Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Gathering To Understand and Release Fear


The Gathering

The worlds are blurring into one
The moon is joining with the sun

The ONE is gathering all those who know
The pathway way Home that they will show

We will show this pathway made of light
Beyond the harm, beyond the fright

This journey that we take inside
Is free of ego, free of pride

The lion there lies with the lamb
As everyone lives in “I AM”

Deep inside we find our way
One, by one and day by day

We discover now the path we take
Is the very pathway that we make

We make this path with light and love
That we have gathered from above

Along this path dear Gaia's flows
As her New Earth awakes and grows

Within this path there’s only NOW
There is no time. This is not how

Each moment is revealed inside
Where from ourselves we cannot hide

We cannot hide, as we are ONE
We are the planet. We are the sun

Our true SELF, now, will lead the way
Into the knowing of each day

As time collapse into now
We must be still and just allow

Allow the moment and the day
To reach into our heart and softly say,

"We are all here, as we are you
“And we will tell you what to do

"Listen closely and do not doubt
“As we tell you what its all about

"It is the beginning and the end
Of what you take and what you send

Every thought and brief emotion
Will set your new world into motion

Your inner power is being born
Release your doubt, let go your scorn

For what you think, you do create
And what you feel, will find its mate

You will remember and you will learn
What you send out will soon return

YOU are the creator of your life
If it is loving, or filled with strife

The light that shines into your Being
Ignites your hearing and your seeing

And what you choose to hear and see
Inside your life, it soon will BE

Choose your focus. Master your mind
For what you think, you will NOW find

The slowness of the era past
Is closing now and will NOT last

Prepare your SELF for a new beginning
Where love is free and truth is winning

This new life shines within your heart
Which is the place where you will start

Start to BE and remember HOW
To live your life within the NOW

When you walk within the moment
You live your life in true fulfillment

To BE the YOU that is your Soul
Is your promise and your goal

Step into NOW
And find out HOW

To BE the world
You choose

There are myriad realities that surround us in every moment of our day. We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open the doorway into any reality that we choose.

In fact, we forgot that we could choose our reality. We bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought to control and possess rather than to love and create.

We tried to control our life so that they would not control us. However, control in any manner is a trap because we cannot control and surrender at the same time.

Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds. Therefore, by controlling our lives, we see only third dimensional options and solutions for our third dimensional situations.

On the other hand, we move beyond the third dimension through surrender. We cannot control our self into the dreamland of the fourth dimension.

Falling asleep is "falling" into a slightly higher state of consciousness in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective. To enter fifth dimensional consciousness we must surrender into our higher SELF.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is tuned, we can only experience the reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness. The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality.

Each moment is alive, and time cannot be waisted.  Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down. Within the fifth dimension there is only NOW.

In the higher worlds there is no fear for what might happen.
There is only unconditional love within the HERE of the NOW.

In other words, in order to enter the fifth dimension and beyond,we must: 

Understand and release fear!

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