Thursday, May 1, 2014

How's Your Ascension Going? -- Happy May Day


How's Your Ascension Going?

Happy May Day!

I know I am dating myself, but when I was a child we still celebrated May Day. We decorated the tetherball pole with colorful streamers. Each of us held one streamer and we danced around the May Pole. We were not as elaborate as the children in this video, but we had just as much fun.

This brings up the question of, “Are we having FUN with our ascension?” And are we sharing our experience in the same manner as the children in the video are sharing their experience. I doubt if we have any “adults” who are applauding our efforts.

The May Pole Dance

Furthermore, we have no assigned “historic manner” in which ascension should ascend. There have been many ascensions of an individual in our history, but these people were often worshiped and their story was told and re-told in many different ways.

Our ascension is not that of an individual but of an entire planet. This event is not documented in our spiritual texts. In fact, I do not know of any other planets that have ascended in this manner.

I am sure many planets have ascended, such as Venus has surely ascended. In fact, I just googled “the ascension of Venus” and found quite a bit of information. I will collect that and present it as one of my “May Projects.”

I am also going on a much needed retreat next week, so I will have time to further ponder the ascension Venus. I do remember quite a bit of my Venusian life. There have been many Venusians who have visited earth, I will also research and give you that information. I have read several articles, but now I must find them.

The energies of ascension are clearly upon us in this NOW. So, lets dance around the May Pole and celebrate the joy and unconditional love that is entering our dear planet Gaia. It is so easy to become caught up in our daily duties and forget the bigger picture.

I have been learning about “Letting GO.” That is my Multidimensional SELF has been “teaching” me about letting go. I have repeatedly been challenged by the apparent LOSS of some person, situation or thing. The first few times I “flipped out,” but now I am finally learning/remembering to “just LET GO.”

Just as the early pioneers had to let go of the many possessions they thought they needed when they crossed the wilderness to their new home, there are many components of our life that will we find are now too “heavy” to carry across the unknown into our new life.

Therefore, I would have to say that my ascension process is filled with “letting GO.”

The glory and beauty of this process is that every person, place, situation or thing that I have had Let Go has returned in a new and higher dimensional way. At first I fought the letting go and filled the process with much sorrow and drama. I would like to say that now I a beyond “drama” and emotion, but would not be true.

However, I now have a much greater ability to finally realize, “Oh, I guess this is one of the things that I must Let GO as a process of my ascension.”

In closing, I ask again, “How is YOUR ascension going?” My youtube at the top of this Blog is the first of a series in which I will be talking to every-day people about their every-day experience of personal and planetary ascension. I would love to hear your experience too.

Please write your experiences in the comments if you wish or you can contact me at:

Blessings to you all,
            Happy May Day
                        And Happy Ascension


  1. An interesting fact that we can see is that as the world is awakening, so is the people that are being more sensible to the world around them. There is more compassion and love... Or could be us that are now seeing the world differently... hehe.

  2. om
    italian translation?( also any other S.Caroll's writings)ask to

  3. Om
    I come from the One ,from the past but more from the future ,from a liveable cosmic positive multiD future ,to heal dirty,heavy,dark results,of a poisonus,forgetful past based on fear ,separation,selfishness…
    Blessingsblessingsblessings to you all……………..
    I have come to help life and to finish my set of needed experiences also on board of beautiful,lovely ,wonderful Gaia which I serve and protect ,this behavior I choose also as a symbolic aspect of my love for KOSMIKMOTHER, Whom I intensely love…as I also am a ray of KOSMIKFATHER ,,,
    I see several requests of reports about our experiences in your-our activities on the WEB…and in the One multiD-reality of the Now here……
    So I give a few holodata of realities i am merging with:
    I am experiencing
    Often beside Gaia’s Core ,inside,thru’,around HER, majestic flows of CosmicConsciousness now here..interminglin’no stop………….
    Several visits to the Violet Temple in ALCYON and in the one flowing within the body of planet Venus and other Violet Temples and Flows ……….
    A clear softly expanding intense Arcturian /Pleiadian frequency signature intermingling more and more,like a bridge to Oneness,I also resonate to Galactik Federation and beyond worlds and realities……….
    Also because as you do know we all are one
    We are the infinite
    We are in all timespaces
    Now here
    A perfect synchronicity in my evolution and a strong resonance to Suzan Caroll’s multiD-activities :i can recognize in her Message a deep rersonance with real Truth and cosmic consciousness, and I say this after lives of intense research and sometimes hard sacrifices ….
    Visits to SHIPS: I often like remember I am on Athena sometimes as a visitor,and some time for healing-recalibrating
    I also live there
    I have a royalblue uniform I am blonde golden hair and 5D aura ,with blue and violet soft halo,actually I operate in white light flows from and to the Infinite,i do-give,receive Service on the Ship,
    now for Gaia and Source,
    there isn’t a duality between my lightbody –swirlin’vortex and my uniform which reminds Adamsky friends ,but more simple and,oops,more elegant ,in a cosmic holo-sense of the word ..
    I probably could be seen as a PleiadianArcturian Hybrid more then else there …
    Arcturians are wondrous amazing healing ,I am remembering their- our signature frequency ,
    I could describe them to terrestrials,as egg energy fields bright soft, emanating oceans of love and cosmic consciousness, an immense power expressed so gently so kindly,so humbly ..
    My consciousness is one with Source’s consciousness which is One with the Infinite Consciousness..
    Back on Earth: I sometimes go into ecstatic states of full joy and more……… staring at Arcturus in the sky is amazing beautiful healing uplifting experience……………..
    And sometimes kind of a bridge appears, as a vortex ,so healthy,cleaning,reconnecting to Oneness, Truth and I am somehow in contact in the now 3D and in the Real NOW ,
    I also interact live with my own ,and Gaia’s and other energy-field’s Kundalini ,which i interact with and is an alive aspect of my journey,since this incarnation and far beyond within-without……………
    I know you are giving very great Service to the ALL that IS and you sometimes busy so I leave you in PEACE ……… shanti
    Now thank you for your kind attention and as you repeatedly ask for witnessing,
    what would you like us to write to you ?