened. Just a second ago I was in the Core of Gaia in our complete form of Mytrian talking with our Lemurian friend Laturnius, but suddenly I appeared to have returned to the surface of transitional Earth.

No, that is not correct, as I was simultaneously on ‘transitional Earth,’ as well as in Gaia’s core. In Gaia’s core I was a member of the form of multidimensional Mytrian, and on Earth I was Sandy, an individual, female human.

Once I calmed down enough to listen, I heard the comforting feeling of the Arcturian. Yes, I know that does not make sense to third dimensional thinking that one can hear a feeling, but I have always “heard the feel” of the Arcturian. Hence, it seems to be a natural manner of communication.

“Yes,” said the Arcturian. “When you are using your expanded perceptions to communicate, such as empathy, telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, you are communing via Light Language.”

“Oh, dear Arcturians, you are talking to just me?”

“We constantly speak to ‘just you.’”

"Why don't I remember that in my daily life?”

“Would it make it easier for you if you did remember?” asked the Arcturian.

“I don’t know. When I am in my physical life I feel so lonely for my friends and family in the higher worlds, but I guess I would feel lonely for my earthly friends if I left that realm completely.”

“Indeed, you would miss your physical world more than you can imagine because you have not yet completed your mission. Would you want to leave now when you are so very close to remembering how to live in two worlds at once?”

“Will I be able to do that?”

“That is, of course, a question that only YOU can answer,” answered the Arcturian. “Even though our away team often feels out of control in their physical lives, all of you are the creators of your reality. In fact, the members of our away team have volunteered to be among the first creators of the myriad forms of transitional realities. 

“Sandy, I have come into your awareness to speak with you about Gaia’s myriad transitional realities. You can then place that information into Gaia’s crystals for all of humanity to retrieve when they are ready.

“Oh, that is wonderful. Can you assist me to remember this information so that I can clearly place it in the crystals?”

“You will not need to remember what is placed into the NOW of your Essence, responded the Arcturian.”

I was not sure what that meant, but I knew it was time to listen rather than question. Likely to assist me in concentrating on the message, the Arcturian transported us to the meadow that Jason and I often frequented to meditate, walk, relax and/or have a picnic. I settled down on my favorite log to listen with my higher perceptions. Observing that I was ready to listen, because Arcturian said,

“In Gaia's first transitional reality, which anyone can visit simply by expanding their consciousness into that frequency, the landings of the Galactics are commencing. All Earth occupants of that timeline/frequency are beginning to experience the challenge and glory of a world in great transition.

“Of course there will be many humans who will resist any change, especially the change into a reality in which there is NO money, NO illness and NO war. Money, illness and war are found in the power-over realities of the physical and lower astral timelines.

“With the completion of Gaia's portals through the lower astral plane, humanity will be able to more easily move their consciousness through these portals and beyond the power-over others versions of 3/4D Earth. Those who resonate to the need to dominate, control and accumulate power-over others will need to shift their consciousness in order to participate in that transition.

“They will not be punished. It will simply be that those who resonate to power-over will not be able to move through the portal of light. Their frequency is too low to even  perceive the portals, and their forms could not tolerate that frequency of light. In other words, those who resonate to power-over will not be able to move into the higher worlds until they have discovered their power-within and released their need to have power-over.

“Eventually, those who are able to adjust their consciousness beyond the need to accumulate possessions or have power-over others will gradually be able to perceive a reality in which there are NO possessions. They will realize then that everyone can have what they need without the accumulation of physical belongings.

“Once the Galactics and awakened humans dispense the new technology, which has been hidden from the masses for more of your ‘time’ than you can imagine, there will be no need to accumulate possessions. You will be able to replicate what you want in the NOW that you desire it. When you no longer need it, you will re-cycle it back into the replicator.

“When you need it again, you will simply replicate it. You will have no need for storage, as everything is stored in the replicator to be re-manifested when necessary. You will no longer need to have money to buy something. Money won’t be necessary because you can instantly create anything that you need.

“You can also be transported to any location that you desire or, if you desire, you can take an antigravity vehicle. These vehicles need NO fuel and create NO pollution. You will not need to work to get what you want, as everything is free. Therefore, you can concentrate on what you want to do, learn, create, explore etc.

“Since those still invested in power-over others will not be able to resonate to this world, there will no longer be the conflict of fighting for or against others. We know that you are aware that many people will be very confused without something to fight for or an enemy to fear. However, fear will lower their resonance back into the power-over reality, where they can have those realities if they choose.

“Again, there is no punishment. There is only resonance. Each person is responsible for his or her own frequency of resonance. There will be many who will choose to serve as healers to assist those who are still trapped in patterns of victim/victimizer. These healers will ‘go to work’ in the highest sub-planes of the power-over worlds to assist the trapped ones. Then they will return Home to their higher frequency reality for rest and restoration.

“There will also be many counselors who will assist those who are having difficulty maintaining the resonance of this first transitional world. These counselors will primarily be assisting people to release their lives long habit of ‘living in illusion.’ As you may correctly assume, a primary illusion to release is the illusion of money.

“Money only exists in the third dimension, and few planets even have the concept of money. The Draconians were in control of your planet when the concept of ‘money’ was put into your consciousness. In that timeline, the Draconians, disguised as humans, often held the positions of spiritual or political leaders.

“Money was created as it is the "great separator," which separates the ‘haves’ from the ‘have-nots.’ Money, the gaining of or the lack of it, is a primary illusion that traps humanity in the third dimension. Money does not even exist in your fourth dimensional worlds, which is quite unusual as most third-dimensional illusions are also present in fourth-dimensional worlds.

“Money is a primary means of control of the masses by creating the ‘haves’ who can control the ‘have-nots’ by enslaving them in the on-going fight for enough work to gain enough money to have a good life. In your ‘civilized’ 3D systems based on money, the have-nots struggle to survive while the ‘haves’ ruthlessly destroy the planet to have even more.”

“Now, I totally understand how the illusion of money traps us in the 3D illusion of reality,” I said. “But how can we survive in the physical world without money?”

“As we have stated before,” replied the Arcturian, “the need for money is an illusion created by those who wish to dominate. Their greatest tool of domination is the lies and misinformation regarding the technology that is already available to everyone. In the next frequency up of transitional realities, humanity has gained enough connection with their Multidimensional SELF to hear the inner truth above the outer lies.

“Their inner truth reminds them that the Galactics are higher expressions of their SELF and members of their family. Hence, they can openly welcome their galactic family and easily embrace that which they were taught to believe was ‘impossible.’ In this frequency of reality, the transition into fifth-dimensional New Earth easily occurs.

“In fifth dimensional New Earth there will be no need for money or even replicators because you will remember your own powers of manifestation. Once you regain your power of manifestation you will no longer need an outer source to create an enjoyable reality, as YOU will be the conscious creator of your life.

“Of course, everyone is an unconscious creators of your life now, but most of humanity is not aware of that fact. They are not aware because they are too busy and too distracted making money to ponder deeper issues in their life. Once you turn your attention away from money and place that concept in your ‘3D Folder of illusion,’ you can focus your thoughts and emotions on creating the Inter-Galactic reality of New Earth.

“There are also several possible realities of New Earth. There is the first transitional New Earth, which resonate to the fourth/fifth dimension, that is an octave up from the dimension in which your current earth vessel lives. This reality will commence once the Galactics have been accepted as your ancestors who have come to assist you with the transition into a new version of Intergalactic Earth.

“This ‘threshold New Earth’ will serve as a ‘way station,’ a place to rest and receive guidance. In this threshold reality you have completed the release of the illusion of money. Hence, you can focus on working in unity with your earthly and galactic friends to develop a society based on unconditional love. Without the fear that arises from Her human population, Gaia’s Earth will more easily be able to make a full transition into the Her fifth dimensional expression.

“Galactic counselors and teachers will assist those who enter the Threshold New Earth. These volunteers, who are often higher expressions of the newly arriving earthlings, have been studying for myriad incarnations for this task and have volunteered to bi-locate from their fifth-dimensional galactic Homeworld to assist with the ascension of Gaia.

“Since these galactics resonate beyond time, they are able to experience many realities at once. Hence, they can maintain a presence on their Homeworld, their Starship and several key timelines of Earth to assist with planetary ascension.

“Some galactics chose to bi-locate into power-over humans in the lower realities to assist humanity, but became lost in the illusions of Earth. However, when they do remember their true SELF, they can fulfill their Mission to infiltrate the ‘dark side’ with their higher light and love. In this manner, they can work with the power-over humans who are ready to remember their true SELF in the higher dimensions.

“There are no mistakes or accidents from the higher perspective, only some very difficult assignments. Often those of the greatest inner power take on the most difficult assignments, only to become lost. However, when they have found their SELF they will deeply understand that which they have come to transmute.”

As the Arcturian completed the last sentence, I found myself again in the core of Gaia. Once again I was within the composite form of Mytrian. Instantly, I transmitted my experience into Mytrian so that we would all remember to place this information into Gaia’s crystals. The Lemurian, Laturnius, recognized what I was doing and volunteered to also assist in placing this important information into Gaia’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals.


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