Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inner Pathway with Lauren Galey and New Books


Dear Readers, I would like to talk today about my newest books, The Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension. These books are temporarily offered as free downloads on my new site at:

 I offer them for free now because my inner guidance told me to do so. It is important that this information gets out. The books are written like a “good novel,” but the information is encoded. These books were totally channeled, and did not know what I was going to write until I typed it.

There are also included free recordings of the classes that were done with Joanna Perez. The books are the continuing story, as there are three books written now and a fourth one, which is almost completed, of Mytria and Mytre. 

Part of the storyline is that Mytria and Mytre are Divine Complements. As we go through our process of ascension we eventually meet our Divine Complement. In fact, some times we find that our Divine Complement is already in our life.

However, because we could not recognize our own divinity, we cannot recognize the relationship that we already have with our own Divine Complement. When we resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, we are androgynous in nature. Hence, we can express our SELF as male, female or as an androgynous being.

When we take a body in the third dimension, the frequency is so low that we must choose to be either male or female. Through reading the books you will gain a full understanding of Divine Complements. Mytria is the female expression of the Divine Complement and Mytre is the name of the male component.

Mytria and Mytre’s story begins when they land on a new planetary home, just as our consciousness is landing on our new planetary home of New Earth. Their/our new reality escalates our spiritual journey to a whole new level.  In fact, as soon the members of their Pleiadian Ship had created their village and had settled into their new life, they all began to hear an “inner voice.”

Mytria heard her inner voice so loudly that left her roommates and went off into the surrounding wilderness to seek her inner truth and light. She went through many initiations, which are detailed in the book. After she found peace in her new life she met up Mytre. Mytre was a Protector, like a police officer, in the village and was sent to find her, as her roommates were concerned. 

Mytria Speaks

Blessings our dear ones, I am Mytria.  I am the one who came to Suzille (spirit name for Sue Lie) very early on back in around 1993/1994. I am unsure of the exact time, as there is no time from our perspective. I came into Suzille’s consciousness to remind her of her Multidimensional SELF and to remind her of one of her lives in a higher frequency of reality. In this case it was her reality on the Pleiades. 

We the Pleiadians have had our own civilization on Earth long before recorded history of your third-dimensional world. Within that time we were adolescents in our evolutionary cycle and made many of the same mistakes as humanity has made in your era.  We created wars and we created pollution.  We made many of those types of mistakes. 

Then we left and we grew up. Now we have come back to assist Gaia because we owe Her a great debt. We wish to thank Gaia for affording her beautiful, planetary body as a home for us to learn, grow and to begin to develop our society. We have returned to Gaia now to assist dear Earth to return to her fifth dimensional expression, just as we did on our home in the Pleiades.

My story begins when we had just discovered a planet in a star cluster, which we later called the Pleiades.  We had been in fighting in the Galactic War with the Draconian the Arachnoids and other power over beings.  The war had gone very badly for a very long time, but finally it had turned to the side of the power within beings, such as our selves. 

Because of our hard-won victories some of us were able to go out and develop homes on new worlds.  I had spent my entire life on a Starship.  I was born on a Starship and had visited many planets, but had never known them as my home.

When I first came to the Pleiadian planet of our story line, I could feel that something was very special. I could feel that this was the place that I would be able to be comfortable. I would be able to learn about living on a planet and our community would be able to come together and grow.  However, after our home and society was established, my inner voice told me that I needed to go off into the wilderness around our small village and find something within myself.

So, just as my inner voice guided me, I would like to guide you into the wilderness of your own consciousness. Therefore, I invite you to go into the places within yourself that you are not used to examining. Look for a place that is your special place where you can regain the Planetary Consciousness that is an innate and vital component of your Multidimensional SELF.

Regaining your Planetary Consciousness is to prerequisite for your planetary consciousness. I ask that each of you take the long journey into your own consciousness.  You take this journey by allowing your physical self to be still.

When your thoughts and emotions are quiet your imagination can wander through the wilderness of the components of your Multidimensional SELF that you have not yet explored. As you go into this wilderness, you will find a very special place, a secret portal.  For me this place was a sacred rock. 

When I first came to that rock I emotionally sick and physically exhausted. While I wandered alone through the wilderness for days and days, I allowed all parts of me that I was ready to release to come to the surface. When I found the rock, I collapsed in front of it and literally fell through the portal. I fell down, down, down into the core of myself and the core of my own planetary consciousness. 

You, too, can allow all that you wish to release to gather at the surface of your beingness. Gather all of your fears, your sorrows, your anxieties, your depressions, and the places inside where you feel angry or victimized.

Allow them all to come to the surface as you lean against the portal. Then, release these components of your self that you no longer need; for they have become an encumbrance to your advancement into the Light.

What is left is the essence of who you truly are. What is left is the exact you that came in to your body when you were born, and the exact you that will ascend into your Lightbody when you have completed this journey. This you can then surrender into the Portal to travel down, down, down into the core of your physical being, and into the core of your planetary being.

Within this Core you meet the Great Mother of your planet and feel a circle about you that is your loved ones, your comrades, the ones with whom you will share your journey of transmutation back to your truest personal and planetary self. This YOU can feel the energy pattern of Gaia enter into your being.

Know that these messages, these coded, holographic messages actually, go into the 3D matrix of your personal body and of the planetary body. These messages await the stimulus the higher Light of your consciousness as you activate that which you have taken into you that which you have volunteered to accept as your journey, as your personal and planetary ascension so that you can return to the higher frequencies.

As you travel back up to the Planet you settle onto the land, you see that this is a New Earth that you are creating.  This planet will begin colony by colony. These patches of Light will be able to rise up into the higher frequencies. Therefore, feel this safe place that you have created within yourself.  Most important, feel how you project this safe place out into your world.

I am Mytre and the one who came to Suzille and told her to write our story.  I came to her in that moment in which she was not quite awake and not quite asleep. I came into her consciousness in that place that is in-between.

I told her, “Transmissions from Home.”  As she awoke she went to the next room and began to write.  The writing came through her as a level of channeling that was beyond any that she had channeled before.  Now I will tell my story.

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To join us on our trek through our inner wilderness and into the Core of our personal/planetary SELF, to hear Mytre’s story of his initiation, how he found and finally embraced his Divine Complement, Mytria.

It is through going within our SELF, raising our consciousness beyond the polarities of our physical life and learning to love our self that we can find and maintain a relationship with our Divine Complement.


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