Wednesday, April 23, 2014

AN INVITATION -- Please Join Us




Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow April 24, 2014 (during the immense energy field of the Grand Cardinal Cross)
At 4:00 pm PST there will be a pre-recorded showing via Lifestream for:

Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #4 Questions and Answers.

Attendance is free.

Just contribute your Personal Consciousness to the Unity Consciousness.
You can also chat with the others while you view Lifestream
And collect your questions for part 2.

All you need do to attend is click:
At 4:00pm PST (California time)

Part 2:
After the live stream event we will Hang Out at Google +
So around 4:45pm PST just click:

I will be there in person at the Hang Out, so that you can chat with each other, ask me questions and/or share some of your positive feedback.

These meetings are our “test run” for creating our group reality of Planetary Ascension.

Since, I KNOW that all of you will want to create a loving and joyful world, I know your questions and comments will positive.

Hope you can join us with your wonderful ascending consciousness.

Don’t think you are ascending? Well, come on by and pick up some of our multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love.

Blessings to you all
We look forward to meeting you,
Sue Lie, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians

Unity Consciousness Progresses in a exponential manner


PLEASE CLICK for free download message:


  1. I hope that a lot of you join us--at least in your consciousness.
    If you cannot joint us, but would like to just take a moment of the NOW
    to imagine that you are with us.
    "Where your consciousness is - there YOU are also."

    1. Dr. Suzanne:
      I've followed your Pleiadian ascension story of Jason/Mytre and Sandy/Mytria for nearly two years now, and I find myself quite resonating with the story. Like you, I haven't witnessed a space ship or met my star family. There are, however, occasional dreams in which I see star ships and even talk to my twin flame. Although there is no so-called hard evidence in my 3D life, I still manage to find out who I really am. Like you mentioned before, the way we choose to receive information and to reconnect with our multidimensional selves in this lifetime are already predetermined in our life contract. And apparently, mine is through reading messages with zero contact from star family. Sometimes, I still fancy how amazing my life would be if I chose to reconnect with my multidimensional selves like Jason and Sandy: meeting our star family in person and embarking on a wonderful adventure. At the same time, I also know why I choose this hardest way. At least, I can "tag along" when reading every of Jason and Sandy's story by imagining myself being there with them. "Imagination helps us connect to the fifth dimensional world", said the Arcturians. That's probably the thing that matters to me now:) Thanks for bringing us such an intriguing story. You must be very eager to see your multidimensional selves: Sandy and Mytria. I'm sure you and everyone of us will meet our own multidimensional selves. [Oops, that is thinking in time] We all meet our multidimensional selves in the moment of NOW:))

      Richard, Pleiadian/Arcturian starseed from Taiwan

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  3. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment.
    sue, Sandy and Jason

  4. Sue, I will be there in my nightbody with you all..... hope we can create the New Earth very soon..... Love to you and Sandy and Jason and Mytre and Mytria and Mytrain and ALL OF YOU

    1. Glad to know one more sent-away team:) I think we all have already met on the ship in our nightbodies. I'm sure we can all meet again when the Event happens in the NOW, but with vivid memory this time:) Looking forward to that my dear sent-away team brothers and sisters!

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