Monday, September 17, 2012

Mytre and Arcturians



The Arcturians did not want to interfere with your personal perception of their Mothership. Thus, they have asked me to share my experience. The experiences that I have shared so far were not on the Mothership. It was only after I had completed my training that I was taken to the Mothership.

However, at the Arcturians request, we are diverting from my storyline for a moment to visit their Mothership. I will tell of my perceptions of the Mothership, knowing that your own perceptions are just as valid as mine. Since the Arcturian Mothership is multidimensional, there are myriad levels of the Ship.

Each dimensional layer can only be perceived by those who have calibrated their consciousness to that frequency of that reality. If you have not yet remembered how to calibrate your consciousness to a certain dimension, then that area of the Ship will merely be invisible. Fortunately, consciously visiting the Mothership greatly expands your consciousness.

By the time I was invited to visit the Mothership I had recovered the memory of many frequencies of my Multidimensional SELF. However, recovering the memory of a reality is not the same as actually experiencing it via that frequency of personal resonance. I will speak of my experiences on the different dimensions of the Mothership.

Third and Fourth Dimensional Sections of the Mothership
There will be no third dimensional perceptions of the Mothership, as it does not exist in that frequency of reality. You may have some perception of the Ship in your fourth dimensional consciousness, but it is actually a memory that has come in through a dream, as the Ship does not exist at that frequency either. I will now go through my dimensional perceptions of the Mothership.

Please remember that these are MY experiences, which may be very different than yours. Our attention is drawn to that which is most important in our lives. Therefore, each of you will likely have different experiences, which will depend on your greatest interests. With that said, I will begin.

Fifth Dimensional Sections of the Mothership
At first, your fifth dimensional perception may be blurry, but as you relax you will calibrate your attention to the fifth-dimensional stimuli. This dimension is the primary visitor area, especially if the visitors are still maintaining a physical form. In this area everyone appears to have a form, but they are not limited to humanoid forms.

If you are nervous about meeting a Being in a form other than humanoid, you will likely only visit the Ship in your dream state where you are accustomed to seeing unique forms of life. On the other hand, since the members of this Ship are all fifth dimensional and beyond, they can easily create a humanoid form if they feel you are frightened by their true encasement.

First time visitors will usually go to the Restoration Chamber. However, they will not receive the total treatment that I did unless they are going to remain within the fifth dimension and beyond. It would be too shocking to suddenly get a 5D body without any instruction about how to use it, and then return to your physical world. On the other hand, many do come in on a regular basis to gradually adjust to that frequency of form.

The Starship that I had been traveling on was primarily fifth dimensional, so I was very adapted to that frequency of reality. I was taken to the Mothership with a group of other “trainees” with whom the Arcturians had been working. We all chatted while we were waiting for our specific Guides who would take us through the Ship. When you come aboard the Mothership you, too, will be assigned a Guide to make sure that your experience is educational without being overwhelming.

I, as well as many others, had been trained in the process of creating with our thoughts and navigating with our emotions. The Arcturians are very happy that so many Earth beings (“beings” because not all the Earthlings on the Ship are human) were able to harness and use their immense power of emotion. Initially, my Guide followed me while I followed the “desire” of my emotion.

My Arcturian Guide told me that emotion was a superior form of navigation that many non-humanoids need to learn. I was told that the humanoids from Earth were especially adept at following their emotions. It was the extremes of that polarized reality that forced them to “follow your heart,” as they said. (I speak of my Guide as “they” since all Arcturians think of themselves in the plural form.)

I was not an Earthling. However, Pleidians who are among the primary ancestors of Earthlings are quite emotional as well. Being able to follow my intuition through the ship led me to many surprises. For example, I often opened a door that went nowhere. When I asked my Guide about this they said, “You will have to calibrate to a higher consciousness to perceive beyond that door. However, we allowed you to open it because it demonstrated that you are ready for higher frequencies of reality.”

As I have said before, there are Holosuites on this dimension, also Mess Halls with myriad kinds of nutrition, meeting rooms and viewing rooms. The viewing rooms were my favorite, as I was able to look outside of the Ship and see the different stars, constellations and galaxies.  In this room I was able to change the view with my thoughts to see whatever I desired.

Furthermore, when I expanded my consciousness into higher dimensions, I could perceive higher dimensions of realities through the windows. You may or may not be aware that each dimension presents an entirely different, yet cohesive presentation of the same reality. It was in the Viewing Rooms that the new visitors practiced their multidimensional perceptions.

With practice I could view any area in the galaxy, and even beyond, by expanding my consciousness into higher and higher frequencies. Of course, I wanted to visit my new Homeworld, the Pleiades. However, I had to expand my consciousness into the higher octaves of the fifth dimension to hone in on a specific location.

The Bridge
Every dimension of the Mothership has its own dimensional version of the Bridge. So as not to interfere with the important business of the Bridge, we observed it from the View Screen. Everyone on the Bridge was telepathically connected with the biological mind of the Ship. They did not “direct” the Ship. It is more appropriate to say that they “consulted” the Ship.

The name Mothership is the correct term, as the Ship felt like a Mother to everyone onboard. The Ship heard our every thought. In fact, everyone on the Ship heard everyone’s thoughts, but we heard each other’s thoughts in the same manner as you would hear your own thoughts. The differentiation between each person was only in that they wore a form that appeared to separate.

However, on closer inspection, we could see that ONE Energy Field connected everyone into each other, as well as into the Mothership. The best example of this is that we were similar to the image of separate lights on a long cord. The cord connected us all to each other and affected us all in the same way.  Yet, every light had is own unique manner of expressing what all the lights were experiencing via the cord.

Because there are Beings from so many different worlds, everyone on the Ship was constantly having the experience of many, many versions of reality. This sensation of being ONE with everyone was the strongest when we tuned into the Bridge. My Guide told me that Unity Consciousness was the fuel for this Ship and that it was our Collective Consciousness that kept the Mothership running.

I would like to send you all the wonderful experience of being at ONE with the Mothership, who was an entire world unto Herself. Yes, we all affectionately called the Mothership “Her,” just as you call Earth Her. In fact, being on the Mothership is much like being on a planet with full Planetary Consciousness. By Planetary Consciousness I mean the ability to tune into and become ONE with every aspect of the planet.

Many of you on Earth in your “time frame” are not aware that YOU are the planet, and it is your Unity Consciousness that fuels Her ascension. Just as everyone on the Mothership is a component of Her alive Being, everyone on Earth is a part of Gaia’s alive Being.

The Illusion of Time
I would like to take a moment to divert from my message about the Mothership to talk about the illusion of Time. It was aboard the Mothership that I first began to truly understand the NOW. While I was on the Pleiades, as well as before, my life appeared to progress in a sequential fashion. By that I mean that each day and each event within that day seemed to progress in a string of perceptions and actions.

However, once I got on the Arcturian Starship, life no longer appeared sequential. One moment I found myself having an experience in one area of the Ship, then suddenly I was doing something in a different area. I was very puzzled by this, but when I asked the Arcturian it only said, “You are just addicted to time.” I had no idea what that meant, but I was sure I would find out.

I will go into that storyline once I return to my story, but suffice to say that within my NOW, I am still on the Ship taking my lessons about mind over matter. I am on the Mothership for the first time, I am also on the Pleiades with Mytria and Alycia, I am fighting in the Galactic War AND I am speaking with you in your time frame of about 2012.

In other words, I am Multidimensional. Therefore, I hold many timelines within each frequency of my SELF and can “play” them all at once. This concept is not one that can easily be discussed. In fact, it is quite impossible to understand until you actually have an experience of it.

However, as I look into the consciousness of your current world, which is quite simple with the aid of the View Screen, I can see that many of you are beginning to have experiences of this type. Many of you are “blinking” out of one reality to move to another reality with your mind/thoughts. Then, your body becomes frightened because its Essence is not within it, and YOU are called back into your body.

However, you come back into your body at the exact second that you left it. Nevertheless, your journey away from your earth vessel and into another frequency of reality was quite lengthy. But, since you came back into your body at the second that you left it, you were never gone. On the other hand, you remember that you went somewhere, but when could you have gone there because you have never left your body?

It is all pretty confusing. I want you to know that once you have totally integrated your Multidimensional Operating System into your physical brain, your multidimensional thinking will assist you in solving this puzzle. Each of you will need to find this solution within your SELF, for that is the glory of Earth. Gaia is very diverse, just like the Mothership. Hence, your unique manner of SELF discovery is your greatest gift to the ONE.

I will return within the NOW to speak of the Mothership’s other dimensions.


  1. Fascinating Suzanne. We have started the journey to the Mothership. There we go!!!. With love and light. P from Argentina

  2. When I started reading the Mytre story, I thought of it as an interesting way to use something that happened thousand of years ago in the timeline of Suzanne Lie incarnation, to help us to assimilate what is happening for us now. And as the story goes, I can see how it tricks the mind into the NOW. Mytre was never far away from us, neither in space or time.
    Dear Mytre, I guess the story is happening as I speak to you NOW.

  3. Thank you Suzanne for the continuing story of Mytre. Grasping the fact that this is the here and now, no time limits. This is most helpful with what is going on in our bodies.