Saturday, September 1, 2012





When I awoke the next morning I was so excited that I couldn’t get dressed quickly enough. (Morning was a chosen cycle rather than rising of the Sun, as we were in outer space. Thus, it was always “night” outside the Ship.) I was in such a hurry to dress that I put my jacket on in side out and had to take even more “time” to take my jacket off and put it back on correctly. (Time was another decided event as the Arcturians live within the ever-present NOW.)

I restrained my self from running through the Corridors to the Collective Dining Area, again not necessary for Arcturian do not eat food. When I entered the busy room I was surprised to see my two crewmates. No, my other friend was not resurrected. I walked swiftly over to them and embraced them both.

It appears that they were waiting for me. We all went to get our food, which was an experience in itself. Since there were members of the Ship from all over our Galaxy, and beyond, we were presented with a vast array of food. I chose a simple Pleiadian breakfast dish, as did my two friends. However, the humorous discussion about our many culinary choices set a welcomed tone of camaraderie and happiness.

My friends were very happy because they were about to take a Shuttle Craft back to our new Homeworld in the Pleiades. They expected that I would be joining them and were very disappointed to hear that I would stay with the Arcturians. I was, of course, struck with great guilt when they asked how I stay away from Mytria and our new baby. They also wanted to know if I had clearance from our Commander to remain with the Arcturians.

When I told them that I had gained the proper clearance, I also had to tell them that I could not share why. I hated to keep a secret from my friends with whom I had just shared a near-death experience, but how could I tell them what I was learning. Our conversation soon degraded from friendly camaraderie to uncomfortable discussion about their return and my staying.

Finally, I had to make an excuse to leave, as the guilt of staying away from my family and my Homeworld was overpowering. Instead of the welcoming warm embraces of our first greeting, we ended with a rather stiff handshake, as I tried to slowly leave the room.  “Well, so much for my first glorious day of training,” I though as I left the room.

A huge black cloud was over my head as I walked, face looking down, through the corridor. In fact, I was so absorbed in my self-pity that I almost ran into my Arcturian mentor. Running into a Light Being is a very unique experience, as I literally walked INTO it.

When I did so, I was surrounded by such illumination and unconditional love that I fell onto to floor as if I had been wounded. In actuality, my wounded self fell to the floor. At the same time, I could feel another part of me, I guess it was my own Lightbody, rise up above me. I felt like two extreme polarities of one person.

The confusion of my wounded self and the enlightenment of my Lightbody was such a unique experience that I almost passed out with the effort to expand my consciousness to these extremes. Fortunately, the Arcturian came to my assistance by reaching down and gently toughing the back of the wounded ones heart.

Instantly, my Light SELF rushed into my physical heart and, with no effort, I stood up. When I did so, I realized that the Arcturian was floating above the ground and its face was out of vision. In fact, its face was more of a radiant light with two focus points that I imagined where its eyes.

It was talking with me telepathically, but I could not hear. My physical distance from its heart and eyes made me believe that I could not hear its telepathic message. Of course, the thought was nonsense, but it was the thought that came into me.

Was that thought actually the message? Then I realized that the Arcturian was telling me to levitate myself up to the level in which I could be closer to its head and heart. Yes, levitate, I told my self. I tried to remember how I did that before, but I couldn’t remember how.

After I tried and tried, I became frustrated. No! I became angry. How can this Arcturian expect so much of me? I have only been on this infinitely huge ship a few days. I have just gotten a new body and deserted my family and my Homeworld so that they can teach me to fly!!!

There was my guilt, peppered with anger. What had I done? Had I made the right decision? Was I good enough to fulfill their huge expectations of me? And on and on… I then heard, VERY LOUDLY,
“How are you doing with mastering of your thinking?” 

Arcturian humor! They had the ability to be funny. The concept of this immense Light being hovering over my head and making a joke set me into uncontrolled laughter.

The laughing released the anger, released the guilt and released the sorrow, which was the foundation for the guilt and anger. The laughing became more controllable and slowly morphed into a sensation of joy.

I closed my eyes in appreciation of the joy, which then expanded the joy into love. At this point the Arcturian touched the very top of my head, and I felt the most extreme bliss I had every experienced. The bliss continued until I bumped my head on the ceiling of the Corridor. Did I hear the Arcturian laugh?

I fell to the ground in a rather undignified manner and looked up to see the Arcturian smiling. It reached down to touch me, and we blinked into another area of the Ship. This means of transportation was quite exhilarating. I felt no experience of moving. I call it “blinked to another area,” because it seemed to me that I was one place, then my eyes closed for a blink of “time,” and my eyes opened to a different environment.

In this case, I assumed it was another holosuite for we were standing on a rocking cliff looking at constellations and galaxies in space that I had never seen. “Were are we?” I asked. “Are we in another holosuite?” He instructed me to blink again, and I opened my eyes to the familiar vision of the constellations above my Homeworld in the Pleiades.

I tried to be polite when I said,  “Is this a hologram or is it real?”
“Is there a difference?” was the response that I heard.

I would have to think before I asked my next question. Or, maybe I should not ask any question. I had learned so far that a question answered just led to another question. Therefore, I decided to wait and allow the Arcturian to continue with whatever point it was making.

I watched silently as many beautiful visions of constellations and galaxies filled my vision. As the beauty overtook my thoughts, I began to realize that each vision created a different sensation within my Heart.

At that point, I again saw the first constellation that I was shown. However, this time I remembered to FEEL every sensation the filled my body, every emotion that arose from those sensations and to listen to every thought that came into my mind.

We went through the cycle of constellations and galaxies many times. Each time, I was able to FEEL the sensations, emotions and thoughts that were initiated by each vision.  It was then that I heard the word, “Signature Frequency.”

Yes, I got it. Each world has a Signature Frequency. By then, I had recognized some of the stars, constellations and galaxies and realized how the Signature Frequency gave infinitely more informative than the titles that we had given them.

I turned toward the Arcturian to tell it that I understood, but it was gone. However, I heard a clear message in my heart that I was to stay there until I had memorized every Signature Frequency.


  1. Sue,

    I am so drawn to this series of posts from Mytria/Mytre and wish I could just read the entire story ;-). Each day I look forward to the next post in the series and thank you for your dedication to the light.

    Namaste and Peace...


  2. Me too- i keep checking back about 5 times every day because im always on the edge of my seat! Soo interesting! ThAnks sue!

  3. Thank u, Sue, that was very helpful. I was struggling a bit with understanding, why I m drawn to certain situations and persons suddenly and not to ones, that seems more logically. My mind tood over, trying to analyze whats going on and why, although I m catching me a lot, telling myself its only a thought and its all an illusion. "Signature frequency" relly rings a bell there!
    I love ur posts, lots of love, Petra