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Transcripts from Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #1

Transcript form:
Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone
April 2, 2014

MP:     Hello everyone, I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie.  We’re having a conversation today about the Arcturian/Pleiadian alliance.  These conversations are actually intended as Portal Openers throughout the planet to instill and infuse love and forgiveness in all who listen. 

In this first session, we’d like to talk about everyone’s involvement in the coming changes which are intended to bring about new beginnings to all that hear and read these words.  So we are asked to stay centered in Love and Light throughout these times and all will be well.

Suzanne, good afternoon – how are you today?

SL:      I’m great.

MP:     We are interested in hearing about how you feel about these conversations and a little bit about your experience - and perhaps what the Arcturians and the Pleiadians think about their alliance and how it relates to us in Unity Consciousness.

SL:      Well I first learned about the Pleiadian/Arcturian alliance quite a while back.  My first communications with higher beings was with the Pleiadians – with Mytria who is the heroine of the Pleiadian Perspective books. That was back in 1994.

The Pleiadians were the ones that first introduced me to inter-dimensional communications.  Then I went on a journey on some of the other expressions of myself and other worlds and then the Arcturians came in.  I needed a little preparation because their energy field was higher.  But, the Pleiadian/Arcturian alliance was something that was formed long, long ago.

They have come together because the Pleiadians once had a civilization on Earth long before the earlier times that our history does not even speak of.  There is also a Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian alliance and an Arcturian/Sirian alliance.  The Pleiadians and the Sirians are very active at this time within Gaia’s transmutation into her fifth-dimensional expression because they both had civilizations here when they were at our age.  They are in fact our ancestors, and they made a lot of the same mistakes that we have made.  So they have come back as our forefathers to assist us at this time.

The Arcturians are always involved when there is a planet, person or civilization that is on the verge of Ascension into a higher frequency.  They have aligned themselves – in this case in which we are speaking - with the Pleiadians to assist us with our process of ascension.

MP:     That’s wonderful.  I was struck by the different alliances – Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and I thought that we often identify ourselves by ethnicity – Italian, French, German, Native American and so on - so perhaps that would be a good analogy.

One of the things that I received this morning is that this Ascension into Unity Consciousness has much to do with realizing and understanding the value of our diversity – how our strengths come through our diversity.  When you were talking about the inter-dimensional communications and the experience of the Pleiadian and Sirian ascension, I felt that their maturity and their understanding of the process we are going through now here on Gaia is important because they are holding that knowledge, understanding and wisdom – and most importantly the Love – for us as we move through this spiral of Ascension.

SL:      Yes that is really comforting that we are not alone and what I, Suzanne might say to anyone who might hear this is that every single one of us has the ability to access our higher frequencies of self which we often think of as our higher guide.  But, our higher guide is usually a higher frequency of our own multi-dimensional self.

I know that my life would be so vastly different had I not been able to make this connection to my inter-galactic, inter-dimensional self.  And I recommend to everyone who hears this that you remember who you really are, remember these expressions of yourself and communicate with them – because they are there.  Just like we talk to ourselves in the physical, we can talk to ourselves beyond the physical.

MP:     Before we started this conversation, we were talking about our first hand experiences with our galactic brothers and sisters.  I was sharing that since I was a child, I was totally captivated with the stars and life on other planets.  So, if we fast-forward to my life today I would share with you that about two years ago, I began seeing the star ships in the sky above where I live.

They manifest in the evening.  Whenever I walk outside and look up – I say good evening.  I begin to see twinkles and the ship will manifest as circular lights and it will morph into a triangle and shoot up into the sky, and then very slowly come back down to where it began.  I call it parking in their parking space.

Recently they have begun to manifest closer – flash colored lights and almost – it looks like an explosion of light - like fireworks – which is absolutely beautiful.  I interpret this as a message – as if they are saying: we know you are there and we hear you and we know that you know that we are here.  And, we are allies and we are friends and tell all of your friends and neighbors that we are here. 

So they are with us and they are on the ninth dimension, but they are manifesting in the third and the fourth dimension for everyone to see.  We only have to go onto the internet and YouTube and type in galactic sightings and we can access thousands of short videos of star ships that people have posted.  It’s very exciting.

SL:      I would like to share with people that all of us have different ways of connecting.  Mary has this intimate relationship with being able to see and communicate with the star ships – I do not have that particular visual experience.  I have had some here and there.  Primarily my interaction with galactics has been with the messages that come through me. 

I want to expand that into other visual expressions.  But I say this to all of you to let you know that if you are experiencing it in a different way from the way Mary and I are experiencing it – do not discount that in a lesser way.  Each of us has a specific reason.  We wrote it into our birth plan that we were going to contribute to planetary Ascension in the way we have contributed.  I know with myself so far – had I seen it so much, I don’t know if I would be as dedicated to do all of the writing that I have done and all of the things that I have done so far.

Remember that your way is the best way for you within this now and that as we all merge we will begin to share our myriad ways.  Therefore, there is no right, there is no wrong – there is just our way.

MP:     What an excellent point – that in that diversity of who we are throughout the planet, these experiences and this learning is going to manifest individually to each of us.  Isn’t that a wonderful cause for celebration - because in sharing those experiences we learn from one another?  We absolutely learn from one another and say:  wow, that’s fantastic - this is the way I experience it. 

SL:      And you know that really is something that is going to get us attached to the Unity Consciousness because Unity Consciousness is the key and the Arcturians have said that over and over again.  Our numbers in terms of those of us that are ready to flash into Light body is a very small percentage of the Earth population of humans – therefore it is so important that we unite with each other because as we are awakened our Light of transmutation is hundreds perhaps thousands of times more powerful than the darkness of those who are still trapped in illusion or confusion, or those who are just beginning to wake up, or those who have no idea whatsoever that any of this is even happening.

Just as every new world begins with the few that feel called within their heart and mind to seek out something, that feel within that there is more – and I must find what that is.  Those are us and we are the pioneers of New Earth.

MP:     So what I hear you saying is that we are all brothers and sisters in the One and we are working together in Unity Consciousness, and that brings about a quickening of vibration throughout Gaia.  So, personal transformation and planetary transformation occur simultaneously.

SL:      It’s much like a relay race where somebody holds the baton and they run for a certain amount of time and after they have finished their run they pass it on to their team mate and that team mate takes that run.

MP:     Yes, and they depend upon their team mate to take that baton and do their best as they run around that section of the field and pass the baton on to the next person.  Yes, absolutely – that’s a wonderful descriptor – thank you.

Sue, I wonder if we could take a few minutes and talk about these conversations as being Portal Openers and what the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians might say about that with further guidance.

Sue:    I am going to call in the Arcturians now, because that is who I hear knocking on my consciousness.

Arcturians:    Blessings our dear ones and we speak to each and every one of you within our great Oneness that has found your way to experience this conversation.  We would like to say to each of you that you are ready Now.  You know that you are ready now because you have found yourself listening to what we are saying.  Your consciousness is now prepared to step into the unknown which is actually the known once you remember your higher frequencies of self.

So Mary, did you have certain questions that you would like to ask us?

MP:     Yes - - I wonder if you could speak to the phrase that I received this morning that -- these conversations are Portal Openers. What is Portal Opening or a Portal Opener?  How does that relate the work that we will all be doing as we move forward in the Ascension process?

Arcturians:    It is very interesting because this morning as Suzelle was writing her blog entry, she was actually writing about Portal Opening so she is already primed for the answer to this.

A Portal is an inter-dimensional experience.  By that we mean that it is an expansion of third-dimensional consciousness into higher frequencies of consciousness while you are still awake and grounded in your physical reality.  Now, many of you have had dreams; have had deep meditations have had visions.  We say to you - as a Portal Opener we ask that each of you ground your dreams, your meditations, your visions - into your physical form and to maintain a grounding of your physical form with the awareness that you are not just a human, you a member of Gaia’s planet.

As a member of Gaia’s planet you have volunteered to take on a physical vessel during this trans-mutational cycle so that you can remember how to remain grounded in your physical expression while you open portals to perceive the higher frequencies of reality that are infinitely swirling through your multi-dimensional consciousness.

As more and more of you open these portals the illusions of the third-dimensional matrix will begin to degrade and the tightness, the limitations, the separations and the old belief patterns of the third-dimensional matrix that has restricted Gaia and her humans to her physical reality will begin to morph - slowly at first, but gathering speed into the “nowness” of that transmutation into opening of portals to your higher expressions of your multi-dimensional reality.

MP:     Wonderful.  I couldn’t help remembering when you were talking about the falling away of the illusion - that so many people are talking about what they would call “losing interest” in activities and work that they have been doing for many years.  For those people, it feels very unsettling and very uncertain.  But, it sounds like this is part of the transition, part of moving into the nowness.  So many people are having the experience of losing sense of all time and all space. 

We’ve all felt a type of collapse of time where every time we turn around it is Friday again.  Ordinarily I would say – thank goodness it’s Friday, but where did the rest of the week go to.  So my interpretation of this is that in that nowness, there is no time, there is no space and we are moving through that and experiencing our essence in a multi-dimensional way.  It is a whole new way of being and we are getting our sea legs and the grounding is so very important.  Thank You.

Mytria:  We are Mytria and we speak to you now through the being that we know as Suzelle.  We are Pleiadian and we first connected with Suzelle back in 1994.  In those times it was not safe for her to use her own name.  It was not safe to publically converse and the computer was very new and the internet was just beginning.

We talked not only with Suzelle but with myriad others and each of us Pleiadians, we found expressions of our self that had chosen to take an Earth vessel.  And it is through our own expressions on the physical plane that these Portals can best be grounded.  We have been in and out of communication with Suzelle’s conscious mind but we have been consistently with her throughout her multi-dimensional mind.

So therefore we say to all who listen that you have higher expressions of yourself who have likely been in communication with you through your dreams, your meditations, your thoughts your imaginations for quite a while of your Earth time.  Therefore we recommend and we hope that all of you begin to remember these communications and share them. 

Share them with as many people and in as many ways as you can.  For as these conversations become more normal then our landings will not be something that is frightening.  It will be a family member who has come to visit.  There has been a great deal of fear mongering that has been done by those who are terrified of the New World.  Therefore it is very important that those of you who are able to embrace this New World within your consciousness, within this nowness – that you allow yourself to share with others in as many ways as you feel comfortable.

MP:     Thank you that was a beautiful message from Mytria.  I think this is the perfect place to thank everyone for listening today and to thank the Arcturians and the Pleiadians for being with us.  We have been given a lot of food for thought to continue in our next conversation.  So thank you everyone for being with us and for listening and we will be with you again soon.

SL:      Thank you so much, I am so happy that you are here.  We are keeping these conversations short so you can fit them into your daily life.  You will be able to download them, put them on your phone, carry them around and remember who you are.

Blessings be.


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  2. ‘We would like to say to each of you that you are ready Now.’

    As I read that I got a particular body reaction that I’ve learned through the years is a confirmation signal of the TRUTH from higher self.

    Love the background you’re using. Energy in action.