Thursday, November 18, 2010

Closing the Gap


Dear Arcturians,

I heard you have a message and that you wanted me to get my computer. I am now ready to receive your/my message,

Very good Suzille, we are joyous that you are closing the gap. The gap we speak of is the illusionary “distance” between your ego/self, grounded one and your Soul/SELF, higher dimensional ONE. It is time now, beloved, to complete the process of closing that gap. We speak to you specifically as well as to ALL those you receive this message in any form. If YOU are ready to receive this message, somehow it will get to you.

Closing the gap is the process of fully remembering, downloading, integrating and being your true SELF while still visiting the third dimension via your earth vessel. Your earth vessel is in deed a vessel, such as your car, from which you exit every night when you’re sleep and whenever you have a deep meditation. Every time you exit your earth vessel and move your consciousness into the fifth dimension, you are creating your own personal bridge to the fifth dimension.

This bridge is like a neural synapse in that whenever you use this the connection it gets stronger. So many of our beautiful grounded ones have created their bridges, either consciously or unconsciously, that there is a virtual highway of bridges from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Terra. It is on fifth dimensional Terra that our Planetary Ascension Team holds a Light Vessel to whom their third dimensional counter part can connect.

The closing of the gap is like lassoing a hoarse. Now this horse is a great stallion of immense power and leadership abilities. Therefore, if you throw out you lasso in fear or anger, it will easily escape your grasp. On the other hand, when you throw out your lasso in unconditional love, the stallion literally steps into its loop to assist you in coming Home.

In other words, your fifth dimensional SELF “catches” your light lasso and connects it to its Core. Take a moment to visualize the beam of light that is connecting you to your fifth dimensional SELF on Terra (5D Earth). The way that you close the gap is not by pulling on the light lasso, but instead by surrendering to it. In other words, your SELF can real you in to its Core of unconditional love while you, its grounded part, surrenders to the psychic pull of light within your High Heart.

This exercise is a version of the Native American Sun Dance in which the “dancer” hangs from a tree via the hooks embedded in his chest. This hooks cause great pain, but it is by overcoming the pain that the “dancer” can truly surrender to the Sun (Higher Self). In the same manner, if you can fully surrender to the pain of your daily life, without inner dialogue or self-doubt, your SELF can more easily “close the gap” between you with the mighty force of its unconditional love. Take a moment and visualize this process.

Feel the light lasso that is connected to your High Heart…
Feel its pull from up above, which is actually deep with in…
Allow you mind the BE confused by “up” being the same as “in”…

Accept that you are being pulled UP, by choosing to go IN…
Feel how the light lasso pulls you IN to your High Heart…
And UP through your Crown…
Feel how this exercise literally pulls you inside out…

ALL your secrets are revealed to ALL
ALL your thoughts are exposed to ALL
ALL you emotions are felt by ALL
ALL that has been hidden within is shared with ALL



  1. definitely making that bridge stronger every day. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is the exact way I'm feeling the process is. Thanks (:


  3. An insight that just ocurred me: i'm feeling it like a blinking thing...the process is intermitent.
    The "thing" comes and goes, like a sine wave. It's joyous, but can be annoying and frustrating because i can't get a grip of it!