Sunday, September 16, 2012



We, the Arcturians, are here to take you on a journey to our Mothership. Of course our Mothership is as large as a planet, so it needs to be “parked” outside of your Solar System. Therefore, begin your excursion in consciousness by viewing the many planets as they wiz past you.

After many images of the NOW, for you are traveling within your consciousness and free of the limitations of time, you see a huge light in the distance. This light appears formless, which is because your mind must adjust to the concept of perceiving a Mothership that is as large as a small planet.

However, as your consciousness prepares you for a journey into the unknown, the LIGHT begins to take on a form. It appears to be saucer shaped with a large protuberance attached to the underbelly of the “saucer.” Many of our smaller Ships mimic this same form and have been increasingly seen as “formations in the clouds.” We cloak our Ships in this fashion to adjust humanity’s perception to consciously, or unconsciously, perceive these shapes in their sky.

Fear of the unknown is humanity’s greatest fear. Hence, we are making ourselves known in a manner that one can “use their imagination” to see a Starship in the clouds, or simply ignore the sky and keep their “nose to the grindstone.” Either way, there are configurations in the sky that are becoming familiar. Thus, they are not “unknown” and will not illicit fear.

We have diverted from our topic. We must apologize, because we experience language that is laid out in a separate, singular form to be quite tedious. However, because we do not wish to overtax our messengers, we endeavor to limit our Light Language to this format as much as possible. Conversely, now that we have laid down the foundation of this message, we will return to our more natural Imagistic Language.

You are still holding a third dimensional form on Earth. Therefore, you are joining us via consciousness. Therefore, make sure your earth vessel feels protected so that you can focus your intention on what may appear to be a huge glow of light. As you focus on this light, it gradually takes on a form.

At this point, you will begin to feel our Arcturian energies. As the FEEL of our unconditional love fills your heart, you experience a deep sense of contentment and peace. Unfortunately, as you feel the safety of our Ship, you may realize by comparison how truly unsafe your physical world has felt.

Consequently, while your consciousness hovers before the vision of our Ship, we ask you to slowly breathe in these feelings of unconditional love and complete safety…

Now, forward that unconditional love and sense of being safe and protected back to your physical form and back into the physical form of your Gaia…

Do you see now how your consciousness is infinite and your physical form is just a vessel to holds that consciousness?

Our Mothership holds the consciousness of myriad life forms from all over the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Before you enter our Ship, extend your consciousness into the vision of our Ship to empathically receive the Energy Field of our Starship…

There is much that is “unknown” to your current state of consciousness, and we wish to prepare you by guiding you to intermingle your Energy Field with ours. In this manner, you are calibrating your perceptions to experience novel stimuli.

Whenever, your brain experiences a novel perception, it must go through the process of determining whether or not your present state of consciousness has permission from the whole, YOU, to perceive this unique stimuli. Hence, we ask that YOU, the component of your Beingness that has the ability to take this journey, give permission to your brain to perceive this unknown.

You will give this permission to your brain by sending a message to your Pineal Gland that this information is permissible for your current state of consciousness. Then, your Pineal Gland will send this information on to your High Heart that you will NOT experience fear. We ask you to do this, for if you experience fear during your visit, your consciousness will lower and you will FALL out of this experience.

Please send that message to your earth vessel’s brain now…

As you send this message, you can relax into your adventure. Furthermore, please take this experience out of the 3D Category of “just my imagination” by intending, “I open my Third Eye because I am having a unique experience.” We teach this manner of thinking to our ascending ones, so that you can teach it to others when we begin our landings.

We have been preparing our ascending ones for their role of preparing the un-awakened ones regarding the new reality they are entering. Those of you who have been receiving and reading our messages are anxiously awaiting our entry into your world. However, there are many grounded ones to whom the prospect of a landing Spaceship could be terrifying.

Of course, the 3D power-system is working hard to dispense as many “horror pictures” as possible about the terrible ETs who are coming to conquer Earth. This story is merely one of the many ways to distribute mass fear, as frightened people are more easily controlled. Also, many of the leaders who were going to disclose our presence have not found it within them to fulfill their pre-birth contract.

Therefore, it is up to the ascending ones to prepare others for this grand adventure of being a Galactic Society. Those of you who can receive this message have already awakened to your true SELF and are happily awaiting our landings. On the other hand, there are others who will only awaken once our landings have begun. Hence, we are inviting your consciousness to our Mother Ship, to prepare you to assist those who may experience fear at our arrival.

With that said, we will continue our journey.

Take a long breath to relax into your multidimensional consciousness. In this manner, your physical form can easily remain in the physical world, your fourth dimensional aura can protect that form, and your fifth dimensional SELF can join us on this adventure.

Give a psychic hug to your physical vessel, thank your fourth dimensional Elementals for the protection they give your physical form, and turn your attention in our direction. You may be surprised to know that “our direction” is inside your SELF.

Therefore, we ask you to:
Turn around inside your mind, and direct your attention into your Core…
FEEL your Core around you…
Open your Crown open to Spirit and Root open to Gaia…
Look out through your opened Third Eye…
Accept our unconditional love into your High Heart…
Connect your Core to Gaia’s Core, so that She may join you…

FEEL our Mothership with your High Heart and SEE it with your Third Eye…

Now that you have fully prepared yourself, you find yourself on board our Ship. Our Mother Ship is so diverse that thousands of you could be on totally different parts of our Ship, and there would still be many unvisited areas.

Since all our Mothership Ships are biological, different areas morph and change to meet the needs of its myriad, different inhabitants. We do not think of our Ship as an object, but as an extension of the consciousness of our myriad different members.

Finally, know that your perceptions of our Ship may be totally different form any one else’s experience.

In fact, because the Ship instantly conforms to your thoughts and needs, YOU will create your experience of our Ship. However, because you are still tethered to the many “unconscious” components your human brain, you may not be fully aware of all your thoughts and emotions.

Fortunately, once you have integrated your Multidimensional Operating System into your Third Dimensional Operating System, you will no longer be unconscious in any manner. In fact, then you will be able to contain myriad experiences within the NOW.  

We conclude this component of our message so that you can practice releasing ALL sense of time and allow the NOW to seep into your daily life.

We shall return, for we will never leave,
The Arcturians


  1. Amazing trip Sue!!! THANK YOU!!!! with Love, Shanti

  2. A beautiful stretch, tho somehow not a stretch at all. Thank you, I love this! Now I must go study the time message one more "time".

  3. Hello Suzanne,

    Yes Yes Yes this truly is wonderful information and I'm enjoying the journey. I can't wait to do this exercise later in meditation.

    Always looking forward to your next instalment.

    Peace, Love and Light.


  4. Wow, that was great... cant wait till they are coming arond ... thanks for this wonderful message.

  5. Thanks Sue, simply wonderful and I look forward to learning more, seeing more and feeling more.....and releasing time and other 3D constraints.

  6. Beautiful! Your Arcturian mentors truly are wise in their teaching methods! Thank you, this is going to be a Beautiful Journey!