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City of Light

I wanted to share with you, this newsletter by my friend. Please check out his site at:

‘City of Light’ – News

• Offers of Help Arriving
• Increasing Your Bandwidth
• Did You Know? – World Statistics!
• Offers of Help Arriving: This week has seem a record number of people joining the project many sending beautiful comments of encouragement and many the very much needed energetic focus, so thank you to all of you...

On the growing family front, two people have offered there loving support this week by giving freely of their personal time. They have offered their support from the list in ‘Chapter 5 of The Vision’. (See below)...

One great guy, a specialist in ‘Planning’ has offered to start work on ‘The Great Plan’ which is fantastic. The second is a ‘Fund Raiser’ a wonderful Scottish lady, who is instigating with another family member, a fund raising event for women which will take place in 2011; I will keep you posted...

If you’re drawn to share your skills please drop me a mail, and let’s get you started, there is no time to lose. One skill that’s not on the list is an ‘Artist’ that could bring the vision to life with some wonderful drawings, let me know if that is you or if you know of someone...


City Planners
Project Managers
Land Experts
Site Suitability Experts
Eco Experts
Climate Experts
Farming Experts
Building Experts

Fund Raisers

Small Donor Managers
Medium Donor Managers
Large Donor Managers
Corporate Donor Managers
Government Funding Experts
Lottery Funding Experts
Fund Managers
Tax Experts
Team Organisers


PR Experts
TV Documentary
Facebook Manager
Web Site Masters
Twitter Manager
Team Leaders
Committed Crew

• Increasing Your Bandwidth: All humans operate within a ‘bandwidth’; this means simply that they are accessing a proportion of what is available to them; it’s a very, very rare human that has access to the whole bandwidth of human capacity.

Think of it like this, you are in your car and turn on the radio; there are lots of stations available with a huge variety of programme choices. Your radio however only picks up one station. How limiting does this feel knowing there is more out there that you could tune into.

The majority tune into the third dimension believing this is all there is and its how life is meant to be. There are two key ways to expand your ‘Bandwidth’, one - in the words of the ‘Starwars’ character ‘Yoder’ “unlearn what you have learned” and two - educate yourself an experience more of what’s possible.

If you are interested in ‘unlearning what you have learned’, here’s a FREE downloadable eBook that follows on from last week’s - ‘The Unconscious Part 2’ -

• Did You Know? – World Statistics: Its 9am London time on 31st October 2010, these were the statistics for ‘The World Population’ collated for the World Meter from the most up-to-date sources available. They make interesting reading and for many of the ‘logical left brain thinkers’ they actually confirm that something has got to give, they just don’t know the what, when or how.

Current World Population - 6,881,223,000

Births this year - 115,716,500

Births today - 161,500

Deaths this year - 50,560,200

Deaths today - 70,650

Net population growth for today - 91,100

For the esoteric it makes some of the 2012 prophecies seem more real – Here are two of the 2012 happenings as seen from an ‘Arcturian’ perspective channelled via Susan Carroll.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Centre. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle. There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012.

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year. It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. In the same manner, humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.

It’s up to us each individually to awaken to what’s possible, then for the awakened to join together to lead the way ahead...

Enjoy your awakening – Many Blessings – Anthony
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