Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cone of Light

Dear Blog.
I am sorry that i have not written anything for a while. I have been in input status and have had very little output energy. The cycle of downloading the Light and feeling disconnected to 3D, spacey, tired, euphoric and scattered is an important part of our process of ascension. Fortunately, i get to go to the redwoods for ten day in just a few more days, which is why i am downloading in earnest. I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and i am still tired. I know that this process is part of my Lightbody transition. In fact, my feet are so cold. Actually, i have been cold, and i always run hot. I think i am experiencing these polarities in my body to find the center.

This needs to be a quick touch in as i MUST go walk on the beach to get grounded. The Light that has been coming into my body is stronger than i can ever remember. I have been having a vision, experience, image of my self as being a flash of light coming out of a cone, like an ice cream cone that looks like it is made of white paper. First, just my head was out, then when i made the opening the Third Eye meditation/youtube (which will be in the December newsletter), i came out the cone all the way down to my solar plexus.

At the same time, life is "business as usual." So i am really in two realities. One reality is becoming and the other feels like it is ending. However, not all of it is ending, for some of it is actually part of the reality that is becoming. Are you totally confused now?? I am sure that others of you are having similar experiences, and i would LOVE to hear from you if you are. I think it is vital now that those of us that are in the act of transformation be open about our process to make it safe for others to talk about their experiences. In that way we make transition NORMAL, and assure that it is NOT an illness--it is an improvement and return to our SELF.

I know that all of us have past life memories of the horrible things that happened to us in when we spoke the truth. Look at the wiki whatever (forgot the name) who is speaking the truth. Boy, the "power people" of the 3D are more frightened of the Truth than anything. Can you imagine having power over the entire world by telling lies and frightening others into submission, then having the face the TRUTH. Wow, we think we have problems. Because we are ascending, it is our responsibility to send these people unconditional love. I know that feels a bit like stepping on hot coals, but that action is also an initiation too.

Right now our greatest initiation of all is to live in unconditional love. This task is not easy, but the good news is that in order to send it out, we have to hold it in our bodies. It is the holding of unconditional love in our bodies that allows our Lightbody to emerge and the sending out of the unconditional love that is our Mission as members of Gaia's Planetary Ascension Team.

Well, i guess this is not too short. I have to keep my promise with my self now and take that walk before i get ready for work. Have a great day everyone. I am being told to blog about my experience in Nature. It feels like it will be important. No internet there unless we drive to a certain place where they have wi-phi. Cool, a bit like the old days when we could pretend we were separate.

NOW we KNOW we are ALL ONE.


  1. Bessings and thank you for your effort in writing. It was well received my myself here. I was you all you want on your nature vacation.

  2. Hello Sue,
    I'm glad you wrote this; I came here to see how you were, as I've been feeling quite strange for the past week or so, too. I do know that the whole ascension procer is like dying while alive, but this time I've seriously wondered if I'm about to check out of the earth vehicle. It's not that I've been sick....just that all I want to do is sleep. (Yes, I know it's winter, but I have adequate heating, and I don't normally hibernate each winter! :)) It feels as if the things that make up outer reality are shutting the lights in a building going out, one by one. It's just me in my little cave, with a candle. It's OK in the cave, and I trust the process, I've just been wondering what's happening! I hope you have a lovely time....we have no Redwood trees where I live (England), so hug one for me!


  3. Hi Sue...
    Okay, so I Am wondering what is going on with me. Literally read this post yesterday, thought to myself, "wow, I haven't been overly tired or etc." I have felt out of center though... not quite in 3D, the spacey feeling and extreme amounts of love (some showing up as desire, if you get my drift)... yet feeling in limbo. Monday my auto alarm went off twice in the middle of the night. (I know it has been said our vehicles represent our physical body)... Right front headlight out the day before... had that fixed and oil changed on Tuesday. The real doozie is shortly after reading this, I began feeling really terrible, like the gates opened and the flood came whooshing in. I have had stomach upset, fever, chills, headache and have been achey. Rough night. In bed, sleeping all day. Seems I should be progressed a bit more than to have gotten all this. Feeling a bit discouraged.

  4. Butterphly:

    Trust the process and as Sue stated, send unconditional love to yourself and your body. Maybe you are meant to be "sequestered" right now. Love & Light! : )

  5. Yes, we are all going through this. Sweating and chills, sleep and more sleep. In hibernation mode. Thinking that I should be "out there" in the world but happy in my cocoon for now. Bathing in the light of my presence. It is all so beautiful if we stay in our hearts and know that we are being led to the next place. I feel it is being prepared for me and that I am in a holding pattern.
    so much love flooding the earth right now! Breathe it in...

  6. Hi Butterphly, I also had all of what you said for about a week. Not pleasant. But it passes. I still have lots of energy running into the crown chakra and kundalini super active these days.

    Thanks Suzanne for the message.

    Lots of Love to all!!!



  7. Thanks All... feeling the love and support. Helps to remember to trust and not resist. I've had the same feeling of "I should be out there," which then takes me into resistance and out of my center. Breathing in the light. Thanks again. Hope you are having fun Sue! Rejuvenated and connected to the Redwoods! Hug those trees for us! : ) With love, BPhly

  8. Thank you for all your comments. I am just now leaving for Big Sur. I will talk to you all from there--when i can find internet.
    Have a good transformation,

  9. Hi Sue,

    I was in the middle of my work and said I needed to connect and see where I was at because of the energy surges I am feeling in my heart right now! As I was looking for ways to reconnect your blog came up in google reader! Thanks for your post ditto on all your points! same feelings and experiences with of course a bit of a twist nice to see I am not alone now I can put this current surge into perspective! My experience is an intensification in frequency and vibration no uncomfortable symptoms anymore thank god! I know there are a lot of people having profound experiences in quiet desperation! I work with clients all over the world doing distance energy healings! and I know there are many more needing help! The emotional body work and the ego work is key to get us through this transformation and transition period we find ourselves in! thanks for sharing your story! in light Kerrace

  10. A cool dream last night Sue... made me think of this post. I don't remember it all, but I watched as a gorgeous (wink wink) man swam through a hole that looked as if there was no way he could fit through it... I knew he was a guide, possessed wisdom and abilities beyond this realm... I was to swim through it too... My thoughts, "that tiny thing?" I did it with ease and knew I had emerged. Cool! Can't wait to see how this blossoms! : ) Hope you can feel the love out there in the Redwoods!

    Happy Sharing/Happy Shining, :-x


  11. Thank you for writing all this , my body act also in a strange way, I have the feeling it is cleansing time :) and I give over to what I feel.
    And it feels good...