Friday, October 29, 2010

This past week

Wow, the energies of this past week were very intense. I have talked to others about this, and we all agree that it has been difficult to focus, especially on mundane tasks. I found that i needed to just be still. I couldn't really remember any dreams or have any deep meditations. Instead, i felt like i was on absorption mode. It felt like there were energies entering my body and the planet that were so high in frequency that all i could do was be as still as possible and try to keep my mind clear and free of fear.

The free of fear part was not too easy. The high frequencies entering my--our--body is clearing out old patterns of fear and habits of behavior. Since they were being cleared from our subconscious, they were first revealed to our conscious mind so that we could release them. After all our work and self-introspection, we are familiar with our own demons, but we still don't like to have to visit them again. On the other hand, every time we release our many lives of accumulated darkness/fear we are able to absorb more light. This new light then allows us to unconditionally love ourselves enough to go deeper into archives to clear out more. Since WE are the Earth, whenever we clear our selves, we also clear Gaia.

Have you notices all the ET sightings lately. It is really starting to heat up now. More and more whistle blowers are revealing old secrets that have been kept from us regarding the MYRIAD encounters that the government has had with extra-terrestrials for well over 50 years. It appears that Hollywood is on the verge of releasing many ET's coming to take over the world. More fear mongering!!! It is getting so boring. On the other hand, even the most asleep ones are getting de-sensitised to all the things we are supposed to fear. We are waking up and the Illuminati and all their friends are running scared.

Sometimes it is difficult to know all that is going on under-the-under, but it is important that we refuse to believe the lies that are fed to us and listen to our inner SELF above the propaganda that is fed us about the "reasons" why disasters are happening. On the highest level, these myriad "disasters and problems" are forcing us to look UP into our SELF to find the solutions that are seemingly impossible in our mundane life. When we look UP and IN we Know that we are going HOME to the fifth dimension!!!
What a great celebration that will be!


  1. Beautiful blog, I resonate deeply with your words and experiences. Looking forward to many more :)


  2. Yes, I had similar discussions of not being able to remember dreams, reliving/releasing old memories and letting the pure light reach/occupy every part of my physical body.

  3. Hello Suzanne,
    Me too, these extraordinary energies! All I can remember of the night's experiences lately are a few fragments, but there's a fantastic connection to the Self. This last week has been almost overwhelming, it feels as if teams of beings are working on our subtle bodies 24/7. I've thought, 'It'd be okay if I could just lie down quietly all day'; but what's hard is that we still have to get the mundane stuff done. I'm not fatigued, it just seems to take a strange amount of effort to focus on material things. The other day I did a machine-load of laundry, paid a bill and went to the my current state, these felt like major achievements, on a par with climbing Everest!! :)

  4. Suzanne,

    Thank you for sharing your light-filled ideas.

    These days it seems to me like my body is running super fast with all the energies, like it is high with tons of energies passing through, while at the same time it needs a lot of rest and time-out from being outside where there are people making noise. And the last few days I feel so fatigued and need a lot of sleep.

    I know though that this is perfect and just what we need at this time. It's all good.

    Love and Light.



  5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us Sue. You're so right about the intensity of the energies this week. One thing I'm noticing is that when I consciously focus on the 5D frequencies everything becomes much easier and's really magical how fast things will manifest! And when I drop back down into my mind (into regular 3D thinking), things become difficult again. So I'm learning how to let go and just allow... then life becomes effortless for me. I'm also becoming more and more aware of my I AM presence that seems to be several feet above my head.

    I'm so excited that the ET's are showing up more and more now! I just love looking at all the videos of them all over the world. I hope by the end of the year that they'll finally be making themselves known to everyone. Then people can stop being afraid of them and see them as the beautiful beings that they truly are... our galactic family!

  6. I too, have felt like remaining to myself. If I've had to engage with others, I can fully do that, although anything without depth has held no interest for me at all. I haven't even wanted to check out my FB. I'd rather just be by myself. Low key. No conversation. Nature. Lots of rest and the same for me... where I'd been having dream/travel rememberance, this week there has been little to none. Any idea as to what's on the other side of this?

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    I think it is what is going on on this side. Please see my next post.