Saturday, November 6, 2010

Answer to a reader

last month while chatting online with my friend, i started feeling warm and head feels like exploding and when suddenly i went into meditation mode and had vision of this being (i have a knowing that it was myself) in fetal position, big, bluish alien like. it's thin and tall with bluish electrically charge membrane/skin, kind of like luminance. communicate thru senses, it feeds information thru its whole body. that's some of the "info" that i got. i have never had this kind of vision before and i think i'm crazy. can you share your thoughts please? thanks

I am so happy that you had such a beautiful experience and that you felt that you could share it here. We are all having the deal with the "Am I crazy?" question now because we are having experiences that would be judged in that manner in our old 3D world. However, what is crazy is that people would want to harm each other, harm animal, plants or any member of our great planet for "fun." greed or other selfish purposes. More and more we awakened ones are seeing our old life from the perspective of our Soul and realizing what brave warriors we have been to have volunteered to enter Earth at this time.

On the other hand, we are also having more and more wonderful experiences of our true SELF, much as you have. Our Galactic Family is contacting us on a regular basis now. They contact us via their Star Ships hovering over well populated area, and contacting us with their/our consciousness. I say "their/our" consciousness because the ones who contact us via our dreams, meditation and visions are usually a higher expression of our SELF. We are ALL great multidimensional beings who have chosen to take a form on many realities, worlds an dimensions.

When we "leave" the higher worlds, we do not leave. Instead, we make a "copy" of our SELF and "paste" it into the reality that we wish to visit. When we leave that reality, sometimes through death and other times through conscious choice/ascension, we return to our "original" and "paste" our many experiences onto our Multidimensional SELF to enhance our fullest expression of our Soul/SELF. This copy and paste is much like we do on our computers. The copy remains the same and in not influenced by the paste until we choose to integrate the experiences of the paste into the original.

However, what and who is our original SELF. How far back in "time" and how far 'UP" in frequency would we need to go to find that original? Well our original is not bound by time. Our "original" encompasses ALL frequencies of reality because our original SELF is the ONE of the NOW. The ONE Pastes billions of versions of it SELF onto myriad realities on myriad dimensions to gather experience of life in form. What happened in your vision is that you met another version of your SELF. However, if we go UP high enough in frequency, that version of your self is the version of ALL of our selves, for we are all ONE.

Crazy is a term that i identified my self with as, or a fear that i had about myself for many, many years. I think i got a PhD in Clinical Psychology to make sure that i wasn't crazy. What i found out was, I am not crazy BUT the reality that i found myself in was definitely crazy. Fortunately, we, as ONE, are gradually finding sanity by finding the higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF to assist us in the last legs of our long, long, long adventure of life on 3D earth. I think you saw that version of your SELF in a fetal position to remind you that you are being reborn into a higher frequency of your SELF.

Blue beings are usually form Sirius A. Krishna in the ancient teachings of India was blue. Royalty through time has been called "blue bloods." A blue being is of a very high frequency. Also, when we see our SELF in such a different form, jars our memory to expand our version of SELF from beyond our grounded 3D earth vessel. Furthermore, we have many versions of our SELF on many realities. We are the ONES being guided as we ascend with Gaia, we are the ONES assisting us to ascend and WE are the planet on which we have taken a form.

When we ascend into the fifth dimension we will KNOW that our consciousness is so grand that it can no longer be limited to an individual earth vessel. We will remember that we are one of the many components of the planet that WE ARE. Just as trees, plants, mountains, animals and 4D elementals KNOW they are the Planet, we humans will remember that WE are the Planet. We will also remember that WE are many planets on many realities. We are so much more than our 3D mind can remember. But, we are starting to remember NOW.

Blessings for our remembering and Thanksgivings to the ONE!


  1. Suzanne,

    So beautifully written,


    Love and Light

  2. That was lovely to read!
    Sue, have you ever had your vibrations drop right down, not just for an hour, but for days, and if so, how do you get them up again?
    Last week, after some unfair behaviour from my boss, I resigned my job. It was in a very 'dense' place, and I'm glad to leave; I'm not worrying about the future, as I feel this was meant to happen, and that the boss was doing me a favour, so that I can now switch to doing what I really enjoy.
    However, from that afternoon, I felt my vibrations *plummet*. Four days later, it's still the same, and I've tried everything, and have been 'choosing Love' till I'm blue in the face! :) My usual joyful state, and all awareness of 5D, has vanished, it is really horrible! (Incidentally, it's given me an insight into what it must be like for the people who are only ever aware of this 3D world; it's literally all they can perceive, so of course we must sound insane to them).
    I just can't seem to get back to my normal faster-vibrating state, no matter what I do. :( I'd be really glad if you have any suggestions!


  3. Dear Barbara,
    When we follow our light/love it flushes out our darkness/fear. You made a bold move for the sake of your Soul, which greatly increased your resonance. However, as our resonance raises, the lower frequency components of our being are evicted--and not too happily so. Then we need to face all the reasons why we were trapped before we had the courage to move beyond the illusions of our limitation
    Congratulations. Just hang in there, and you will eventually purge your fear and fell better,

  4. Hello Sue,
    Ah, I get you! Every ascent up brings about a simultaneous descent into the unconscious.
    Thanks very much, that is helpful.


  5. Hi Suzanne,

    Your description and reply to this person is not correct. The blue skinned people are not Acturians they are from the Paleaides. And they are not "high frequency" good guys. Yes they were known as the blue bloods and their descendants became the royal families of Europe as we know them today. However, they were far from harmless. These blue skinned Paleadians were electrical beings that are very harmful to us - the magnetic human beings. The single biggest problem in our history has been the blue skinned aliens who arrived here over 100,000 years ago in a place around Sumeria. This is not new - it is all well documented and freely available on the net. So I suggest you go looking and read up on this before you advise people incorrectly.
    As for that vision - what the person was looking at was a blue skinned ancestor. The meaning of the vision is that this person has DNA lineage to these alien races (As do most humans because they did inter-marry back then) This person had a vision of alien lineage that has been triggered by her awakening to increase her own vibration. And the person posing the question cannot increase their vibration unless he or she clears this lineage. What needs to happen is that this person needs to purge this foreign DNA from the body (etherical & physical) in order to clear the destructive patterns that come in with it. The cleaning work is critical if you are going to be a true light worker. And the person in question here is most lightly a lightworker and has hit a blockage that needs to be cleared. Only those people (humans) with the original Grand Master lineages will have the ability to swap out electrical DNA and replace it with magnetic Sirian DNA. The fact that this person saw it - is very important and means they are ready for the next step up and need help to address this issue. The Sirians were the original seed race of magnetic human beings and were "harmless" when first seeded. However with intermarriage into the other electrical alien races such as the Paleadians and also the Acturians they became partially or fully harmful depending on how much foreign DNA they inherited. The channelled messages of light and love from the Palaedians and Acturian and several other alien races are nothing more than another attempt to control the human race and drive us further away from our own true "harmless" selves within. They cannot offer us any help - in fact they are simple leading many further astray. There is much karma in humans associated with taking on the lineages from electrical alien ancestors. The person in question will need to release and forgive this karma in themselves and all their ancestors in their lineage for participating in the inter marriage between other races and humans. Then the work can begin to changeover the DNA so that this person can become whole in this lifetime.

    1. We humans are destroying earth,energy,god. And lived centuries controlled. That's evil. Use your head.

  6. No, these beings are not trying to control us or lead us astray. If you actually met them, you would never say this! :) They are like kind, helpful observers, respectful of our free will. Assuming you make these statements from your personal experience, and not something you read on the internet, then I don't know who you've been talking with, but it's not our star-friends!


  7. Okay, so "blue" seems to be the theme. If you could offer any insight into this dream, I'd be happy to receive! I was sitting at a lecture style table with 2 male students. The teacher was pointing a pen at each one individually and sending them energy. When the pen was poined to me, it flew out of his hand like a magnet and went straight to my third eye. It continued to touch the skin on my third eye and next thing I knew the pen had come apart and I looked down and there was blue ink all over my left hand. The teacher implied that wasn't a good occurence, but I sensed he was a bit miffed that it had happened & wasn't bad at all. I went and washed the ink off, which came off easily and I was surprised it hadn't left any stain.
    Any insight or just a strange dream?
    Happy Full Moon & Venus/Jupiter moving forward soon. Sending Light!

  8. oh... 1 additional point, the skin on my 3rd eye then came off and I had sort of a small open area, although I didn't see an actual 3rd eye showing through it. : )