Friday, September 21, 2012

Everyone Counts


Everyone Counts

We are so pleased to see how many of our wonderful Ascending Ones are enjoying our journey to the Mothership. Before Mytre continues his tour of our multidimensional components, we wish to speak with you about how you can best see us in your skies. Of course, you will not see our Mothership, but we, meaning ALL the Galactics, are making ourselves more and more visible to you each day.

You have already been instructed how to communicate with your Pineal Gland to allow “novel perception” into your conscious mind. However, there is more we wish to explain to you. Many of you have been awakening in the night with the feeling that we are very close.

These awakenings are often because we have been communicating with you while you are in your fourth dimensional night body. We communicate in this manner because you are very receptive at that frequency of your consciousness. We also encourage you to awaken while these messages are fresh within your mind.

Furthermore, many of you are visiting us in your night body, but you may or may not be remembering that adventure. A way to remember your visit with us is to “imagine” that you are on one of our Solar Ships. We call these Star Ships our Solar Ships, as they are small enough to enter a Solar System without damaging the gravitation of the planets. However, they are still very large by earthly standards.

We also have Scout Ships that are small enough to land on your planet. Even our Solar Ships are too large to land on a planet. Therefore, all our inter-planetary visitations are done via our Scout Ships. These Ships are the ones that are most commonly seen. We often travel in groups of three to distinguish ourselves from stars. Also, we will blink in and out of your vision to catch your attention. We, also, do this to differentiate our lights from that of your stars. 

Many times we feel you, our ascending Ones, looking up into the night sky asking, “When will they come?” Yes, we can register your thoughts, especially the thoughts of those who think about us. When you think about us, the Arcturians or other members of your Galactic Family, you send out a resonance similar to what you have known as an S.O.S. call.

Indeed, many of you are so deeply longing for our arrival that it feels like an emergency to you. In fact, our landing is bit of an emergency. Gaia needs Her people to Wake Up and assist with Planetary Ascension NOW. Those of you who are actively assisting Gaia are more deeply appreciated than you can imagine. However, She needs more humans to participate in releasing old, lower frequency thoughts, emotions and attachments, so that She can more easily lift off, so to speak.

By “lift off” we mean that Gaia must lift the great mass of Her body beyond the third dimension of polarity. She cannot just ascend Her loving polarity and leave behind her fearful polarity without causing great damage to Her planet. She does not want to harm her beautiful form in any manner. She sees that your plants, animals, cetaceans and many humans have released much of your dross vibrations. Therefore, Gaia knows that Her full ascension is near.

Unfortunately, even though we Galactics have been working to constrain and contain the Dark Ones both on the planet and in the Lower Astral Field, there are still too many humans “on the fence.” You have a lovely child’s book, Horton Hears the Who, which is about an elephant that found a small fluff and is about to damage it. Horton is a very kind Being, as all elephants are, and does not know that an entire world exists within that fluff.

Therefore, everyone in Whoville must make a noise so that Horton hears their voices. In the end, it is one small voice from one small boy sitting alone in a tower that saves their world. Therefore, dear Ascending Ones, not one of you is too insignificant to make a difference. We need every voice from every ONE of you, from every corner, every valley and every high mountain, to call, “We are READY for you NOW.”

Your personal state of readiness is more significant than you can imagine. You are all very accustomed to individual consciousness in which you alone are often insignificant to the masses of the many. However, whether or not you are aware of it, Gaia is now within the frequency of Unity Consciousness. The animals know that, the plants know that, the Cetaceans know that and the Elementals know that.

Fortunately, more and more humans know that each day. However, there are many humans who are only followers. They have become too beaten down by their polarized reality to take any form of initiative. Therefore, those of you who have found the strength within to remember your SELF, must call loud enough to assist those who have lost their voice.

Of course, we are not speaking of “calling” in the same manner that the members of Whoville called. We are speaking in terms of calling with your magnificent force of unconditional love that our dear Ascending Ones have embraced. If each of you can remember to send your force of unconditional love into the hearts of EVERY member of humanity and visualize them turning to our light and choosing ascension, you will make a HUGE contribution to Planetary Ascension.

At the same time, you can visualize that you are releasing ALL that does not resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. In this manner, you will assist to lighten Gaia’s load. Just as the wagon trains that traveled across the great wilderness of North America to seek a new home left of trail of abandoned possessions behind, you too will leave behind all that cannot resonate to the fifth dimension.

However, you need not fear for any loss, for you shall be able to easily re-create those items with your thoughts and emotions once you have reached your “promise land.” Immigrants throughout your entire earthy history started off their journey wanting to take with them that which was comforting and familiar. However, many of the possessions actually possessed them and pulled them from their purist intention.

Hence, we remind you to be willing to enter into your new world in the same manner that you entered your current body, alone and naked. Release ALL attachments to your physical reality to free your heart and mind from the burden of possession and ownership. Each of your loved ones, no matter how old or young, is a pure multidimensional Being who is totally capable of making their own decisions about ascension.

Furthermore, if you have young children, it is you the parents who must open the portal for your family. Therefore, you must take care of YOUR ascension, so that you can offer that opportunity to your loved ones. Find what is left of “time” in what is left of your busy days to remember that YOU are ascending. YOU are vital to Gaia’s ascension. Your young children are still pure of heart and mind and are likely leading you into ascension. Look into these young ones and see their ancient Souls.

The best thing that you can give your family is the opportunity to live on New Earth. Therefore, do not get distracted by the illusions of the remnants of 3D life. Focus on the fifth dimensional reality into which you are leading and following your children. Include them in your process, as they are still clear Souls and have more to offer than you may think.

Our beloved Ascending Ones, we see your light and feel your unconditional love. We are as anxious to meet you, as you are to meet us; except, that we do remember your nightly visits—can you?

The Arcturians

We now return you to Mytre, who will continue your guided tour of our multidimensional Mothership.


  1. Dear Sue, this beautiful message fills me with bliss <3 Thank you to the Arcturians for addressing children...I truly appreciate the reminder that with my own Ascension, I open up the portal for my family. Love and blessings, Grace

  2. Hi.I was wondering where is the rest of the message about the guided tour of their multidimensional Mother ship.


  3. Hello Suzanne,

    again many thanks for this wonderful information that is coming through from you. Just wanted to let you know that you are loved and appreciated.

    Keep up the great work you are doing, looking forward to then next instalment.

    Peace, Love and Light. Always!


  4. Amazing I was in tears :) longing for home.

  5. An Arcturians' friend. WED.19DEC 11.43PM
    This text aswered my question.Anxious to meet you.
    Thank you.