Monday, September 24, 2012

Multidimensional Operating System


Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System
Into Your Third dimensional Brain

Dear Earth Ones, from my explanation of the sixth dimension, I am sure you realize that your time-bound, third dimensional thinking is not adequate to understand or manage the experiences of the sixth dimension and beyond.

The Arcturians have often told you, as they have repeatedly told me, it is vital to integrate your full Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain.

You have all been downloading this new mental operating system via the higher frequencies of light that are entering your Pineal Gland. However, until you have integrated this multidimensional program into your current third dimensional mental processes; your perceptions, and interactions with the higher dimensional realities will be less than your full potential.

Therefore, it is vital that you complete the process of connecting your Multidimensional Operating System into the third dimensional circuitry of your physical brain and nervous system. The transitions that you are undertaking will be unnecessarily difficult when you are bound to sequential, time-driven thinking.

We the Arcturians and myself, Mytre, are helping you to remember how to live beyond time. Living beyond time, which is closing the infinite loop of time, is a vital component to personal and planetary ascension. The Arcturians will now speak to you about integrating your Multidimensional Operating System.

Our dearest ascending ones, we have always been within you, how could we not?  We are you and you are we. In fact, more and more each day, the illusion of the gap between us closes tighter and tighter, until, soon, you will no longer have to take a long breath and focus your energies in order to communicate via us. Soon, you will just be with us. 

Nevertheless, you know that your third dimensional brain cannot contain the information, frequency, quantity and multidimensional quality of information that we are giving to you within this NOW of the ONE.  Thus, it is vital that you integrate the Multidimensional Operating System of your true SELF into the brain of your transmuting earth vessel. 

We want to let you know that this process may not be comfortable for your physical body or for the circuitry of your physical brain.  Nonetheless, we shall begin this process now because you have asked for your ascension and for the ascension of your planet. This request means that you are ready to expand your mental processing. 

You have been frustrated by having to go from communing with the multidimensional world to interacting with the time-bound details of your third dimensional life.  Therefore, we will assist you in releasing that separation. And, as that separation closes into oneness, you will perceive the myriad details of your third dimensional reality through the perspective of your Multidimensional SELF. 

With your multidimensional perception you will no longer be hidden amongst the myriad “trees” that surround you, which make you feel lost and confused. Instead, you will have the perspective of floating above the forest and seeing your route laid out before you in a beaming thread of light. 

·      We ask you to completely relax your physical brain by easing your forehead and opening your Crown to better see through your Third Eye.
·      Now, relax your neck, Throat Chakra, so that the words that you hear and speak are free of third dimensional thinking.  
·      Allow that relaxation to float down into your High Heart.
·      Feel the Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love as it encompasses your thinking and allows you to remember being a Priest or Priestess on Atlantis before its fall. 
·      Remember all that you knew then and bring it forth into the current files, folders and circuitry of your brain. 

We start with your Atlantian information for you were holding a physical form at that time. Your frequency was not as low as your physical form within this time, but there was indeed a physical format. On the other hand, when you speak through your Arcturian recollections, you are free of form; hence, it is much more difficult for your third dimensional circuitry to accept and understand. 

This process of remembering can be unconscious to your human awareness. Therefore, allow yourself to emotionally feel the information that you knew on Atlantis come to the surface of your multidimensional thinking. Remember, now, how you had the ability to leave time. You may have remembered that you died during the fall of Atlantis, but you did not die. None of our ones that came to assist Gaia with her transition died. Instead, at the exact moment when your physical vehicle could longer maintain your light, you stepped out of time. 

Leaving time was easier then because your physical world was in the midst of destruction. Also, many of you were new to the limitations of time. Now, leaving time is more difficult as you have lived within time for myriad incarnations. Also, now your grounded self must still drive a car, walk along the street, speak in your human time-bound language, pay your bills and do your chores. In other words, you still have to maintain a third dimensional vehicle while your consciousness is expanding far beyond the limitations of that small, weak vehicle. 

We ask you now to expand your perceptions into our Beingness. Feel us around you. Remember how you have never left us.  Now look into your physical body. When you first entered your current form, you logged into your body by copying and pasting your great multidimensional consciousness into an earth vessel. With the great power of your multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love that has ALWAYS over lit you, tell your vehicle how much you care for it and how proud of it you are.

Let you earth vessel know that it is normal that it has become overwhelmed by the spectrum of information and energy that it has been collecting. In order for your third dimensional brain to fully connect with your multidimensional circuitry that you have downloaded and integrated into your consciousness, it must go through the Firewall of your fourth dimensional aura. 

Your fourth dimensional Firewall is important because these higher energies would be too fast, far too high in frequency for your third dimensional circuitry to withstand. Therefore perceive your fourth dimensional aura; feel it all around you. Realize that this aura surrounding your physical body and also surrounds every individual cell of your physical form.

Furthermore, within your aura are all of the fourth dimensional Elemental spirit beings who are willing, and who have specifically volunteered to assist you to plug in your multidimensional consciousness into your fourth dimensional firewall.  Once you have bonded the protection of your fourth dimensional Firewall into the circuitry of your third dimensional brain, it will be much easier to download your Multidimensional Operating System. 

Allow yourself to take a long deep breath; in fact take several long deep breaths. Experience your aura, not just around you, but also within you. Your third dimensional thinking is focused on separation; therefore you thought that your aura was separate from your physical form and surrounded only your third dimensional body. 
  • Consciously experience that illusion of separation that your third dimensional mind has created…
  • Imagine that the energy of your aura is on one end of the spectrum of polarity and your physical form on the other…
  • To collapse that polarity, pull the physical form more and more toward the center of the spectrum...
  • Pull the aura more and more and more to the center of the spectrum...
  • Now, join them together to collapse them into ONE…
  • As you collapse that imaginary polarity into the ONE, feel the integration of your fourth dimensional aura around each and every cell of your physical form…

You have completed the first phase of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain. We shall return with the other phases once you have had “time” to allow this shift of consciousness into your daily life.

Your Multidimensional Operating System
Author’s Note:
The “vacation” the Arcturians spoke of in the YouTube began four days ago. They said that during this vacation I could begin the process of integrating my Multidimensional Operating System into my third dimensional brain. This process has been one of intensive training in my night body. I just awoke from the third night.

Every night, I have had challenging dreams in which I confronted old patterns of fear that are embedded in my Third Dimensional Operating System. I have gone through every leadership fear that may have ever crossed my mind, observed and tackled old chronic patterns of thought, behaviors and reactions that were resonating to frequencies less than that of unconditional love.

In other words, I have been releasing third dimensional files, folders and programs from my brain and consciousness to make room for a new Operating System for Life. It is as if I have just bought a wonderful, new computer that I do not want to fill with old files. Hence, I am going thorough all the long-forgotten files to read every word, then finally deleted that which carry ANY resonance of fear and all its friends such as anger, sorrow, depression and foreboding.

I have awakened every morning exhausted by the night’s work. When the Arcturians said that this process would be difficult for our “small, weak” earth vessel, they were correct. Fortunately, I have completed my “three nights in the underworld,” and I am hopeful that the old time-bound and ego-based files are released from my third dimensional computer brain.

The first night was the most difficult in that I dreamed that some faceless person was visiting people with his/her immense fear and wanting to hand it over to that person. Just in time I would wake up, only to fall back to sleep to find the exact scenario.

Finally, after I had awakened from the dream only to return to the exact moment in “time” I had abandoned it, I realized I would have to confront this fear that went from person to person to person. I decided to fill my self with unconditional love and directly confront the next fearful person. When I did so, the fear from everyone was gone. Then, I woke up so I would not forget the solution to fear.

The second night, I could only sleep for an hour at a time and then woke up. However, by now I was too tired to get the details of the dream that I had escaped. The process felt like I was releasing the unending drudgery of trying to lead others in the old manner of third dimensional separation and limitation. I awoke exhausted after only three hours and got out of bed.

For the first two nights we were in a very unpleasant hotel room, one of the few in this hotel that had not yet been renovated. The bed was hard, the air was hot and without flow through, everything was old and in sorry need of renovation. However, it was Friday and Saturday night and every room in the hotel and in the area was taken. Hence, I had to sleep in the old. Being a good third dimensional I adapted, but was not happy about it.

Yesterday, we went to a new beautiful hotel with a room directly on the sand of a glorious beach. I took a long nap in the day and a wonderful swim in the pool under a starry night. I saw three unusual “stars” that formed a huge triangle in the sky above me. I floated on my back for a long time and called out, “Is it you? Are you there?” I heard nothing, but when I glanced up just before we went to the room, the stars where not where they had been.

Last night I slept well, but woke up with a final initiation dream and the image of a foot going into my brain. I got out of bed and wrote this note. Perhaps, I have “kicked out” my old operating system and am ready to receive the new one. I now await the training dreams in which I learn to operate my new, multidimensional computer brain.


  1. I cant belief what I read... some years ago I had the image of a foot in sparkling blue color seen in my 3th eye... still I dont know what it means? Next is, just before I start reading your comment, I was looking to the sky and there was thesame formation of stars and I said nearly the same words... it seamed us they came a bit nearer to me ... I kept watching for a wile thinking of the Arcturiens... Wow... and now I looked outside again, they still are there, mouving in a funny way... What is that ??? Please tell me more.

    1. I cannot explain it either. It is in the NOW it is still a bit beyond our ability to understand. But, thanks for the validation

  2. For weeks, now, throughout the night, there have been myriad 'unexplainable' lights around the lake where I live and work... as well as many, many 'stars' which are not. I have felt the energy of the LightBeings, and felt honored to witness the work of those from the StarShips. During this time, as well, I have experienced all kinds of effects of lower densities. I am now understanding the necessity of this, as part of the duality of my existence here in 3d. It is, indeed, difficult. The day before yesterday I arose from three days of fever so high as to cause delirium, body sweats, mind terrors and an outpouring of emotion, tears, misery. This process has yet to complete, as the fever lingers. I am thankful and grateful beyond human words for this occurance, this experience.... as it means Home is not so far away, anymore.