Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Structure and Function of Time, by Arcturians


Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We the Arcturians, come to you in this NOW to inform you about the structure and function of time. As you are well aware, time is an illusion of the third and fourth dimension.


The structure of time is that photons align with and travel along separate matrix lines of third or fourth dimensional worlds. These Matrix lines are straight and interact with other straight, matrix lines at 90, 120 or 180-degree angles.

The separate matrix represents the form and structure upon which the formless photons can contribute the light of consciousness. (Photon—A quantum of electromagnetic radiation, regarded as a particle with zero rest mass and charge, unit spin, and energy equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation.)

Hence, the matrix represents the form of a reality and the photons are the electromagnetic energy, life, that adheres to and travel along the matrix lines. Different frequencies of photons adhere to different forms of matrix. (Frequency—The number of complete cycles of a periodic process occurring per unit time.)

The combination of the form of the matrix and frequency of the photons that adhere to that matrix, create the resonance of that reality. For example, the 3D Matrix has many 90-degree intersections, which are difficult to maneuver. This form attracts slower spinning photons that resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. On the other hand, a 4D Matrix has more 120-degree intersections, which create less resistance and attracts the faster spinning fourth dimensional photon.

The transitional Matrix between the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as “The Great Void,” has many 180-degree intersections. When there is a colliding of photons coming from opposite directions, the resulting energy field can transmute the fourth dimensional photons into fifth dimensional photons by closing the polarity of “separation vs. unity.”

The fifth dimension and beyond are not limited by time. Fifth dimensional reality is based on Unity with the NOW of the ONE. Hence, every person, place, situation and thing is perceived as an expression of your SELF. Therefore, all interactions are experienced directly at a 180-degrees direction.

If you are resonating to a fifth dimensional reality, you know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Hence, whatever confronts you is YOUR creation. Furthermore, being a fifth dimensional expression of life, you consciously experience your reality 360-degrees around you. Therefore, you do not need to turn your head to see oncoming energy fields, as your omnidirectional Third Eye is opened.

Creation of Time
Time is created by the separate, sequential lines meeting in angles. Because they are separate matrix lines, the photons are attuned to remain as separate as the energy lines on which they travel.

Separate lines encourage individuality and competition, as opposed to unity and cooperation of the higher worlds. Activity in this structure of reality is slowed down enough to create the countable “time” of the third/fourth dimensions. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of intersecting lines further slows the frequency rate of photons that travel these Matrixes.

Those who know Astrology are aware that the gradually intermingling 120-degree approach of intersection holds less delay than the 90-degree intersections. Due to the force of resistance, the 90-degree angle of connection is somewhat forceful because of the direct insertion of different flows of electro-magnetic energy fields.

120-Degree Intersection
When the joining of matrix lines are gradual, such as with the 120-degree angle, the photons of energy can prepare for new incoming energy patterns, which creates less of a sensation of time passing, as there is less, friction. All friction, such as stress, resistance and competition, creates a slowing of activity, much like brakes slows down a car.

We wish to communicate with you now in our imagistic language, as “one picture is worth a thousand words.”  You are driving on the freeway, and there is a great deal of traffic. However, a sign with blinking lights says, “Lane closed, merge to your left.” You can gradually merge to your left and little “time” will be lost.

90-Degree Intersection
When there is a 90-degree angle, the stream of the flow becomes temporality confused. This is similar to interfering with ant’s long line of travel by moving a stick through their ranks. The ants become temporally disoriented and move around in a random fashion. It then, takes “time” for them to rejoin into a cohesive unit.

A sense of disorientation is common when an energy patterns enters you reality at 90-degree direction, as many will feel “blind sighted.” Energy coming in at 90-degree may be very close to you before your realize it is entering your flow. The perplexity that occurs causes a stoppage of forward movement.

In this case, you are traveling along a road and, with NO warning at all, a car quickly approaching you at a 90-degree angle. You slam on your brakes to avoid a collision, or you may try to outrun it, which would create a rush of adrenalin into your body. In either case, you consciousness will drop into fight/flight mode of the lower third dimension.

180-Degree Intersection
The 180-degree intersection of energy fields constitutes two lines bombarding each other from opposite directions. This head-on interfacing of opposing energy patterns creates a force of transmutation from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth. At first this interaction can be quite disastrous as both patterns of flow become greatly disturbed and sometimes destroyed.

On the other hand, that which survives this interaction experiences the stoppage of time. It is the energy patterns traveling in two different directions and allowing the opposite directions of energy to intertwine that stops time. The Intertwining of forms represents cooperation and unity consciousness. Then, the power of this co-operative effort boosts the frequency of movement of the electromagnetic energy fields into the fifth dimension of no-time.

An imagistic representation of this interaction is the co-operation that often occurs when there is collision of many cars. Some people may get very wounded, but everyone that can, gets out of their cars to assist those who need help. Some participants in this picture will learn to trust that others care for them, and those who assisting are learning to interact with others in need, even if you not know them.

Opposites and Polarities
If opposites, such as sunrise and sunset, were somehow able to merge, how would you determine the time? Opposites, the edges of polarities, are vital to maintain the illusion of third dimensional time. The Sun, masculine concept, rules the daytime and the Moon, feminine concept, rules the night.

Even though the Moon can often been seen in the day, little notice is taken for a third dimensional reality is ruled by opposites. In some countries, even 3D time is based on opposites, as the same number system of 1 through 12 applies for both day and night, but the am and pm times are used for opposite endeavors.

The Moon once determined the movement of time. However, when Patriarchal Society took over, time has been counted by the movement of the Sun. Hence, the cycle of a day is measured from 12:00 am moving forward into the “future” of 12:00 pm.

If time were to simultaneously move backward into the past, then 12:00 am and 12:00 pm would collide. What “time” would it be then? In this case, night and day would be the same time.

You third dimensional thinking could not compute such a dilemma. Thus, you would have to change your manner of thinking and of perceiving your reality. How can opposites meet? Time has worked so hard to keep them separate.

The only one way to release your lives-long addiction to 3D separation, which creates 3D time, is to change you way of thinking. You have been trained through all your third/fourth dimensional realities to think in terms of opposite extremes with little attention paid to the in-between.

However, what if the two extremes, were to converge? What would happen with what was in-between the two extremes of a polarity? If there is no polarity, there is no 12am and 12pm, and the in-between of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 would be condensed into the NOW.

At this point your third dimensional thinking, which is based on separate words lined up in separate lines of thought, would converge into each other as many thoughts interacting within the NOW. In other words, the time of the third and fourth dimension would be transmuted into the NOW of the fifth dimension.

Do you see how the existence of time is vital to create a polarized reality? Hence, one of the main functions of time is to create the lower frequency resonance of the physical reality.


Allow us to take you through the function of time on the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. First off, we remind you that dimensions of one, two, three and four are within the paradigm of TIME and individual, separate consciousness in separate forms.

On the other hand, the dimension of five, six, and seven are within the paradigm of the NOW and Individuated, Unity Consciousness in mutable forms.

On the dimensions beyond the seventh dimensions, all consciousness exists as ONE within the infinite NOW. No form is necessary and is only worn while traveling in the lower dimensional worlds.

Third Dimensional Time
The primary function of time in the third dimensions is to create the illusion of separation. If it takes a long time for you to travel to visit a person, then you are separate from that person. You know that you and that person are separate because something “else” that is not you is in between you and this other person.

You walk, drive, ride a bike or take a bus to get that other person. The more time it takes to get to that person, the further away they appear to be. For example, if it takes an hour on a plane to get to this person, they are not too far away, and you hold less different perceptions while your travel, such as the airport, inside of the plane and the sky.

On the other hand, if you drive to that person, it may take 6 or 7 hours, and you will have many different perceptions on the way to meeting that person. Therefore, that person appears to be much farther away if you drive than if you fly. But they are both the same distance. The only difference is the time it takes to travel that distance.

Another option is to phone this person or even see them on Skype. Then, they are not far away at all. They are right there with you on your computer. This other person could be in another time zone on the other side of the planet. Yet, you can experience an instant sense of unity with that person because it does not take “time” to travel across “space” to interact with each other.

Your Internet, which was designed by your Galactic Family, is primarily responsible for your increasing Unity Consciousness because you can experience unity without taking time to get together. Therefore, unity with all life is becoming more imaginable for your consciousness.

In fact, you Consciousness has expanded enough to embrace not just your Personal Consciousness, but your National Consciousness, your Planetary Consciousness and even your Galactic Consciousness. When your consciousness expands, time becomes less important in your life, as you are experiencing interactions with Beings outside of your 3D concept of time or space.

Fourth Dimensional Time
Your most common means of experiencing the fourth dimension is through your dreams or meditations. As you are all aware, forth dimensions time is much different that third dimensional time. For example, you could have a long dream in which a certain song was playing on your 3D radio throughout the entire dream. Then, you wake up to find the song only half over. The song was only 3 minutes long, whereas your dream may have encompassed many years of experiences.

Furthermore, in the fourth dimension it does not take “time” to travel from one place to another. You may find your self in one place, than instantly switch to another place. Also, you can change your shape within a fourth dimensional dream or vision. You could be a person, then instantly shift into a wolf, then back into a human.

Therefore, the function of time in the fourth dimensions is to confuse your third dimensional thinking enough for you to begin to release your attachment to time. Your dream and meditation life also allows you to release your attachment to your current third dimensional form. In your fourth dimensional realities you can change forms many times throughout one dream and/or meditation.

Furthermore, your consciousness if very different in the fourth dimension than it is in the third dimension. In the physical world, you consciousness is something that keeps you awake to the physical world. Conversely, in your dreams and meditations your consciousness is the component of yourself that can travel free of all physical limitation.

Also, your state of consciousness greatly influences how you perceive the passage of time. For example, when you are engaged in a creative venture and/or doing something that you love, there is little sense of the passage of time. What may seem like 15 minutes could be 2 hours when you look up at a clock.

On the other hand, you have all noticed how the clock ticks VERY slowly when you are doing something that you perceive as boring, difficult or “work.” On the other hand, someone who enjoys that activity may perceive the passage of time to be only minutes to your hours.

When you are engaged in an activity that you love or that is a creative expression of your true SELF, time seems to stop—that is until you see a clock. However, do you want to believe the physical counting machine or your SELF?

Do you see how time is not real? Time is created to organize your thinking to match the matrix of third dimensional Earth. Once you shift your thinking into a fourth dimensional matrix, your sensation of time is greatly altered. Then, when you experience the fifth dimension you are able to move beyond time completely and experience the NOW.

Fifth Dimensional Time
The only time in the fifth dimension is the NOW. Time is NOT the NOW, as the NOW is NOT a frozen moment of time. The Now of the fifth dimension is that which creates time by reminding you that you can align your higher dimensional thought with a third or fourth dimensional matrix if you wish to experience time.

The NOW can, also, be used to align you consciousness with higher frequencies of reality by focusing your full intention and attention onto higher frequencies of reality. In other words, the NOW is the medium for your Energy Field (your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors) to choose ANY state of consciousness and ANY dimension you wish to experience.

However, if you are involved in the fifth dimensional NOW, but your focus falls into time by thinking about something that you need to do tomorrow, or you forgot to do yesterday, your consciousness will fall out of the experience of NOW.

Once you fall out of the experience of NOW, your consciousness goes back into the time-bound realities of the lower worlds. Therefore, the final function of time is to remind yourself that you can transcend time by aligning your Energy Field with the NOW.

Aligning with the NOW
If you can remember that time tells you that you are in the lower worlds, you can use the experience of counting time to determine your current state of consciousness. It may seem that defining your state of consciousness is an easy task. But what if you are trapped in a “boring” project that you “dislike,” but you NEED to do it in order to feed your family.

What will you do? You will put on the happy face and “act as-if” it is enjoyable. However, if you take the “time” to check in with your SELF, you will NOT be able to lie to yourself any longer. That means you will have to change. And what will you change? You will change your mind!

You will determine NOT to lie to yourself any longer and note that if something takes a “really long time,” you probably do NOT like doing it. Once you realize your Truth, close your eyes and use your imaginative consciousness to take you on an inner journey into doing and being what you LOVE.

Remember, when you are doing something you love, time ends. Therefore, you may only gaze off into space for a few minutes, but it can feel like a lifetime. In fact, it just may be an entire lifetime in a world beyond time. Before, you leave this place, memory, vision, state of consciousness align your Energy Field with the NOW of that experience.

Continue this exercise again and again. Once your Energy Field is permanently aligned with the NOW, you will have completed your cycle of incarnation into the lower worlds. Then, you will live within your fifth dimensional time-less reality and only interface with the lower dimensions to help and heal members of those worlds.

Breaking the Habit of Time
We hear you asking how you can align your Energy Field with the ONE. Your Energy Field is created by the thoughts that you allow to rest in your mind and the emotions that fill your body. If your thoughts and emotions are bound by the duties, limitations and fatigue from the illusion of time, you will remain primarily aligned with the third and fourth dimensions.

On the other hand, if you can use your thoughts to focus your attention on the NOW, and use your emotions to perceive your reality via imagistic, sensate pictures, you will gradually free your Energy Field from the limitations of time. Then, once you are free of time, you are in the NOW, and the NOW is in the ONE.

By thinking and speaking via images, your consciousness can travel in circular patterns that weave in and out into interacting patterns. Hence, remember to loosen your mind from the strict habit of sequential thought and reactions to your outside world. In fact, view reality not from your body, but from within your Core. Your Core is at ONE with Gaia’s Core and serves as your personal portal into the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you view reality through your Core, you are free of external illusion, as your primary perceptions will come via the emotions and interactive consciousness with your higher expressions of SELF. Your higher expressions of SELF are components of your Multidimensional SELF who has copied and pasted their/your Essence into your current earth vessel.

Speaking and thinking in an imagistic manner that is free of time markers such as distance, limitations, separation, gender and polarities will greatly assist you to break the habit of time.

Also, if you fully partake in every moment of your Present and release all thoughts of the illusions of the past and future, you will slowly calibrate your thought patterns to the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, patterns of thought and emotions travel in circles of multidimensional light and unconditional love. There are NO separate lines with myriad intersections. There are only flowing energy fields, which travel in progressively, creative fractal patterns.

We await you within these patterns of the NOW,
Your higher expression of SELF,
The Arcturians and our Galactic Friends


  1. As a Numerologist/Time watcher, I have been seeing Time as a training platform for Free Will for many years, and attempting to assist others to pull up and out of Time in my work. Not that i've mastered this myself, mind you, but it has been clear to me for some Time, and sometimes very difficult to convey to others who are blinded by contrast provoking purpose of Time.
    For the past couple of years i have been observing in my own personal perceptions the ever-so-gradual dissolution of the awareness of the hard edges and pressures of the old 3D Time measure. The slow grasp and utilization of the Now opportunities for understanding personal power have a dreamy essence. yet we hear from most NDE returnee's that Time is the dream and ourside of it feels much more 'real".
    I do not feel that Time is evil. As an element of our Divine Self discovery, it has afforded the repetition necessary for the full and conscious grasp of our Divine nature, and the unlimited potentials and opportnities in an Eternal unfoldment.
    Recently, i have been having more urges to share this kind of perspective with mixed feelings.
    Time has served as a type of nursery for those absorbed into it, and i'm sure there has to be other planetary civilizations who have and will undergo the Time training platform. I wonder if each one of them also included the presentation of Self serving entities who "capture" whole civilations and serve as the "gatekeepers" of the group until the "Time" is right for their graduation into other non-physical realitites.
    Maybe i can say this Now because here we are at the door to the Next reality- i can see the Light at the end of this long tunnel of contrast.

    I am not an atrologer, but have been quite curious about the degree numerology of the planetary alignments. Today's translation from our Galactic elders, was familiar, and yet seemed to fill in a few questions i had regarding the perceptions and degrees of flow of experience in a Time platform.

    Many thanks, and Loving regard to you All for this piece of Knowledge. Can't wait to have a full on conversation about this - soon. LOL!


  2. Now I read his work, I understand that I am not crazy. Happens to me as well! Now I see more clearly my ascension process.
    Thanks to you and Mytra for their loving work!


  3. Hello Suzanne,

    Thank you so much for bringing this knowledge through for us for all to read. It is very much appreciated.

    These posts from you are amazing and wonderful and I look forward to reading more, I get so excited when when I click the link to your website hoping for more. :)

    Keep it up as you you are doing a great service to us third density beings and also to Mytra and the Arcturians.

    Take care.

    Peace, Love and Light. Always!


    1. Thank you for keeping me in the now. Your wisdom is a guiding light. Your love is so healing.

  4. OWN ▲ NOW ▲ WON

  5. Deep..very Deep..Blessings To YOu !!