Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello from Big Sur. Thank you for all your comments about awakening.

It is important that we share our experiences with others because our expanded consciousness manifests our thoughts and feelings almost instantly now. Therefore, if think we are having an illness or anxiety, then that is our reality. On the other hand, if we think we are having symptoms of awakening, then that is our reality. There are, of course, times when we are sick or injured. Those times come when there is some old emotions or memories that need to be purged. Therefore, we create a certain scenario in which we have to be still and center our attention on our SELF, so that we can complete this purge.

My first thought about coming into Nature was that i felt i had something to release. However, what i needed first was to get grounded. Therefore, not a lot of meditation, except i have been meditating on our walks, but a lot of walking and being still in the quiet and beauty of Nature. I posted some pictures and a short video on my Facebook to share some of what i have been seeing. I have been attracted to rivers, creeks, and ocean views, which there are many of here. I know now that i had this attraction so that Nature could teach me how to live in the Flow during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yesterday, i did get in connection with a deep, deep fear from my childhood that it is time to release. Again, i hope i don't offend anyone by my admission, but it is my Truth, and i vowed to only speak my truth here. Also, i know that i am not the only one who has had these experience. Perhaps i can offer them a place to talk about their experience as well. If you have been reading my newsletters or listening to my radio show, you know that i have been talking about our Space Family. I, also, shared one time, with a great response, that i had a meditation where i was taken aboard a Space Ship.

However, i know that i can have an awake experience of visiting a Space Ship, but i feel a submerged fear whenever i think of it. Well, here is my story. I was abducted as a child and when i was older. I found myself realizing that that fear was actually implanted into me by the Zeta's so that i would not tell anyone about my experience. Well, telling people was not an issue, as i couldn't even tell people about my dreams or psychic experiences. In fact, it took soooo much courage for me to first write my website and "come out" as my self, that i had to use my pen name, Suzan Caroll.

Well, thanks to all the wonderful support i have gotten from my readers, i now have the courage to talk about my abduction. There is not a lot i can say about it, as i have still to recover the details. However, my dream last night told me that my wounded child needed my attention, and i had to heal her before i could go onto the next level of my awakening. I am healing her by telling my friends what happened to her/me, so that she can release her shame and fear of discovery. In my dream last night i felt the terror of my disconnection from my sleeping physical self and my desperation to return to her. I woke up knowing that i had to talk about this in a public manner.

It was this issue, my wounded, abducted child/teen, that i knew i had to address and KNEW i had to go into Nature to get grounded enough to look at it. I will share what i remember, which isn't too much. I clearly remember being on the cold metal table with their faces looking down at me. I remember sharp things, too many sharp things. I am almost 64 years old and i have NEVER had any surgery at all. I also HATE going to the dentist. I also know exactly where my implant is, and i can feel a fear right now as i share this. The Arcturians told me this morning that the implant leaves an embedded message to never share what has happened.

There is a bit more, but this is enough for now. I was told this morning that the best way to heal my abducted child is to tell my story, just as i have about the other realities that i have shared in my books and newsletters. If anyone has been abducted, i would love to hear from you. You can be anonymous if you wish. I have only met one person who also knows she was abducted. I think talking to her has given me the courage to face this straight on. I KNOW i want to visit the Arcturians on their ship in my fully conscious mind. I also believe that disclosure of our governments interaction with the ETs is very immanent. I want to clear ALL of my fear so that i can contribute my full love and light to this planetary awakening into truth!

Blessings to you all,


  1. Hi Sue, Zach here.

    One time I had an intense and very long dream of people following a light into a field and being abducted, I was among them. On the ship they fed us weird food and had a strange approximation of a pear tree to keep us 'happy'. The room was misty red and had an alien vibe. People were getting sick and not wanting to be there and there was rigid control over where we were supposed to be and when we were to go for 'testing'.

    It was really weird. I was sick at the time and when I woke up my ass had a huge bruise on it and I didnt know what day it was.

    It felt like reality/dreams had been blurred and I am not sure if this was a dream or not. My broter was in the dream and when I asked him he said he had had a similar dream but... not wanting to get too paranoid I forgot about it.

    Who knows?? All i know is the light is becoming more and more of a powerful force in my life and I am not too concerned about re-interpreting hazy memories. But I didn't feel affected to the same extent, (maybe just a little weirded out) so I am glad you are bringing it to the surface for release.
    Good luck with that, may light prevail always in your heart.

  2. Thank you for your comments Zach.
    I agree that it is not something that affects us now, except that that which remains a secret is not healed. And, most important, we may not get all of our lessons from that experience. I also believe that ALL of us have to start speaking our Truth. If we all refuse to keep the lies and secrets of our past hidden, Truth will gain more power than Illusion.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Being able to be a part of this community is so helpful because even though all of our experiences are different, they bring back memories and questions are answered that I didn't even realize were there. I have had a similar experience except I was grown and I was not taken anywhere. It was like a dream and I could not physically move. But I could hear them around me and it was like an electrical disruption. I felt something trying to get into my navel and I could not move my hand to physically stop them from what they wanted to do. I felt my spirit rise from within me and put a hand over my navel and stop what was happening. When that happened the entity was upset, but everything went back to normal. When I got up off of my sofa, my pager had been turned off and it was on when I laid down. The electrical disruption that I was hearing must have switched it off. I have told other people about this incident. All I know is what I felt and experienced. I present it as a dream that I had, but I still had the physical sensation around my navel when I awoke.

    Love, Joy & Peace,

  4. Dear Sheri,
    I doubt that was a dream. The disruption of electrical devices is common with a contact experience. That was so courageous of you to call upon your fifth dimensional energies to stop. These beings are "service-to-self," beings so they cannot progress to the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension. When i felt secure in my fifth dimensional consciousness again, i returned to the vision of myself on the table and them standing around me. However, this time i said up in my Lightbody SELF and said, "You are NOT to interfere with this form!" They backed off and the experience ended, much as your's did.

    Thank you for sharing. If any one else has had these experiences remember that we CAN time travel to that past and regain our power by confronting them with our fifth dimensional, and beyond, consciousness.

  5. Hello Sue,
    I have experienced this, too, though not as a child but as an adult. It was so terrifying that I tried hard to tell myself the next day that 'it was a dream'! But it was very, very real, and no dream. I went to sleep, and at some point in sleep, heard a strange humming/vibrating noise. Puzzled, I started to surface, went to sit up in bed, and found that I wasn't in my bed. I seemed to be strapped to a metal table, in a room that made no sense! It was curved, and had no doors. Two strange electrical devices were making a humming noise as they moved around the room above my head. I felt fully conscious, and I just cannot describe the sheer panic and terror I felt. I was clearly on some kind of spaceship, and how was I ever going to get back to earth?! It was like being kidnapped, but far, far worse.
    I tried to get off the silvery metal table-thing, which seemed somehow to alert the floating electrical device: it 'looked' at me. I screamed and screamed - suddenly I found myself back in my bed. But it wasn't like, 'Oh, thank God, it was just a dream, haha.' It was as if I'd somehow been put back, or escaped. I can remember it all too clearly! Until that time, I thought 'abductees' were inventing it, to be honest. And now I felt awful, thinking about all those who'd been courgeous enough to tell their stories, and were faced with people like me rolling our eyes disbelievingly.
    Since then, I've sometimes seen, when in sleep, 'aliens' (and they're not Arcturians; the Arcturians have a very distinctive loving, laughing energy signature, don't they?) who seem to be experimenting on/examining, human bodies.
    I keep an open mind on this; I have no evidence yet on their agenda and motives. I think of how we humans often catch, sedate and examine, even operate on, wild animals like lions, and then put tracking marks, rings or tags on them, before releasing them back into their habitat. It's done for the purpose of learning more about those animals, in order to help them. But you can imagine a lion having vague, troubling memories of waking up briefly, and he was strapped to a table, with strange non-lions sticking sharp things into him! (And the other lions saying, 'Don't be stupid, Felix! You must have imagined it.' :))
    So, I don't know. Perhaps they are the kind researchers/guardians of planet Earth, and their motives are only to help us. A point in favour of that theory is that no one, neither spiritual guides nor the Arcturians, has ever warned me to be wary of other space beings. You know, it might be possible that, if they don't experience fear as we do, they simply don't realise how terrified we are, in the same way that if we pick a bird up to rescue it, knowing we mean it no harm, its desperate panic is different from our human behaviour.


  6. Hi Sue,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I've never had any experiences of this kind, but immediately felt connected to your story and the way you express yourself. Just felt the need to leave a comment without much to say actually.:-)
    many blessings to you.


  7. Sue,

    Thank you for your very personal story, and thank you to all those who shared their experiences as well. I don't have any conscious recollection of an abduction, but I have lived most of my 60+ years with an intense fear of dentists and doctors. ;) Sad to say, earlier in my life - like Barbara commented - I too held self-proclaimed abductees in a poor light. As a society .. oh my how blind we've been!

    I'm going to do something that I never do, and that is talk about a web site on another person's personal blog. Sue, if this is not acceptable to you, please remove what follows! ...

    I've been following your Multidimensionality web site and newsletter for about six months (thank you!!), but never seen this blog. It's so strange how I came to be here reading this post on this day, and about equally as strange how I came to join a social networking website called United Starseeds (unitedstarseeds dot org). I only mention this because I'm inspired to do so. I leave it to you as to whether you find this an appropriate addition to your blog.

    USS is a loving community where ordinary people are coming together to help each other find our way through this global ascension process. It's function is not teaching - like your work with the Arcturians - this is simply sharing with others through complete acceptance. Some (including Darshala, the site owner) have begun to talk about their abduction experiences, and it's been as difficult for them as for some of you. Besides the ET groups there are many other groups forming, including one that I started for Empaths and Sensitives.

    Whether any of this is of interest to you or your readers, know that you are loved and appreciated for all that you are and all that you do. Thank you for adding your light and your work to the planet!


  8. Dear Barbara,
    I am sorry i could not get a chance to comment on your blog. I was traveling home from vacation and the 3D responsibilities of life hit me straight on. Thank you for being so honest. I too remember the table etc. You have such an ascended perception of your experience. I look back on the scarry part, but mostly i am happy that--now--that it happened, as i don't know if i would be who i am if it had not happened.

    It is fine to mention another site. It sounds very interesting, and thank you for commenting on this blog.

  9. Blessings DIvine One :: Sue,

    Thank you for speaking your truths. I am a childhood "abductee" and it has led me into a specialty of removing implants and machines of mind control.

    My first conscious abduction in my childhood age 6 :: in the bathroom sitting over the toilet to take the night time pee (because of a growth spurt) in the dark and being frozen in time yet consciously awake while the ETs impelled me with a huge syringe/rod that went through my spine and the top of my skull. I was motor skill paralyzed yet my hands and eyes moved. I was beamed onto a ship as I saw my house and earth growing smaller. These ET (many races) experiments and operations stemmed around my brain, my female reproductive parts and played with my inner-workings, my nerve endings; pulling on them like marionette strings. Time and time again they visited, until my seed fears blocked them out and I lost recognition of their ongoing implantations and manipulations, in self preservation. It is only now when I can look into 'what was' and correct the experiment residues (endometriosis, cow DNA mixing (mad-cow effect), severe toxicity, immobilizing migraines in youth, numerous machinery implantations, ...).

    Yet, there is gift in all of this.

    Each moment in ascension, I reconnect to my infinite innate birthright gifts/encodings, thus enabling me to remember their tools, learn their language, restore brain re-programing, pull out machinery and residual frequencies, tracking devices, program duplicating machines, and re-learning the art of portal closure and their fine net of infiltrations networks. Now I am able to heal others with similar sacred wounds so they can be free of the densities/fears that hold them from being all they can be. Many of the present day mental illnesses, reproductive complications, and digestive disorders diagnosis are survivors of these tests. In my heart I envision the day main stream will acknowledge these etheric realities.

  10. ufo & abductions on history channel:

  11. to all brave enough to make these posts...I thank you and commend your courage. I live in Sedona where ppl open up about this topic all the time. I would like to add that after doing research through The Disclosure project, I have learned that a 'plan' existed, by Majestic, where a "bad alien vrs the world" war would be staged (I am not into conspiracies, and the potential for this is OVER now)..But much has been done to instill fear in ppl regarding abductions, through the media and other ways...and not to diminish what anyone has experienced, there is proof (ppl in the inner workings of the military groups responsible who are willing to talk now) that the gov. has reverse engineered UFO's and 'cloned' biological entities (greys) and has used a few other methods including chemical and mind control to 'abduct' ppl, experiment on them or create memories of such, and create intense fear of "aliens" in the consciousness grid. Everyone I personally know who has had terrifying abduction experiences is one of the brightest lights on the planet! Full Disclosure is coming SOON, and it is time to shift any mass beliefs that are fear based regarding our ET family, in all ways that we can. namaste and keep shining your lights!

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