Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6D Creation Mantra

The Sixth Dimensional Matrix

YOU are the Matrix, and YOU are the creative energy that fills that Matrix. Therefore please remember to:

Allow yourself to LONG for Freedom!
Allow yourself to LONG for Peace!
Allow yourself to LONG for Ascension!

YOU are the creator of your reality. YOU are the sixth dimensional womb of creation. Through your longing, you prepare the 6D Matrix for the insertion of YOUR new reality.

Prepare for the birth of your creation by thinking of it as your wish fulfilled.
Discipline yourself to perceive peace where there is conflict.
Discipline yourself to feel love where there is fear.
Discipline yourself to find unity where there is separation.

In this manner, you create your ascension. Refuse to linger on or give attention to any of the components of reality that are ending. Focus only on the reality that is being born. Then, gradually, your consciousness will begin to disarticulate from the extinct Matrix and set off in search of a 6D Matrix to which you can attach the energy field of the Creation of your New LIFE.
(see 6D Mothership blog)


  1. The self mastery of making deliberate choices is sooooo important. It’s been often said, & w/ good reason- We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

  2. Many thanks for these teachings, Mytre! It helps a lot with leaving our chrysalis and fly into Freedom of Unconditional Love. We 're Home again.



  3. I am curious about Max- he is on the Earth now, correct? with his caretaker? I had a chance to spend time with him several years ago when I lived in Minnesota. Is this the same Max your latest message describes? thanks.