Monday, November 1, 2010

Switching Channels

Thank you for all your comments. I think things in our life have been so quiet because we are all in in-flow. We are in the process of accepting the higher dimensional torsion waves into our pineal gland. These waves then have to be integrated into our consciousness and earth vessel. Because of the high frequency of these waves, we feel exhausted a great deal of the time and need to be still, rest. We also have to deal with all the fearful thoughts that are flushed out of us by the unconditional love of these waves.

I have been reading David Wilcock’s ebook, Disclosure Endgame, in which he lays out how the UFO disclosure is now eminent. WOW, it is a great read. I would give you a link, but I can’t find it. It was on one of his newsletters, but I can’t find which one. If anyone finds it, please post it for others.

Basically, the book lays out how the Illuminati—Rothschild clan and the New World Order—Rockefeller clans are quickly loosing their power. Since they are the ones who have actually been running our world, which he explains in great detail. They do NOT want us to know the true, ANY truth, especially the truth of our Galactic Family.

However, since they are loosing their power/wealth, which are the same to them, they cannot afford to cover it up much longer. It appears that most countries—except the US—are ready for disclosure. It seems that Obama is ready for disclosure, but as we know, there is a LOT of resistance about anything he wants to do.

When the truth of our Galactic Family comes out, it will rock our world. There are many who have experienced our Family, either through sightings or inner communications, who will greatly welcome the truth of their existence. On the other hand, there are many who believe the propaganda that a) ETs don’t exist or b) that they are dangerous. Those on the Path know humans are the danger to us and Galactic Family are—well—our Family.

Many of us can even remember parallel (also known as past or future) lives in which our Soul/SELF is embodied in other “ET” bodies, such as Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, etc. realities. Many of us have parallel realities in which we are actually serving on one of the Star Ships that are surrounding Earth in the fourth and fifth dimensions. If we can connect with those portions of our great Multidimensional SELF, just think how our life will change. Perhaps, we are in the process of that connection, and that is why we are so tired.

Having a conscious connection with a higher dimensional expression of our SELF is quite a challenge. I know that because of my connection with the Arcturians. I have just touched the “tip of the iceberg,” and my life has changed immensely. However, at the same time, my life is much as it has always been, except that the deep loneliness is now gone.

Back to what I wanted to share is a technique that has been assisting me in managing the old residue fear that is being released from the “download.” Most of this fear is ancient, but loves to attach itself to anything in today’s life that is vaguely similar. Therefore, I have decided to deal with the fear as an energy field.

As the greater love and light enters our consciousness and form, old habits and memories of fear and darkness are pushed to the surface to be released. Therefore, I have created two channels in my brain. One channel is on the left, which is symbolic of the old third dimensional thinking of duty, guilt, worry and stress. The other channel is on the right, which is symbolic of peace, calm, flow and unconditional love.

My Third Eye is in-between the two, and it monitors the messages. As a fearful message invades the left side of my forehead (the left/fear channel), I simply switch channels over to the right side of my forehead (the right/love channel). I don’t try to analyze the fear at all; I just switch channels! Try it. It works pretty good. The long-term goal is to stay in-between the two channels, for that is the Path of the Flow of the ONE. I work on that too, when I am not in the process of transmuting my fear.

Won’t it be glorious when we don’t have to transmute fear? Won’t it be wonderful when we KNOW we are safe and loved and guided in every moment of our lives? Yes, I/we know that when we meditate, when we are fully centered, and when we are in communion with our SELF. However, when we are rushing off to work, paying our bills, forging our way through daily life—we forget. That is when we change emotions/resonance by taking a quick moment to switch over to the love channel.

Yes, emotions and resonance are the same. Take a moment feel your fear/stress/anxiety/depression, whatever face is it choosing right now. First remember that much of this fear is from the Collective and/or Planetary Consciousness. Now, as you indulge in your fear, feel how the resonance of your body lowers. Now SWITCH CHANNELS to love and feel how the resonance of your body raises.
Let me know how this works for you.
Have a love filled day,



    Seeing, feeling, cheering for, loving...our connections.
    Thank you Sue! : )

  2. thats really interesting, as i started a similar practice this weekend at an ecovilliage retreat, the logical worrying dominant left side took a hike as the holistic intuitive right side activicated,...
    i think by there very natures they are opposite and yes the middle way is the way.
    thank you sue for your continuing inspiration voice

  3. last month while chatting online with my friend, i started feeling warm and head feels like exploding and when suddenly i went into meditation mode and had vision of this being (i have a knowing that it was myself) in fetal position, big, bluish alien like. it's thin and tall with bluish electrically charge membrane/skin, kind of like luminance. communicate thru senses, it feeds information thru its whole body. that's some of the "info" that i got. i have never had this kind of vision before and i think i'm crazy. can you share your thoughts please? thanks

  4. Dear Alison,
    Once i started answering your question, i realized that it needed to be posted as a regular message, as what is happening to you is happening to all of us.
    Please see the November 6 blog for my response,